Saturday, December 30, 2006

Next Real World Location

There is a good chance that the next Real world location to begin filming in 2007 will be in Sydney, Australia. Casting is underway and passports are a requirement. Some other possible locations include Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta and Montreal.

RW/RR Duel Winner Spoilers

Word is out now on who are the final pairs in the current airing edition of the Real World/ Road Rules challenge The Duel. There will be 2 guys and 2 girls left standing to battle each other. The final pairs are Brad vs. Wes for the male crown and Jodi vs. Svetlana for the female title. Wes and Jodi end up winning.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Amazing Race All-Stars final 3?

Wrapping up the spoilers on the upcoming season of Amazing Race, there is evidence to suggest the final 3 of the All-Stars cast. A plane from Guam to Hawaii contained many of the racers and producers but did not include the Beauty Queens, Charla & Mirna and Eric & Danielle. This could quite possibly mean that there are 2 female teams in the finals. Other evidence shows that the final 4-6 placing is Danny & Oswald, Uchenna & Joyce, and Guidos in that order. The series will begin in February and I can't wait!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The OC 4.14 Spoilers

This episode should air early 2007.

Sandy and Kirsten are talking to Spitz and some girl named Kari who is explaining how she was a big party sorority girl in the past but is happy now that she is pregnant. There is also someone else (Summer?) at some bithing classes talking to other pregnant woman.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 14 Spoilers

The final week has arrived and for the final Thursday show we will eliminate one survivor and take the final 5 into the finale.

In this episode the rewaed challenge is a very muddy paired up obstacle course involving water (aren't they all?) and the duo of Ozzy and Parvati wins handily. The two get sent away to freshen up and eat as Parvati hopes to talk strategy. It looks like Yul and maybe one other gets sent to exile. It looks like Parvati wins immunity as well which is not held under water for once and also includes a puzzle. This result would send Adam home. There is also a chance Adam wins the immunity and the fab 4 sends Parvati packing. The nonsense of getting rid ofOzzy is just that, nonsense.

For the finale the fina lboot order is supposed to go: Adam, Ozzy, Becky, Yul and Sundra.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big Amazing Race All-Stars Spoiler

So the Amazing Race All-Satrs edition is about to wrap filming and while I do not know the identity of the final 3, I have uncovered a huge spoiler regarding who some of the final teams will be. You have been warned because this will reveal quite a bit of information!

Ok, now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, I can tel lyou that 4 of the final 5 teams were spotted in Malaysia over the weeked. Photographed evidence shows that those teams are Charla/Mirna (cousins), Danny/Oswald (season 2), Dustin/Kandice (beauty queens) and a new hybrid team of Eric/Danielle who were one of the alpha males and "double d's" a couple seasons ago and are now a couple. Word is also that the 5th team was an African-American couple who were behind the pack.

Regarding the route, it sounds like the teams went to Ecuador, Argentina, perhaps Antactica (fingers crossed), South Africa, Poland, and now Malaysia. If they are doing the 7 continents theme then there probably is only time to visit Australia before heading back to North Ameirca for the finale.

Stay tuned for more updates and especially when CBS officially releases the cast and the premiere date is announced, suposedly February. I can't wait!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.12 Spoilers

Rachel is talking with a guy named Jonathan at lunch on campus. Clearly Jonathan likes Rachel but he's not making the moves on her like she is used to. Rachel wonders what the problem is and Jonathan tells he its because she acts like she's easy. Rachel says thats ok because she likes sex. Jonathan then says that its not the sex Rachel likes, its that she wants to feel loved. Rachel says no, she just really likes sex. Jonathan asks Rachel if they can just talk and Rachel agrees. She asks him about his last girlfriend and Jonathan says that she cheated on him with his best friend.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Survivor 13 Epiosde 13 Spoilers

Its really the family episode this time as each of the remaining contestants has a family member help them in the reward challenge. It looks to be some sort of blind fold game where the family member helps the survivor retrieve something from the ocean. Its pretty obvious that Pavarti and her father win the challenge and get to go on some sort of luxury day trip with waterfalls. Pavarti sends Johnathan packing to exile island. For the immuntiy challenge its another water based obstacle course and it looks like Ozzy wins this one. Speculation is that Pavarti is the one getting the boot tonight but we know it aint anyone from Aitu.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What About Brian 2.14 Spoilers

Adam is in the office working late when a partner named peter Green enters and comments that he is noticing how hard Adam is working and is glad that Adam fired his assistant because she was an idiot. Brian then calls Adam and tells them they need to go out. Adam declines.

Jimmy, Adam, Brian and Dave are all out at a bar without any of the ladies and then we realize the meaning is quite literal when we notice it is a gay bar. A man named Andrew hits on Adam, who declines the invitation. Adam and Jimmy also talk about Adam's vow of celibacy and how its attracting people to Adam like flies. Dave also tells Brian that he is going to stop living at his place.

Later on Adam explains to Jimmy that he hired an ugly kid as his assistant because he didn't want a hot woman or a hot guy who would attract hot women to be near him during this vow of celibacy.

Brian and Bridget are in a meeting with an IRS agent who is informing them that all their commissions and property are being seized because of some trouble Brian's father is in. They both are now out of money and Bridget has no place to live.

Later on Brian is clearing space at his apartment for Bridget to move in when she enters with some apparent good news. It seems that Dave moved out so that Brian and Bridget can be a real couple.

Deena tells Dave that since he can't live at Brian's house that he can move back in with her. Dave doesn't want to confuse the kids but Deena says that he can sleep in the storage room and that the kids need him now anyway.

Dave and Deena are at the hospital as their baby girl Carrie is about to go into surgery to fix some sort of medical problem. The doctor says they won't know if it was successful for a few weeks but that Carrie will be fine. Deena is upset because she does not want to see her baby being hurt and turns to Dave for comfort.

Nicole is trying to go back to work and finds that everything has changed. All the people there are new and very obsessed with the culture of the music business. Nicole gets a call from her nanny updating her on Bella and the guys at the office are not impressed.

What About Brian 2.15 Spoilers

This episode should air in spring 2007.

Brian goes to pick up a girl named Katie from her house whom he is supposedly seeing and encounters what seems to be her roommate named Laura. It is Laura who tells Brian that Katie isn't there, that she is actually on a date with a model. Laura then goes on to explain that Katie and the model were pretty noisy lately and blamed Brian that its his fault for not wanting to be exclusive. Laura says that Brian always goes for the women who treat him bad while he ignores the women who would treat him well. Brian says that those people are usually unattractive and it strikes a nerve with Laura who explains why she always gets ignored. Brian finally gets the hint and tells Laura he thinks she is pretty. Brian tries to get close to Laura and she sells Brian not to feel sorry for her. Brian says he is not exclusive with Katie anyway and kisses Laura.

Dave is at work pitching an idea for a game to Natasha who tells him she doesn't understand it. Later on Natasha flirts with Dave.

Jimmy and Adam are at Ivy's bar discussing a new case Adam is going to be working on for a partner named Green. Jimmy warns Adam its going to be a ton of work but he has a chance to really impress Green. Then a woman named Joanne approaches Adam and hits on him. Adam explains that he is not dating and is practicing celibacy. Joanne isn't too excited about this and moves on to Jimmy but then mentions that she recognized him. Joanne explains that a year ago her and Jimmy had a one night stand to which Jimmy has no recollection. Ivy looks on not pleased. Adam then begins laughing and says he set the whole gag up.

Dave goes over to Brian's house and finds a huge party is going on. Then Dave enters Brian's bedroom and finds Brian working on his computer. Dave wonders what is going on! It seems like Brian is not throwing the party, some roommates of his are. Brian also talks on the phone to someone in Phoenix.

Adam is at work starting on the new team and meets one of his young colleagues named Healy. Once Healy is done with the copier Adam notices that he has left one sheet behind and tries to give it back to Healy. But then Adam notices some corrections have been made to the document and asks if this is what the team is about, deceit. Healy threatens Adam that this is a great opportunity and not to blow it.

Dave is still living at Deena's house in his own room. Deena is bored and restless in bed and calls Dave on the phone.

Updated 12.21.06

Monday, December 04, 2006

The OC 4.13 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Its the flashback episode for the OC as we go back to the time where the all the kids are 10 years old and the adults were 18 years old.

Summer is talking to Holly with Pancakes on her lap as Holly shows her pictures of when she was 10. Holly tells Summer that she is going to love being married especially when she can shop all day.

Seth has a flashback to when he was was 10 years old and in school. Seth remembers when Luke picks on him and call him names. Summer's flashback is when she read her mermaid poem and when Seth fell in love with her. 10 year old Taylor is there as well.

Kirsten also has flashbacks when she finds pictures of when she was 18. He flashback is when she was still dating Jimmy and there is a friend named Taryn as well. They are all talking about going to USC. Later on Kirsten flashbacks to when she met Sandy at Berkeley. Sandy is handing out activist brochures and tries to get Kirsten to take one. Kirsten warms to Sandy and agrees to get coffee with him.

In present day, Seth and Summer meet a psychic who says Summer will be on the news and that the man who she is with is not her destiny. Later on there is a story on the news about Summer saving Newport's sea otters and Justin Timberlake playing at the Bait Shop.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Ryan Star Photos

Here are some great photos from a VH1 red carpet event in LA on Dec 1st. I'm sharing them because I can and Ryan Star is damn sexy. And I should mention that Ryan is currently working on a new ablum. Can't wait! If you like Ryan Star too please leave me a comment! I love to know who all the Ryan fans are out there. And if you are not yet familair with this wonderful artist please check him out at

Veronica Mars Reaches 3.5 million Viewers!

After a few weeks of mild struggles due to local sports preemptions and the resturn of House, Veronica Mars closed out thier fall season with some record breaking ratings numbers. The most noteworthy of the figures to report is that this episode of Veronica Mars shown on November 28th had 3.5 million viewers, which is the second highest number ever for the show. Veroinca Mars also had the hihgest numbers this season in women 18-34 (2.6/7) and women 18-49 (2.0/5).

What does this mean for Veronica Mars? Well we already know that the show will have 20 epiosdes this season but this is a great step in the direction of a fourth season. While that decision won't be made for several months, it is important to note that Veronica Mars delivered great numbers when it counted and that is the final week of sweeps.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

List of Spring 2007 Premiere Dates

As the fall chapter of this seasonin Television is coming to a close, many are wondering when their favortie show is returning and here is a list of dates I have so far. More to come soon so please check back for updates. Please note that some of the later dates are considered summer premiere dates but I stuck them on here for now. Once I get more and this post become less relevant then I'll make a new list.

December 4 (Monday): Supernanny
December 6 (Wednesday): King of Queens

January 3 (Wednesday): Beauty & the Geek, Deal or No Deal, Top Chef
January 4 (Thursday): CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The OC
January 5 (Friday): Nanny 911
January 7 (Sunday): The Apprentice
January 10 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
January 11 (Thursday): Nashville Star
January 14 (Sunday): 24, Rome
January 16 (Tuesday): American Idol
January 17 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
January 19 (Friday): Monk
January 21 (Sunday): Crossing Jordan, King of the Hill
January 22 (Monday): Heroes, What About Brian
January 23 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
January 29 (Monday): Prison Break
January 30 (Tuesday): Road Rules

February 1 (Wednesday): Top Design
February 5 (Monday): Rules of Engagement
February 7 (Wednesday): Lost
February 8 (Thursday): Survivor Fiji
February 18 (Sunday): Amazing Race All-Stars
February 21 (Tuesday): Jericho
February 26 (Monday): The Black Donelleys
February 28 (tuesday): America's Next Top Model

March 15 (Thursday): October Road
March 20 (Tuesday): Dancing with the Stars
march 23 (Friday): Six Degrees

April 2 (Monday): The Bachelor
April 3 (Tuesday): The Shield
April 8 (Sunday): Entourage, Sopranos
April 10 (Tuesday): RW/RR Inferno 3

May 16 (Wednesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance

June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Last Comic Standing, Rescue Me

July TBD: Big Brother

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

Updated 12.27.06, 1.23.07, 1.30.07, 2.22.07, 3.11.07

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 12 Spoilers

Its that time again for Survivor spoilers! And the theme this week is recycled challenges. For the reward challange we have an acution. Looks like some letters from home cna be purchsed as well as food and possibly a dip in a hot tub. one person gets sent to Exile from this challenge and it seems that if its a choice then it would be Adam but it also appears it may be a booby prize from the reward challeng and if so it looks to be Becky who goes. The immuntiy challenge is the stage by stage elimination of various previous challenges they have faced. Its a good bet that Ozzy, Yul and Adam are in the finals in this one with all signs poiting to Adam winning the immunity necklace. Johnathan is now a member of Aitu so he helps them vote out Candace. What will they think of next...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The OC 4.12 Spoilers

This episode should air February, 2007.

Kirsten is at the doctor because she hasn't been feelings well. She's been vomiting, tired and has had headaches. The doctor tells her that its not just the flu, that the test have revealed something. (I'm guessing pregnancy but that's my interpretation).

Summer is helping organize some large event involving the mayor of Newport. Apparently its for Groundhogs Day since there are people wearing costumes.

It looks like something happened at the Groundhog event because Che and Seth are in jail. Che is making out with some random hippie girl and Seth is trying to avoid the weird looking people. The hippie girl says something to Che about being arrested for stealing the Groundhog costume and Che says he knows what that is all about. Che thinks its fate that brought them together. Eventually Seth and Che get out on bail.

Taylor is seeking help from a guy named Ray because he is assisting her learn to be more independent so she can get back together with Ryan.

Sandy is at a jewelry store and wants to return a ring he bought for Kirsten for something he thinks will mean more to her. He's also looking for something that seems to have been sold somewhere.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 11 Spoilers

Not too much to go on with the spoilers for this week, we must be thankful for any and especially after last week's bonanza! There is indeed a merge on Raro's camp this week. Yul tells Ozzy that he has the hidde nimmunity idol. As for the vote, Johnathan sides back with the Aitu's and they vote off Nate. Spoilers are also suggesting that the final 4 are the 4 stong Aitus with Becky being the one to go at final 4. Remember there is a spoiler that the jury will vote on the final 3 this time, hense the larger jury pool. Candice is not looking to good to last after this week either.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Amazing Race All-Stars Begins

Just as speculated, the Amazing Race All-Stars edition filming is just underway. Foremer racers were spotted at the Miami airport on Monday the 20th of November and said they were headed to Quito, Ecuador. Several teams were spotted confirming rumors such as Rob & Amber, Charla & Mirna, and Bill & Joe (Guidos). Other possible teams on the race are Dustin & Kandace from the current season, Jon Vito & Jill and possibly Blake & Paige. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates as the race continues!

UPDATED 11.29.06: More sightings! Yesterday (the 28th) the Guidos were spotted in Ushuaia, Argentina in an internet cafe looking for flights to what appears to be South Africa. Ushuaia is called the southern most in the world and is used as a launching point for trips to Antartica. The Antartica mention is just speculation but I had to add it since I've been waiting for years for this to become a true 7 continent race. More updates and spoilers certainly to come!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Must See Video

For those of you who have not caught on to th fact that I'm a huge Ryan Star fan, let this be your first clue! He's an amazing and telented musician that I have all the passion for in the world as much as the TV shows I write about. I don't post all the videos there are out there of his performances mainly because it would go on forever. However, I can't pass up the chance to share this video with my part of the world who reads this blog. Its called "Live Happy, Live With Anorexia" and its from 1998 when Ryan was in a band called Stage. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What About Brian 2.11

This episode should air early 2007.

Adam and Heather are talking to a cop about what appears to be a burglary at Adam's house. Heather says that she thinks a guy named Schmitty who is upset she quit being a dancer becuase they found a dollar shaped like an "S" at the crime scene and that what he used to give Heather at the club. Adam is upset about his missing TV and does nto want to hear any more details about Heather's job. The cop says he'll do what he can but isn't optimistic that Adam's TV will be found.

Nicole and Brian are talking at her house, apparently Brian is finally happy. Nicole gets ready to go to the store while Brian watches the baby girl named Bella. While Nicole is at the store she spots a couple that is about her age and who are clearly heading back home for a romntic evening. The cashier makes some comment to Nicole about her looking like a wreck and Nicole heads home. Back at the house Brian is trying to calm down a fussy Bella and a pacifier does the trick, Brian says that its his special trick.

Dave and Deena are at home with the girls who are painitng works of art. Geneva mentions something that she heard Roxanne say and Deena isn't to pleased to hear that.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road Rules Returns!

After a very lentghy hiatus of a few years, MTV is bringing back Road Rules. the 14th season is set to begin filming in January. The catch is the producers are asking fans on which are your fan favorites and 6 will be chosen to fill up the RV. Speculation is that there will still be a vote off element and the replacement cast members will be new faces. No word yet on the locale of this adventure.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 10 Spoilers

This is the week when all the twists finally come together. There will be a double boot which will set up a merge in the following episode. The message in a bottle twist was not revealed last week but will certainly be addressed this week. Speculation has it that the contents of the bottle have something to do with two people from the same tribe going home although the survivors do not learn this until tribal council. Actually the tribe will not learn this until the first person has been voted out, thus creating a super quickie vote for the second elimination.

As for the reward challenge, the winning tribe will be Aitu who gets carried off to some luxury prize literally being carried by the natives. The exilee will be from the Raro tribe and it looks to be either Jonathan or Candice again chosen by Aitu.

The immunity challenge is another water obstacle type challenge in which Aitu wins. Raro goes to tribal council and appears to vote off two ladies, Rebecca and Jenny.

Mentioning a couple things that might not be addressed in this episode, the tribes will merge on the Raro camp. There is evidence suggesting that the 4 pack of Aitu may hold together to become the final 4. And there is even a hint that the final 3 will face the jury and be eligible to win the million. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Veronica Mars 3.07

Here is the opening scene to 3.07, titled "Of Vice and Men".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The OC 4.11 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Kaitlin is at school getting close to a guy named Will when a girl from the marching band named Lucy spots them and invites Will to the band's bake sale. Once Will left to go to class, Lucy tells Kaitlin not to come to the base sale or else Lucy will beat her up. Later on Kaitlin finds Lucy in the bathroom crying and asks Lucy if she is upset because Will does not like her. Lucy says that she has liked Will for a long time but that what's upsetting her is the fact that Kaitlin does not appreciate Will and because of that Will is changing. Kaitlin acts like she has no idea what Lucy is talking about but as she exits the bathroom she is clearly affected.

Taylor is in a bookstore when the owner named Bernice finds a guy (Ryan?) who has climbed the shelves and unexpectedly sings Taylor a love song. Taylor is very moved and appreciative.

Julie and Kirsten approach a woman named Jessica who has been a client of their operation. Kirsten regretfully informs Jessica that one of their males had some sort of STD. Jessica is mortified and upset but threatens to get a lawyer. Kirsten reminds Jessica that the press from this would be bad for both of them. Jessica walks away angry.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What About Brian 2.10 Spoilers

This episode should air early 2007.

Brian is at some sort of real estate business seminar run by an evangelist named Martin when he spots a woman named Bridget. Later on Brian thinks that Bridget was set up to get close to him for some reason and leaves. Its apparent that they did have chemistry however.

Dave is with Adam at a strip club and gets attention from a woman named Anastasia. Adam is still involved with Heather. Dave is developing another game called "Life Sucks".

Deena is dating a musician named TK. Later on everyone is at the hospital because Nicole is ready to have the baby. The nurse informs Dave and Deena that they have been the two that Nicole requested to be at her side when she delivers the baby. Dave and Deena argue about who should really be the one to go in because they don't want to go together. Inside the room a nurse is talking to Nicole who says that she is cold and asks to the nurse to get her some socks from her bag. Inside the bag he nurse finds some men's tube socks and a soccer ball. Nicole realizes Dave picked up the wrong bag by mistake but then picks up Angelo's jersey and holds it lovingly.

As Nicole is being wheeled into the delivery room, Dave and Deena are still fighting about who has the right to be at Nicole's side. Lost in the argument Dave and Deena finally notice that Nicole is gone and none of their other friends are around. The orderly tells them that neither of them are going into the delivery room per Nicole's orders.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 9 Spoilers

This week the twist is revealed that two survivors are allowed to switch tribes. Candice and Johnathan take the bait and move over to Raro. Then we begin the reward challenge consisting of a bunch of obstacles and swimming, which Aitu wins and it appears that Ozzy sends Johnathan to exile. For immunity, the contestants need to row out into the water and retrieve puzzle pieces. Is it just me or is this deja vu? Anyway, Aitu wins again and the new Raro tribe has to decide who to get rid of. It seems that signs are pointing to it being Brad finally this week.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Veronica Mars Clips

I have great news to share with all of you. From now on I will be posting clips of upcoming Veronica Mars episodes and other related goodies right here on my blog. Here is tour of the set. Check back soon because there is much more to come.

Veronica Mars 3.06

Veronica Mars is heating up and this week's episode looks to be another great one. Ratings have been decent, around the 3 million mark. If those numbers stick around or improve we'll likely get a full season three. So keep watching and tell everyone to watch as well!

Here is the official epiosde description and a photo courtesy of the CW for 3.06 called "Hi, Infidelity".

"VERONICA IS ACCUSED OF CHEATING — Veronica (Kristen Bell) is accused of plagiarizing her paper for Professor Landry’s (guest star Patrick Fabian, “Joan of Arcadia”) criminology class. In trying to clear herself, she discovers that her mentor is not who she thought he was. Wallace (Percy Daggs III) is pardoned by Dean O’Dell (guest star Ed Begley, Jr., “Arrested Development”) for cheating on his exam, but makes a decision that could affect his college career. Piz (Chris Lowell) invites Veronica to a night of bowling and she decides to bring Logan (Jason Dohring) and Parker (Julie Gonzalo), unaware Piz wanted the evening to be more of a date. Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra and Tina Majorino also star. Michael Fields directed the episode written by John Embom".

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 8 Spoilers

Back to this tough season of spoilers. Nothing this time around has been easy but I'll keep trying! So this episode will have a single elimination as well as there are both reward and immunity challenges. The reward challenge looks to involve some sort of plate smashing and the Aitu trible appears celebratory afterwards. For the immunity challenge, it will involve some platforms and a zip line in what looks to be an obstacle course. The winning tribe is more difficult to determine here but staying true to the spoiler I posted earlier, Raro will lose and send Brad home. If Raro wins immunity than it will be Flicka for sure sent packing. There is also speculation of a message in a bottle twist that will allow someone to switch tribes. Not sure if this will be brought up in this episode or the next but its worth throwing out there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RW/RR Inferno 3 Spoilers

Filming is just underway in South Africa for the next Real World/Road Rules challenge and already spoilers are leaking out. This challenge will contain members from the upcoming Real World Denver and staying true to the form of getting rid of the newbies first, Ty from RW Denver will get the first boot courtesy of Alton. Also, in keeping pace with the current RW/RR challenge, someone will be going home early due to punches thrown. This time its none other than CT. No word on who was worth sending home enough to recieve the punch. More updates/spoilers will follow I'm sure.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The OC 4.10 Spoilers

This episode should air in January, 2007.

Summer is confronting a guy named Gerrard from France for coming to Newport and writing an erotic book about her. Gerrard says that Summer was his inspiration and he is only there to market the book. Summer continues to express her irritation because this little issue is causing problems with Seth, who she mentions have just recently gotten back together again. Gerrard suggests the three of them have dinner just so Seth will understand that nothing is going on. At the end of the scene Gerrard alludes to that he was once married to Summer for a short time.

Later on Summer has a conversation with Ryan and a guy named Jean-Claude about Gerrard. Jean-Claude informs Summer that Gerrard does not want a divorce and that she should go back to France with him. Summer declines but then Jean-Claude explains that its not as easy as she thinks to get a divorce in France.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 7 Spoilers

There is no spoiler information about this episode because it will be an entire re-crap episode with snippets of unseen footage. I can however leave you with some long range spoiler information that has come up. There will be another double elimination on episode 10, putting the number of survivors left at 9. In the episode 11 there will be a merge right away and all 9 of them making it to the merge will become part of the jury or final 2. I also hear that the Raros don't fare so well as only 3 of them make it to the merge. Flicka looks to be the person at Aitu that goes next and if it is true that the Raros are on a losing streak it means she will be the first person to make it to the jury.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Major Gilmore Girls Spoiler

This one has been out for a little while now so it may not come as a surprise to some of you. However, to those of you who have not heard it this will be a big spoiler. Just a fair warning!

Supposedly in the episode showing on November 14th, Lorelai and Christopher elope in Paris!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ryan Star Video

Everyone must check out this amazing animated Ryan Star video which should be the first in a long line of videos to come. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The OC 4.09 Spoilers

This episode should air early in 2007.

It appears Seth and Summer are in some sort of tiff again as Ryan encourages Seth to talk to Summer and tell her how he feels.

Kaitlin is in class with Brad and Eric listening to a book report by some new kid named Will. Kaitlin is less than impressed because Will is sucking up to the teacher. Its Kaitlin's turn to give her oral book report and Kaitlin explains that because the book is about a dog that her book report will contain only dog sounds and proceeds to bark "ruff". The teacher says that she's heard enough and dismisses class but asks Kaitlin to stick around. The teacher tells Kaitlin that she is not happy and that Kaitlin is failing the class. The good news is that she'll give Kaitlin another chance but that she's asking Will to help Kaitlin.

The next day its Kaitlin's turn to redo her book report as she confesses to Eric and Brad that she just asked Will to do the book report for her. However once Kaitlin gets to the front of the class, she realizes that Will had given her note cards with only the words "woof" on them. Kaitlin realized she has been played but decides to give it a shot anyhow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Amazing Race 11: All Stars?

Rumor has it that the next season of the Amazing Race will be another one of CBS's all-star editions. Among those who have signed on for a return trip around the world are cousins Charla and Mirna as well as Colin and Christie. Once filming gets underway in November it will onyl be a matter of time before confirmation and the entire cast list will be revealed. Stay tuned!

Update on 10.26.06:

More information is beginning to pur out about the All-Stars cast. While none of it can be confirmed, loose lips are talking and in this case it so happens to be from jilted former contestants that did not get asked to do the All-Stars edition. Winners of the 5th season Chip and Kim were not impressed that they were not contacted about the All-Star season and expressed that season 1 winners Brendan and Rob as well as season 6's controversial couple Victoria and Jonathan (thank goodness) will not be participating. Season 9 winners BJ and Tyler are also a bit miffed that they were not asked to do the All-Stars season and claimed its unfair becuase they were the most popular pair of all time. Other teams that got called out in these mini rants are season 7's Lynn and Alex, Brian & Greg, as well as Rob & Amber. While none of the jilted pairs confirmed any races in their rant, it is interesting to see who they mentioned and alluded to being favored over them.

I might be the only person in the world excited about the prospect of Rob and Amber coming back to the race. I think their strategy and game play was fascinating to watch. Lynn and Alex would be fun too because they were halarious. I'd like to see some of the older teams come back like season 1's Drew & Kevin and season 2's Danny & Oswald. But nobody asked me!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 6 Spoilers

This is the week of the double elimination as one from each trible will get the boot. It looks like Cowboy will be getting some sort of individual immunity. The boot appears to be Jenny from Raro and Flicka from Aitu.

In other Survivor news, word is that the finale will once again begin with 5 people. Not sure if this just means a "to be continued" tribal council from the previous week that gets wrapped up in the first minutes of the epiosde or if therereally are a final 5 on this season.

Survivor 14 will be set in Fiji and will finish filming by the first of December.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Vote, Vote, Vote

Help Ryan Star win the myspace profile award for best artist. All you have to do is click and vote, you don't even have to have a myspace profile! Thanks a million!

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I've been on vacation but I'm back now and the spoilers and updates will be coming soon!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Survivor 13 Epiosde 5 Spoilers

The big boot did not come last week but folks its coming. They have way too many surivors for weeks left. It appears this is not the massive elimination episode week soon it will be.

The reward challenge is another recycled weight distribution challenge. Looks like raro wins that one but it will be close. This means a loser from Aitu will be going to exile.

The immunity challenge is some sort of balancing act on tp of platforms postioned in the water. Aitu wins this one. It looks like Christina's time on Survivor will come to an end.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The OC 4.07 Spoilers

This episode should air in January.

Taylor's mother Veronica is introducing her attractive and very young looking assistant Mitchell to Julie and Kirsten. Veronica is not pleased with Mitchell's appearance and suggests pilates and lipo. Mitchell reluctantly agrees.

The OC 4.08 Spoilers

This epiosde should air in January.

Julie and Kirsten meet with a man named Frank who is a friend of Bullit's. Julie tells Kirsten that Frank is involved in looking into thier finances, which are looking quite nicely. After Kisten leaves Frank tells Julie that her "prostitution ring" is not doing as well as she thought. julie becomes upset and asks Frank what she can do so this information does not get out. Frank invites Julie to his room. Once Julie arrives at Frank's room she proclaims that she is not having sex with him to keep his mouth shut. Frank says that was not he had in mind and proceeds to tell Julie what the situation is.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 4 Spoilers

Not too muhc to spoil on for this episode. Unfortuantely the folks at MBP and CBS are being a bit sneakier this season. I have faith that something will give soon and the spoilers will abound.

Anyhow, it looks like this is the week for a double elimination. finally there will be both an immunity and reward challenge. Candace looks to be in trouble with the elimination vote.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NHL 2006-2007 Season Begins!

Its a very exciting day for us hockey fans, the day that the new NHL season is finally upon us. Now is as good of a time as any to give the NHL a chance and catch a game or two on TV. I love the thrill, toughness and excitement of this sport. In order to properly kick off the festivities, here is the current Stanley Cup odds and a picture of one of my favorite Avalanche players: goaltender Jose Theodore.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10/1
Atlanta Thrashers 30/1
Boston Bruins 30/1
Buffalo Sabres 9/1
Calgary Flames 12/1
Carolina Hurricanes 10/1
Chicago Blackhawks 90/1
Colorado Avalanche 20/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 50/1
Dallas Stars 15/1
Detroit Red Wings 7/1
Edmonton Oilers 30/1
Florida Panthers 30/1
Los Angeles Kings 40/1
Minnesota Wild 20/1
Montreal Canadiens 30/1
Nashville Predators 15/1
New Jersey Devils 11/1
New York Islanders 50/1
New York Rangers 15/1
Ottawa Senators 7/1
Philadelphia Flyers 10/1
Phoenix Coyotes 40/1
Pittsburgh Penguins 75/1
San Jose Sharks 10/1
St. Louis Blues 80/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 25/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 30/1
Vancouver Canucks 20/1
Washington Capitals 90/1

My take on these odds: This season I can see just about any team winning the Stanley Cup so none of these odds really seem out of line to me. I will say I think the Avs are underrated at 20/1. Also Calgary is my pick for the moment s0 12/1 odds are actually not a bad bet. Detroit mught be a bit overrated at 7/1 odds.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Veronica Mars Premieres Tonight!

The day has finally come, the day that season 3 of Veronica Mars begins! All the hoping, worrying and waiting is over and we can finally see a new episode in all its glory. Don't forget to watch Veronica Mars tonight at 9pm eastern on the CW and keep watching new episodes every Tuesday! There will be 9 new episodes in a row all the way through November sweeps that will comprise the first mystery.

Here is the official epiosde description and below is a photo from the episode: "FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE – Veronica (Kristen Bell) is in true form from the moment she and boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring), along with close friends Wallace (Percy Daggs III) and Mac (Tina Majorino), set foot on the campus of Hearst College. Wallace enlists Veronica’s help when his new roommate, Piz (Chris Lowell), has all his belongings stolen. While working on Piz’s case, Veronica learns that the campus serial rapist has struck again. Meanwhile, Keith (Enrico Colantoni) runs into trouble while transporting a recently released convict across the country to reunite him with Kendall (guest star Charisma Carpenter, “Charmed”). Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen and Julie Gonzalo also star. John Kretchmer directed the episode written by Rob Thomas."

I have seen the premiere (as well as sone of you who took advantage of my link I'm sure) and it really is fantastic. This is the perfect time to get into the show if you never have and have always been curious or just were not convinced. The start of this season requires little background info and is the perfect place to jump in. I want you all watching tonight! Please give this show a chance for me.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Attention NYC Ryan Star Fans

You all lucky enough to live in New York will be interested to know that Ryan Star (yes that one from Rockstar Supernova that I can't get enough of) will be coming home very soon and headlining his own solo show. I'd love to make it out there so if any of you can, go check it out. I promise it will be an amazing show and experience.

RW/RR Updates!

October 12 is the premiere date for the new Real World/Road Rules challenge. This installment will be called the Duel and was filmed in Brazil. The former Road Rules contestants are: Beth, Derrick, Jodi, Kina, Tina. The Real Worlders are: Aneesa, Brad, CT, John, Nehemiah Paula, Robin, Svetlana, Tyler and Wes. Returning Fresh Meat are: Casey, Diem, Eric, Evan and Kenny. Judging by the numbers it appears that the Fresh Meat folks are now considered part of the Road Rules family. Some challenge details include one male and one female winner only and the "Duel" appears to be some sort of gauntlet or inferno. There is also rumor of a huge fight between Beth and Tina. Word on the street is that Tina goes home early in the challenge and it may be due to this fight. Stay tuned!

The 18th season of the Real World that was filmed in my beautiful town Denver will premiere on December 5th. It will feature 3 girls and 4 boys. They will also be participating in some sort of outward bound type job.

The NEXT RW/RR challenge will begin filming in the next couple of weeks in South Africa and will contain some members from the Real World Denver, both Davis and Colie. I'll update more on this after filming gets underway.

MTV is currently casting for the next Real World, season 19 if you can believe it. Rumor has it that MTV is toying with the idea of resurrecting Road Rules and will film it around the same time as the new season of the Real World.

In other news, they are actually thinking of making a show with the infamous Rachel and Veronica called The Real Mean Girls...seriously.

ANTM Season 7 Spoilers

Nothing too earth shattering going on with this "cycle's" Americas next Top Model but a few goodies to share nonetheless.

Word on the street is that Megg is the next to be eliminated and the twins hang around long enough for a "controversial" episode. There is another hospital visit for one of the girls and a possible double elimination. The overseas vacation is in Barcelona this time.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.06 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

A cab driver escorts a drunk Susan who gives him her purse because she is too wasted to find any money. Later on we find out Susan has been taken to a party where she goes to the bathroom and throws up.

The cops come to the hospital to talk to Mike because a woman was found murdered with his number written on her hand. Mike claims not to remember anything.

Bree fins out she is being snubbed at the country club because word has gotten around that Orson supposedly killed his first wife. Bree says its all nonsense. Later on Bree makes reservations for 4 at a restaurant.

Carlos and Gabby are both in a divorce meeting with their lawyers both of whom are fighting over vases and paintings. Carlos suddenly declares the end to all this fighting and says that Gabby can have anything she wants. The lawyers are stunned.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 3 Spoilers

Last week's spoilers were not that great but to make up for it I hope these are juicy!

At the beginning of the episode the tribes will learn that they will be merged into two tribes. The blue team will be called Rarotonga and includes Adam, Brad, Cristina,
Jenny, JP, Parvati, Nathan, Stephannie, and Rebecca. The red team will be called Aitutaki and includes Becky, Candice, Cecilia, Cowboy, Flicka, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra and Yul. The tribes become separated by a random selection of balloons.

The immunity challenge is a recycled one from Palau, you know the one where the two teams run in a continuous circle while carrying weights in order to catch up and "tag" the other team. The Rarotonga (blue) team wins this challenge.

Unfortunately not a lot is known about the exilee or bootee this week but it is speculated that the one who gets the boot is Flicka who fails to make strong friends with anyone on her new tribe.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Watch the Veronica Mars premiere NOW!

I just finished watching the third season premiere of Veronica Mars and it was fantastic. A few surprises, funny lines, emotion and a steamy scene. All this is free and hosted by MSN. Here is the link

If you have not watched an episode of Veronica Mars before, this is the perfect time to jump right in. All the storylines start of fresh and new. Please watch the premiere and let me know what you think. I'll be happy to answer any questions about characters or background if any of you have them.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gilmore Girls 7.07 spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Luke is taking April to swimming lessons and meets the swim teacher named Susan. During their conversation Susan finds out that Luke does not know how to swim and encourages him to to learn for the safety of his daughter. A few days later Luke obliges as he attends an adult swim class and begins to flirt with Susan in the water. After the session Susan asks Luke to get something to eat with her. Later on the pair are out at a vegan restaurant where Luke begins to get increasingly uncomfortable as Susan reveals more and more of herself.

Lorelai and Christopher are chatting with some other Yale students' parents at an event during parents weekend when they discover that Rory has become quite well known. One boy's mom mentions that her son is a big fan of Rory and Lorelai thinks its funny that Rory has fans. Another parent is asking Lorelai to pass along some of her son's work so that he can get an "in" at the Yale Daily News. Then one father and Christopher have an honest talk and the dad apologizes for being so pushy, its just that he is so used to being involved in his son's daily life that its hard to let go. This statement affects Christopher who knows he hasn't been around as much as he should have been. Just then Lorelai notices that Emily is at the event and Christopher gets into a literature discussion.

Sookie meets a new vegetable supplier named Harold who just entered into the business. He is at the Inn to drop off some complimentary samples. Sookie tries to protest because she already has a supplier but Harold insists that she take the free vegetables. As Harold exits Sookie notices that the vegetables are really good quality.

Later on Lorelai, Christopher and Rory take a group of people including A.J., Bill, Paris, Joni, Raj, and Sheila to a French restaurant. Lorelai teases the waiter who has a British accent and he retorts in French to her. Christopher launches into some story about a ski resort in Killington but nobody is too interested.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 2 Spoilers

Not too much to go on this week as CBS artfully disguised the male boot last week and is doing so this week. There will be a raward challenge incolving carrying some large object and it appears that the Mahniki's win it. For the immunity challenge each tribe will be tied together for some sort of obstacle course and then a puzzle at the end. It appears that the Raratonga tribe loses and gets sent to tribal council where Adam and Candace's romance is revealed. It looks like at this time Candace will be sent home. Its also speculated that the loser in the immuntiy challenge gets to choose someone to go to exile and it appears that this time they choose a woman. Should be an interesting episode for sure!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ryan Star!

For those of you who loved Ryan Star on Rockstar Supernova even half as much as me you'll be thrilled to know that Ryan's Dark Horse album is already available. This album contains some of the covers we all fell in love with on the show such as Losing My Religion, In the Air Tonight and Clocks as well as Ryan's original song Back of Your Car among others. You can purchase a hard copy of the CD at and it will ship in a couple of weeks. To get this album now you can go to MSN at and download it.

I have to tell you that that Ryan's talent far exceeds anything seen on the CBS show. Just released to stores in North America yesterday, Ryan's solo album Songs from the Eye of an Elephant is a fantastic collection of stripped down piano based songs that amaze and inspire you. This really is the best album I have heard in years and it is a complete gem from start to finish. You can find this album in stores, on and at

Also, for those you you who have not heard, Ryan Star is going on tour! He is doing west and east coast dates for now but hopes to make it to the rest of the country in due time. Here are the dates and locations.

West Coast (supporting Cheyenne Kimball):
Sat 10/7 Sacramento, CA Boardwalk
Sun 10/8 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
Tue 10/10 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
Fri 10/13 San Diego, CA House of Blues
Sat 10/14 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theater
Mon 10/16 Seattle, WA Showbox
Tue 10/17 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre

East Coast Dates:
Sat 10/21 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock Cafe
Tue 10/24 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
Thu 10/26 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The OC 4.06 Spoilers

This episode should air in December.

Kaitlin happens to walk passed a water polo match at Harbor and school hottie Eric Ward stops to talk to her. Kaitlin isn't too impressed and heads over to the bleachers. Some of the "in crowd" girls named Olivia and Leah are there and are in awe that Eric was talking to Kaitlin, who is very unthrilled by it all. The "in crowd" queen Riley stops by and tells Olivia and Leah to help her with her party planning or else they won't be invited. Once Riley leaves Kaitlin asks the girls why they put up with Riley and they say that its because they want to go to the coolest party in the school and stay in the cool crowd. Kaitlin says whatever and goes to smoke a joint under the bleachers.

As Kaitlin is happily puffing away under the bleachers she overhears Riley handing out her invitations. To their surprise, Leah and Olivia are not invited because Riley feels that they did not to a good enough job on the invitations. Kaitlin is disgusted and emerges to tell Leah and Olivia that they can come to her party. Riley isn't threatened, she proclaims to have the best party going in town with a rented out club, Danity Kane playing and the best sushi chef in town. Kaitlin says she has beer, weed and an empty house so whoever wants a real party can come to her house.

Later on at the Cooper house Kaitlin has some friends over and Olivia tells her to kiss Connor even though he is dating Riley. Once the pair get into Kaitlin's bedroom she comes on strong to Connor but he backs away. Kaitlin asks if its about Riley and Connor says no. Kaitlin finally gets Connor to kiss her but she decided it wasn't that great of a kiss and that Connor is gay.

At the end of the evening Riley arrives at the Cooper doorstep and says that nobody came to her party after all and concedes her reign over the school to Kaitlin. Then Kaitlin says she's not interested and tells Riley she can stay queen of the school but just to trest people better in the process.

Kirsten and Julie are still in business together with Newmatch the dating service. A client Pam comes to meet them and expresses her displeasure with the same type of men she has been set up with. Kirsten and Julie promise to find someone exciting for Pam. The next day we find out that Pam had a very good time and will be telling everyone about Newmatch.

Julie, Sandy and Kirsten are with some guy named Gordon Bullit. A justice of the peace shows up and says he is there for Kirsten and Sandy to renew their vows. Sandy is confused and Kirsten says maybe Gordon is up to something.

Summer walks in on a naked Roger hiding in the sheets looking for Taylor. Roger says Taylor is not there and he was only pretending to like Taylor. Summer listens to Roger's story but isn't so sure Taylor isn't close by.

Seth and Summer also talk to some guy named Dalton who dresses like a butler and a guy named Winchester.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Puppy

No spoilers or TV related, I just wanted to share a picture of my new puppy with you. Her name is Cosmo and she is a 10 week old Beagle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Supernatural Premiere

Just in time for the second season premiere of Supernatural at 9pm eastern on Thursday, September 28th on the CW, here is the official episode description and a photo from the episode.

"THE WINCHESTER MEN BATTLE THE DEMON AFTER A LIFE-THREATENING ACCIDENT — Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) were left for dead after the Demon plowed a semi into the Impala. Now, one of the Winchesters hovers between life and death as the surviving family must face an old and powerful adversary. Eric Kripke wrote the episode directed by Kim Manners."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Project Runway Final Four

Spring fashion week is underway in New York and the third season of Project Runway's final four have shown their collections on the catwalk.

All four designers were asked to create a collection to display during fashion week as to conceal the final three from the public. Each contestant will have a collection with approxomately 12 designs. Rumor has it that all four designers were still in the competition when they showed their collections this week.

Project Runway will be in reruns on September 20th and will return with a new epiosde on September 27th, most likely the fashion week episode with the final four.

I thought you all might be interested in what each of the four designers' collection look like. I think they all did a great job and reflect each of thier own person styles. So here they are in rank order of my favorite: Jeffery (left), Laura (right), Michael (left), and Uli (right).

I'm predicting Michael as the winner only because he has been so consitsent. All of the final four are grest designers. I personally have grown to love Jeffery in recent weeks but would be very happy if Michael won. We'll wait and see how it all turns out!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor 13: Episode 1 Spoilers

Here is a quick rundown of what's supposed to happen on tonight's Survivor Cook islands premiere.

If you have not already heard, the tribes will be split up into four teams of 5 based on race. There will be the African American, Asian American, Hispanic and Caucasian team. Typically in the premiere episode there will not be a reward challenge but it looks like every team but the immunity winner will walk away with fire. The first challenge will be a type of obstacle course. The African American team (Manihki) will lose the immunity challenge and a woman will be sent home, most likely Stephanie. And the losing team gets to choose someone from another team to go to exile which looks to be Jonathan from the Caucasian team (Rarotonga).

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Winner Spoiler

For those of you interested in knowing ahead of time who will win the Rockstar show and the gig with Sueprnova here is the info:

Toby and Magni were in the bottom 2 and Magni was cut. Then Toby was cut leaving only Dilana and Lukas. Supernova chose Lukas to lead thier band.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

One Tree Hill Premiere

The fourth season premiere of One Tree Hill is just around the corner and in order for us to get ready for another season of this wonderful show here is the official episode description of 4.01 and a photo from the premiere showing at 9pm eastern on Wednesday, September 27th on the CW.

"ANYTHING BUT A HONEYMOON — In a shocking season opener, the aftermath of the post-wedding car accident unfolds. While Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) is deeply affected by Nathan's (James Lafferty) attempt to rescue Cooper (guest star Michael Trucco) and Rachel (Danneel Harris), Brooke (Sophia Bush) confronts Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) with her true feelings, and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) makes a startling discovery. Pressured by the fact that someone might know he killed his brother, Dan (Paul Johansson) assaults Deb (Moira Kelly). Lee Norris, Barbara Alyn Woods and Barry Corbin also star. Greg Prange directed the episode written by Mark Schwahn."

Monday, September 11, 2006

Rockstar Supernova Tuesday Show Spoilers

Its the last week of Rockstar Supernova and I know the anticipation is building so I can offer a spoiler as to what happened at yesterday's taping of the Tuesday performance show.

Four Rockers are left and they each sing two songs again. They get to do their original song from last week. Lukas sings Headspin again but he changes the arrangement to a more acoustic version. As for the covers, they all got to choose from all the sings performed on the show over the course of the season with a few new ones thrown in. Everyone except Dilana chose a new song as she chose to sing Roxanne . Toby does Karma Police by Radiohead, Lukas sings Fix You by Coldplay and Magni performs Hush by Deep Purple. As for the fan favorite encore, I am pleased to announce that my boy Ryan Star wins it and performs his Back of Your Car again and also wins a Honda in the process.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

7th Heaven 11.08 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Jane is at the burger shack talking to T-Bone and Margaret about telling the town that Eric is ill. Jane doesn't think anyone will find out it was her who spilled the secret. T-Bone's mother Janine approaches and T-Bone does not give her as warm of a welcome as she would like. It appears that T-Bone is trying to get emancipated from Janine. T-Bone and Janine break from the group and talk.

Lucy is talking to the twins and tells them that everything will be fine and that they will stick together and take care of their father until he gets better. The boys agree.

T-Bone and Janine talk as he explains the reasoning behind the emancipation. It seems that Janine hasn't been the best mother and T-Bone has been taking care of himself for quite sometime anyway. Janine agrees to sign the documents and T-Bone says that he will stay at the Camdens as long as he can. Janine wonders about Eric's health and how that will affect T-Bone's stay there but T-Bone assures her that Eric will be fine. Janine leaves as Jane and Margaret approach. Jane apologizes fro calling Janine but T-Bone says it worked out ok.

Back at the Camden house Janine is talking to Kevin and Lucy explaining how she left T-Bone alone when she went to Vegas because he did not want to come with her. They say that T-Bone had no idea where Janine went was the problem. Janine looks at Kevin and says that he looks familiar. Kevin says that he used to be a cop and he think he threw her in jail once before. Lucy asks if Janine is a hooker to which Janine denies. They suggest that Janine give T-Bone his emancipation because it would be in the best interest for both of them. Just then all the cell phones and house phone begins ringing and Lucy exits to answer it. Lucy has to explain to the person on the other line that Eric is away visiting Ruthie and not doing some medical treatment. It seems that word has gotten out about Eric's illness after all.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 10

Since we are in the end game stage in the Big Brother season things moved quickly in the house and most of the action was saved for the live show. Here is a recap of what went down.

Janelle chose to evict Will over Erika because she finally compared notes with Erika and realized that Will would never take her to the finals. Then the three part HOH began. Boogie chose to leave the endurance competition right away and this startled Janelle enough for her to take her hand off the key. Erika thus won part 1. Part 2 was a timed event and Boogie best Janelle's time by half largely due to his upper body strength. Then it was a Q&A for part 3 where Boogie beat Erika by several questions. Boogie chose to eliminate Janelle because she is too great of a competitor and has a lot of friends on the jury. Boogie and Erika are the final 2.

Spoilers for this game are non existent at this point but I can offer you what's going on in the house. It looks like Erika wants to continue the showmance and Boogie is engaging but trying to keep his distance.

On Saturday the jury addressed their questions and comments to the final two. Its hard to determine who will get the most votes from the jury because both Boogie and Erika got some harsh questions. Erika in particular is upset at Janelle's behavior.

Right now its a toss up as to who will get the $500k from the jury. I personally think Boogie will win it because he did play the game the best and there seemed to be some hostility toward Erika from the jury. Also, Erika has gotten quite full of herself these past few days and claims that she got rid of the strongest player in the house (Will) on her own and orchastrated everyone's eviction as well. Erika also goes on to say that she would have "smoked" Janelle in the finals and that Janelle only won the competitions that were thrown to her. Boogie got quite irritated with all of this and had the final straw when Erika said that Will was the brains behind Chill Town. Boogie removed himself from the situation before they got into a fight but clearly the showmance is over.

Friday, September 08, 2006

7th Heaven 11.06 and 11.07 Spoilers

These episodes should air in November.


Kevin is explaining to a woman named Jane that he is apprehensive about going home because Annie is upset that Eric did not go to his doctor's appointment.

Eric is at a Vet's office with David and his hamster. Eric thinks that if the hamster lives that it means it is a good sign about his own health. The doctor comes out and tells Eric and David that the hamster will be just fine. Eric begins to celebrate and gets a strange look from the doctor. The doctor explains that the hamster had some toxic bedding and that caused a heart problem. The vet tanks Eric for brining the hamster in right away before the problems got too severe. This makes Eric think about his own skipped doctor's appointment. Eric takes all this as a strong sign that he will be fine and does not mind paying the sky high vet bill and he even chips in money for the humane society fund.


Lucy is at the church when Ruthie calls asking Lucy to help her convince mom and dad to not make her come home. Lucy says no but Ruthie goes on to explain how much she enjoys being away from home and she wants to do something different than all the other kids did. Lucy says that Ruthie should be grateful for what she has and then Ruthie tells Lucy that she should do her job and help people, namely her. Lucy gets upset and tells Ruthie that there is a good reason why mom and dad are begging her to come home. Just then Ruthie's phone dies before she can get any details. Ruthie's friend at school tries to reassure her and says when his parents has big news it was that they were getting divorced. Ruthie knows that's not what the big news is and gets really worried. Ruthie then proceeds to call Matt, Mary and Simon but none of them answer the phone.

Kevin is talking to Jane, who wants to divorce her husband. Kevin asks her why she fell out of love and Jane says that people don't get married for love anymore and that it has been only three weeks since she got married.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Calling everyone with Verizon!

I need a favor! You all have probably seen my tribute to Ryan Star posted last week and I was really bummed that he was eliminated last week. But I heard that he may be coming back for an encore on next week's Rockstar: Supernova finale if the fans vote for him to win. I personally would love that and I know you all want to keep your spoiler queen happy.

Here is what to do: If you have Verizon then text the word CRAVE to 8917. When you get a reply back asking who you vote for then reply back with RYAN. I promise it does not cost anything additional than what you would pay for a regular text message. Please ask anyone you know if they have a Verizon phone to do it too.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then check my posts from last week and see this guy's amazing talent. When I get passionate about something I fight for it and this is no exception. Help me accomplish this and we'll get back to spoiling and the fall premieres in no time!

Thanks a million!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NFL Regular Season Win Lines

In honor of the NFL season beginnning TOMORROW I thought post the odds for regular season wins courtesy of pinnacol sports and my thoughts following. Note that all numbers are regular season wins.

ARZ 8 ATL 8.5
BAL 7.5 BUF 6.5
CAR 10 CHI 9.5
CIN 8.5 CLE 6.5
DAL 9.5 DEN 10
DET 6.5 GB 6.5
HOU 5.5 IND 11.5
JAX 9.5 KC 9.5
NE 10.5 NO 7
NYG 8.5 NYJ 6
OAK 6 PHI 8.5
PIT 9.5 SD 9
SEA 10.5 SF 5
STL 7 TB 8.5
TEN 5.5 WAS 9

My take: Most numbers are right on and could go either way. Some high ones I think are New England at 10.5, Kansas City at 9.5 and Indianapolis at 11.5. I think all 3 are going to be good teams but they will have to play very well to reach these goals. Buffalo at 6.5 and Baltimore at 7.5 look too high to me as well. As far as those teams who are undervalued are Tampa Bay and Cincinnati at only 8.5. Then of course there is the Broncos who have one of the highest lines at 10 but I still think they will win more than that.

Enjoy the first day of football! Its a holiday! Celebrate!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The OC 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in December

Julie wakes up in bed with a young attractive personal trainer in her bed. She tells him to get out before Kaitlin finds him there. The trainer sneaks downstairs and tries to make a run for it but Kaitlin notices him and inquires about the sex. The trainer tries to deny it but kaitlin tells him she does not care and if her mother is involved in other things then Kaitlin can do what she wants.

Later on Kaitlin has a session with her tennis instructor named Marcus and argues with him on how to hold the ball. Kaitlin says that she will cooperate only if Marcus agrees to go out with her. Marcus declines because she is too young. Kaitlin says that she needs some incentive to try hard and then proceeds to serve the ball horribly. Just then Julie approaches and notices how attractive Marcus is. Julie introduces herself to Marcus and Kaitlin can tell what she is up to.

Summer, Che and Amber release caged bunnies from the science lab. Later on Amber has a meeting with the school deans at Brown for freeing the bunnies. Amber says it was for a good cause but won't say who she was working with.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 9

In the fastest epiosde of Big Brother ever last night there were two eliminations. Danielle was voted out in a unanimous vote and Janelle won HOH. Right away Janelle had to nominate two people and she chose George and Erika. There was the POV competition in the next segment and Erika just beat out Will in the first ever competition that it looked like Will was actually trying to win. Erika vetoed herself and Janelle had no choice but to put up Boogie in her place. Then they voted immediatly and George was evicted in a 2-0 vote. That was your week in one hour!

After the show, the new HOH competition was held and it was Boogie who won. On Friday Boogie chose to nominate Janelle and Erika. Pretty much Janelle needs to win veto if she has any hope of being saved. That is unless Will decides to keep Janelle. Once again Will has ALL the power in the house.

For the fifth time I beleive Janelle has won the power of veto. Now its between Will and Erika to work thier magic on Janelle since she gets to decide which one stays and which one goes. Erika is pitching that Janelle can't beat Will and she needs the money more than the doctor does. Will says that Erika never wanted Janelle there and Erika would never take her to the finals.

What I think is going to go down is that Janelle will evict Erika. Will will then throw the next HOH because he knows both Boogie and Janelle would take him. We'll see if I'm right come Tuesday when the next live eviction is.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

CW Premieres Early and Free on MSN

The CW just announced today that three of their series will be premiering early on runaway will be available from 9/18 to 9/25, Everybody Hates Chris will be up from 9/24 to 10/1 and last but certainly not least VERONICA MARS will be available from 9/26 to 10/3. I am very excited about this! We all get to see the Veronica Mars premiere a week early and everyone can get a chance to see the premiere. Tell everyone you know, this is a can't miss and waste opportunity!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Black Wednesday

UPDATE: If you have a Verizon cell phone then text the word CRAVE to 8917. When you get a reply then vote for Ryan to get the finale encore. Rockstar is bringing one eliminated rocker back to the show finale night for one special performance. Please help me let it be Ryan, I have to see him one more time!

After my big push to get votes for Ryan on Rockstar Supernova it backfired and he gets eliminated tonight. So totally not deserved but I appriciate any of you who voted or even took the time to read my posts about my favorite Ryan.

As a tribute to Ryan here is the other memorable performace he is known for: In the Air Tonight performed in week 7.

I have seen a lot of comments from fans of Ryan and they say that they are looking forward to buying his CD when it comes out. What a lot of people do not know is that he already has one out! Go to to purchase a copy. I did and it is beyond fantastic, best money spent in a long time. Here is a live performance of one of my favorite songs Famous Love on Ryan's CD titled Songs From the Eye of an Elephant.

Please let me know if any of you enjoed this and if there are any other Ryan fans out there! He will surely be missed on the show but I know someone with all this talent won't take long to make it big.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday is Vote for Ryan Day

Continuing on my quest to keep Ryan out of the bottom 3 on Wednesday's Rockstar: Supernova elimination show, I ask you all to vote to keep my favorite rocker on air. All you have to do is watch tonight on CBS at 9pm eastern and vote once the episode ends. Even if you don't watch the show, will you do me a favor and please vote for Ryan? I promise you will be voting for someone great! Here is the link and you can use it to start voting at 10pm eastern and right after the show airs in other parts of the world.

I'll leave you with a few spoilers. Rumor has it that there will be a double elimination this week but this is unconfirmed. It is also viewer's choice week and the audience chose to put each contestant with a song someone else previously performed. Ryan will be doing "Clocks", Magni has "I Alone", Dilana gets "Mother, Mother", Storm gets Evanesence, Lukas does "Lithium", and Toby sings "Rebel Yell". I hear they all do really well and it will be a great episode to watch.

If any of you that don't watch the show are curious about why I love this guy so much, then just watch this performance. And those of you who do know about Ryan, I'm sure you'll love seeing this again. Here is the Losing My Religion performance in week 5. Enjoy the music!

Monday, August 28, 2006

What About Brian 2.05 Spoilers

This episode will air sometime in November

Brian and Nicole are at the hospital because she is having pre term contractions. Brian tried to make Nicole feel better while they are waiting for the doctor. Once the doctor comes in he says that Nicole and the baby will be fine but just needs to make sure that she does not go into preterm labor because her age and stress levels are becoming a factor. Later on Nicole explains that Angelo got to do a lot of things he wanted to in his life even the golf she hated.

Brian and Dave are in a meeting with the KC gaming company pitching a new game about evolution. Brian explains the game and is not getting a reaction from the KC guys. Dave adds in more details but at the end of the pitch the KC guys have nothing to say.

Brian goes to Nicole's house to check up on her and finds Car Girl there taking care of the chores and such. Brian seems a little flustered that car girl is there and gets even more uncomfortable once Car Girl mentions that she met Brian and Nicole's dad and step mom.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Detailed Gilmore Girls Spoilers

I have posted all the episodic Gilmore Girls spoilers but I have found a great synopsis of the first 5 episodes and want to share it all here with you. I know some of it will repeat what I have posted but there is a lot of information not previously posted. Enjoy!

7.01: Taylor's Thunderbird gets driven though the diner by Kirk. As a result, the diner is in pretty bad shape. Luke attempts to talk to Lorelai and make amends but she tells him about her night with Christopher. They decide to officially break up. Lorelai and Rory play racquetball in order to keep their minds off of guy trouble. Lorelai has an emotional breakdown as she begins to throw away her Luke things.

7.02: Luke is very upset and ends up getting in a fist fight with Christopher and has a argument with Lorelai in the town square. Kirk opens a replica of Luke's diner and pretends to be him by dressing up as Luke. Zach and Lane find out she got pregnant on their honeymoon!

7.03: Emily is involved with a cotillion as Rory and Lorelai attend. Lorelai begins to rethink he life choices, specifically when she left home at 16. Luke has a reopening party at the diner with Anna and April as Lorelai watches from afar. Lorelai finds comfort in Christopher.

7.04: Rory meets a couple new girls at a Yale art show. Richard will become a guest lecturer at Yale. Christopher and Lorelai go on a date at a drive in movie theater. Things are going well until Christopher suggests going back to his place. Just as Lorelai tries to get out of the situation, she gets a phone call about Emily being arrested for talking on the phone while driving.

7.05: Rory goes to visit Logan in London. Things are awkward because Rory does not feel like she fits in. Rory also has to deal with an attractive female colleague of Logan's named Bobby. Lorelai and Christopher have Friday night dinner at the Gilmore house but Lorelai is less than pleased with Christopher.

7.06: It seems that Lorelai and Christopher go to France as they encounter many French people and are clearly a fish out of water attempting to communiate with them.

Other details: Something will happen to get Logan back to the US by the middle of the season. Luke also abandons the blue baseball hat that Lorelai gave him years ago and instead wears a new black one. Lorelai and Christopher's romance will not last long. There will also be a Marty sighting!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 8

On Thursday James was evicted in a move the surprised none except Danielle. Erika won the HOH competition in a game that required the houseguests to determine what happened before or after. Erika nominated Janelle and George with the goal of evicting Janelle.

On Saturday the food competition was held and George won a slop pass so he ca neat real food with the rest of the house for the duration of the show. Janelle won the POV again! Causing Erika to decide who to replace Janelle with. Right now it is between Will and Danielle. However, if Will is on the block he has Janelle and Boogie's votes to stay for sure. So Erika needs to decide who she wants to go home; George or Danielle. If Danielle is put on the block she will go home.

Sunday was Christmas in the Big Brother house as they all got woken up by Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother and a bunch of gifts. Monday was the POV ceremony and Erika decided to replace the vetoed Janelle with Danielle. The idea is to have Danielle go home on thursday but seeing how Chill Town (plus Janelle) controls the entire vote this week, it will probably be up to the last minute in the air.

Don't forget that Thursday will be double elimination night as two people will be going home. I'm not sure how they are going to pull this one off but it should be interesting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Karen is working at Tric and still pregnant. A man named Nick who is a part time model and roofer begins to talk to Karen. Then Karen mentions that her father was a roofer and Karen reveals that she had a good relationship with her father until she got pregnant with Lucas. Nick mentions that anyone would be lucky to have Karen as a mom and Karen mentions that things are strained with her and Lucas. Nick begins to flirt a little with Karen and he asks her to go on a walk with him. Karen accepts.

Peyton is by the river and is talking to someone named Billy who is in the marines. Peyton is skipping school and is feeling pretty crappy about something. Billy tells Peyton to stop feeling so sorry for herself and that other people who have difficult times in their lives find a way to pick up and move on. But when Billy sees that he really upset Peyton then he changes his tune and just tells her to fight back and don't let things get her down. Peyton feels like she is not capable of doing that but Bills tells her that he will be there for her and he is sure she make it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm in love with a Rockstar

Today I just felt compelled to write about one of my favorite shows this summer and one of my favorite contestants on that show. I'm talking about Rockstar:Supernova and my favorite is Ryan Star. He is the one who sang my personal favorite songs such as Losing My Religion, Enjoy the Silence and In the Air Tonight. Ryan performed these songs so well he made my old favorites even better! I decided that I want Ryan to stay on the show as long as possible so we can hear more from him. So please watch tonight's show on CBS at 10pm eastern (special time) and vote for your favorite (I hope you choose Ryan!): Visit this site for more information and tonight after the show you can vote here

I'll leave you with a little spoiler, Ryan is doing an Original song tonight as well as Patrice. Magni is singing Smells Like Teen Spirit while Dilana is tackling Every Breath You Take. The band will likely address Dilana's loose lips to the press where she made some negative comments about the other contestants.

Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs

Today is finally here! Today is the day you can purchase your Veronica Mars season 2 DVDs! Many of you pre-ordered them from the internet and they should be arriving in a day or so. I unfortunately went with Amazon and I will not be getting mine for a couple more weeks. Last time I do that for sure. Anyway, if you have not ordered your DVD sets you can get them in stores and I hear that many of the retailers are having amazing sales. You can get a set of DVDs for $37.99 at stores such as Best Buy, Wal Mart, Target and Circuit City. This is a great time to catch up on favorite episodes and if you have not seen the show before this is a great price to check the show out. I promise it will be worth every penny!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Susan is talking to Mike's doctor about his memory loss. The doctor isn't too optimistic that it will be cleared up anytime soon by suggests Susan to help Mike remember some things with pictures or familiar things. Susan wishes there was more she could do.

Later on Susan brings a dish of macaroni and cheese that she made to the hospital in hopes of helping mike with his memory. Just then Susan notices that Edie is at the hospital too and the nurse mentions that Edie has been at the hospital a lot and was the person who was there when Mike woke up from his coma. The nurse comments that Edie is Mike's girlfriend. This infururates Susan as she threatens to douse Edie with the food she made. Since Susan is making such a scene she is asked to leave.

Bree is looking for Danielle at a motel. The man at the front desk isn't too helpful at first but Bree manages to sway him once she explains that a minor is in one of the rooms. The front desk man takes Bree to the room and unlocks the door. Bre goes inside and has words with the people inside. When she emerges, Bree is satisifed with her work and thanks the front desk man.

Bree, Orson and Andrew are in a hospital waiting room when the docto comes in and says that Danielle should make a full recovery. It appears that Danielle tried to kill herself by taking too many pills and slitting her wrists in the bathtub. Bree says she will take Danielle to counselling. Later on the whole family of four are seen at a counselling session.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part Two)

Boogie won HOH just barely beating Janelle. There is some rumor that Boogie's coup d'etat power has been revoked because he discuassed it with another houseguest.

On Saturday Boogie nominated James and Janelle with the later being the target. Saturday evening the POV challenge was held and of course Janelle won it. James was really upset about it and called for a redo but Big Brother would not oblige. It looks like George will be put up in Janelle's place with James being the target to get voted out. Looks like the legion of doom is officially over.

Monday George was nominated to replace Janelle on the block after she used the veto on herself. The idea is to vote out James but we'll see if the house changes their mind this week or not.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part One)

On Thursday's show Marcellas was evicted unanimously and George won the HOH competition in a tiebreaker with Danielle. Boogie found out what his special power is and chose not to use it. George nominated James and Erika right on the spot during the live show because it will be a double eviction week with the next evicted houseguest leaving on Sunday.

Back to the live feeds, everyone is freaking out because George has the power and they all think they can manipulate him. So far it seems that George is most loyal to Janelle and Howie but James is George's real target.

The POV competition was held late last night as George, Howie, Danielle, Erika, James and Will participated. James ended up winning the POV. The entire house is manipulating George to put up Janelle and they may have actually convinced him to do so. Will suggested that he go on the block because he has the votes to stay just to guarantee Erika's eviction. George is really traumatized by all this and isn't sure what to do.

Friday morning George came up to Janelle and Howie to offer them a deal. If they promise to vote out who George replaces James on the block then he will not put up Janelle. Howie and Janelle take the deal and don't even question who the person is who George wants out. Later on it gets out that Will was the person George had in mind but Will quickly declines. George feels he has no choice but to put Howie on the block and does so once James saves himself in the POV ceremony. By the end of Friday night Howie is evicted in a vote of 3-2 and Boogie is the new HOH.

Just to note that this is the fifth straight week where the original target has won veto and the replacement has been voted out of the house. Jase, Diane, Kaysar, Marcellas and Howie were all not on the block when nominations were announced but went out the door on eviction night while the targeted George, Boogie, Janelle, Danielle and James respectively remained in the house.

The OC 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in November.

Sandy and Ryan are talking and Sandy is giving Ryan some advice about how each day his pain will lessen just a little bit. Ryan worries that he will forget Marissa but Sandy says that will not be the case. Sandy tells Ryan not to shut people out and to let other people help him in this difficult time. Sandy invites Ryan to hang out with him but Ryan says there is something he has to take care of.

Kaitlin takes Brad and Eric to a seedy part of town and buys fake IDs from some gross looking dude. The guys are apprehensive but Kaitlin gives the dude the money and gets the three fake IDs. Then Brad and Eric become excited to get drunk.

Kaitlin, Brad and Eric are all trying to get into a nightclub. Kaitlin is in first and she gets in with her fake ID. The boys get rejected and can't enter the club. Kaitlin tries to protest that the boys are with her but the bouncer says he isn't letting any "virgin dorks" in his club. The guys are disappointed and try to get Kaitlin to leave with them but she isn't budging. The boys whine that Kaitlin can't have fun without them.

Che, Seth and Summer are at Brown and walk into the auditorium. It appears to be some sort of town meeting and the security guard isn't going to let Seth in because he isn't a student at Brown. Seth agrees to wait outside because this is really important to Summer. She agrees and Seth wishes Summer luck but once she leaves Seth isn't too happy to be alone.

Seth is in Rhode Island trying to get a plane back to LA but is disappointed to learn that the next one isn't until morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

A new girl named Shelly finds Brooke by her locker and asks her to be in the virgins for life club. Brooke has no idea who this girls is until she explains they have a class together and a leader should join Shelly's club. Brooke isn't very thrilled by this idea but asks Shelly what the club does anyway. Shelly explains that they are like regular teens but they don't have sex. Brooke wants to know if Shelly intends to date or not. Shelly says that she is free to go out with guys but isn't giving it away for free. Brooke asks how many people are currently in the club and Shelly says only one. Brooke then declines.

That night, Shelly goes home to her mother named Hope. Shelly wants to go to Tric but Hope says that only bad things happen at clubs. Shelly says she is just trying to fit in and wants to have some fun. Shelly then goes on to explain that she doesn't do normal teenage things and has no friends. Hope isn't budging and thinks that Shelly does not need to worry about those things. Shelly says she wants to be different than her mom was in high school.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Gilmore Girls 7.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Rory is at some sort of Yale art show when she stops at a water fountain to get a drink. Two girls named Lucy and Olivia approach Rory and scold her for drinking their art. Rory tries to apologize but the girls tell her that they are kidding. Introductions are made as the girls find out Rory is from the Yale Daily News and Rory confirms Olivia is an artist. Paris is brought up as a topic of conversation because the girls know the imfamous Paris and want to know how Rory knows her. The girls then offer to show Rory around in order to discuss some of the pieces and their artists.

After the art show Lucy and Olivia wonder where their next stop should be and are trying to decide between getting something to eat or going to another frat party. Rory tries to duck out but the girls try to convince Rory to keep hanging out with them. Lucy suggests a "groove off" and once Rory determines the winner they will know what to do next. Rory explains she really does not want to judge this competition so the girls approach the next male they see and ask him to be the judge. It turns out that this guy is none other than Richard Gilmore. Rory tried to explain that this is her grandfather but the girls don't really care and ask Richard to judge them. As the groove off begins Richard is offering the appropriate commentary but can't seem to determine the winner. In the end Lucy gives the title to Olivia and Richard departs.

Later on Lucy and Olivia are back at Rory's apartment having a great time and snacking away. Suddenly Rory gets a phone call who she hopes to be from Logan, who seems to call at the same time each night.

Emily gets pulled over by the police for talking to Richard on her cell phone while driving. emily is disgusted at the cop for pulling her over for such a stupid reason but the explains that it is the law. Emily mentions that she was drinking coffee but the cop then wants her to take a breathalyzer test. Emily wants no part of this.

Updated 8.21.06

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What About Brian 2.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Adam asks a girl named Summer out on a date and she accepts but it seems like it is some sort of bet.

Meanwhile, Brian is waiting for a date with a girl named Sally who apparently Brian has dated before. Sally remembers being dumped by Brian and is still not over it. Sally says that Brian gave a really lame excuse when he broke up with her and then before leaving she sprays hairspray in Brian's eyes.

While Brian is recuperating at home, Dave arrives but he is on the phone. Once the call ends, Dave tells Brian that it was Suzanne and there is a big problem.

The next day Brian goes to an office to see a man named Michael about his business troubles. It seems that Brian and Michael have known eachother for quite sometime.

Brian goes to the bank and proceeds to empty out everything he has in checking, savings and all investments as well as credit card advances. The teller warns Brian of the penalties and risks associated with this but he agrees to do it anyway.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What About Brian 2.03 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

The episode opens with Adam being thrown in jail. As Adam gets used to his surroundings, the door opens and Brian in thrown in the slammer too. Adam and Brian only exchange dirty looks as we see three days earlier on the screen.

Adam and Jimmy are at work as Adam is trying to stop thinking about Marjorie. Jimmy think he has succeeded but once he leaves the room Adam looks at a photo of Marjorie and then puts it away.

While at a meeting with a marketing executive for Zap Monkey, Dave is sending dirty text messages to Suzanne. Brian is really interested in the meeting and has all sorts of suggestions so he does not notice that Dave is less than involved.

Nicole and Deena are talking about child birth and Deena offers to show Nicole a video of when one of her daughters was born. It seems that Nicole is scared about giving birth and Deena is trying to ease her fears. Nicole considers watching the video but nervously declines.

Adam and Jimmy are interviewing a client about his case when Adam flies off the handle and basically tells the client he has no case. The client storms out and Jimmy is upset at Adam for losing his cool. Jimmy then suggests that Adam talk to Brian about what is bothering him because that's what he would normally do.

It appears that Nicole is babysitting Deena's kids and is having a bit of a rough time connecting with them. Nicole stops and wonders what kind of mom she will be.

Brian and Dave are at a talk show taping for their new video game when they discover that the host is a 14 year old boy named Adam. One the show begins, the kid begins to pepper Dave and Brian with all kinds of difficult questions and criticisms of their new game. Dave tries to defend them as best he can but Brian just sits in disbelief.

While the interview is going on, Deena and Suzanne have a conversation about Dave. Deena thanks Suzanne for supporting Dave and all she has done. Suzanne begins to feel guilty about her affair with Deena.

Adam and Jimmy head to a bar after work and Adam is getting into a shot for shot match with some frat guys. Later on Adam has a confrontation with the frat guys and begins to get beaten up in a fight. Suddenly Brian shows up and enters the mix. Jimmy and the bartender watch from the sidelines and Jimmy explains he isn't in the mood to get beaten up. The bartender says she already called the cops just as they show up.

Dave and Deena are talking at home because Deena has figured out that Dave is having an affair with Suzanne. Deena wants to know if Suzanne was the person Dave selected in the open marriage.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 6

In an episode that was shocking to none, Kaysar went home with a vote of 5-1 after James nullified Janelle's vote. The HOH competition was true false about the haunted houseguests they saw and Erika won. Looks like Janelle is out the door this week.

Not so fast! A lot of the houseguests complained of technical difficulties during the HOH competition and Big Brother decided to redo the HOH late last night. The winner is none other than Janelle. I kid you not!

Janelle nominated Danielle and Erika for eviction. Since the rest of the house is convinced that since Janelle can't play the veto they are planning to get Danielle off the block.

The new twist for this week is a coup d'etat which means the houseguest who gets it will win powers to overthrow the current HOH and make new nominations right on the spot. It will probably be revealed on Thursday so they won't have time to discuss and check with allies on who to vote for and will likely have to vote right then and there. Unfortunately any additional details were not given such as if the current HOH or veto holder can be nominated or not. Another part of the twist is that the houseguests do not know what the twist is just that there is one and they will be given clues through out the week as to what the special power is. Once the person thinks they know the answer, they go to the diary room and make a guess. The catch is they can only guess once and will not be told if they are correct or not until the reveal. Several houseguests have made their guesses in the Diary Room. Danielle, Erika, James and George think they all have the answer correct with Danielle especially convinced she won. What I don't understand is how a sheep is going to point them in the direction of the answer and I'd bet that those four who put in their guess already are incorrect.

Friday the food competition was held. This week the challenge was to great a "gourmet" style dish out of slop. They each had 30 minutes to complete this and some former Big Brother contestants were the judges. All the dishes passed except one (I beleive it was Danielle's) so they all won food except for Wednesday. They also won a BBQ grill as well.

Saturday was the veto challenge and staying on par for this season the targeted nominee Danielle won veto. There was some talk of James helping her win it and it sould like everyone else but Howie and Erika threw the veto challge to let Danielle win it. Talk now is of nominating Marcellas but George and Booige are being discussed as pawns. Janelle's intention is to get Erika out of the house.

The second coup d'etat clue is a giant needle and thread. Howie has now given his guess as well which was wolf in sheep's clothing. James' guess was pull the wool over someones' eyes and Danielle's was DNA. Assuming these are all incorrect, now only Janelle, Will, Boogie or Marcellas can win the coup.

In other news, Boogie and Erika are having a showmance. But now apparently Boogie doesn't care if Erika gets evicted. Whatever.

On Monday it seems that Boogie has won the coup d'etat since he guessed "you reap what you sew" after the third clue of a grim reaper came to visit the houseguests. That are Janelle unspurprisingly nominated Marcellas Monday as well.