Saturday, March 18, 2006

The OC 3.22 Spoilers

This episode will air in April, 2006. Please note that The OC will have 25 episodes in season 3.

Dr. Roberts asks Julie to throw a party with Sandy and Kirsten. They are still engaged but not married yet.

Ryan is at Berkeley for a pre college visit. Ryan is hanging out with a freshman sponsor Wes and seems to really fit in there. Out of coincidence Marissa runs into Ryan there. It appears that Marissa has broken up with Volchok. Marissa and Ryan are still awkward with each other but are trying to be friendly. Marissa and Wes hit it off well and get cozy but Marissa leaves when she finds out what those guys are in to.

Seth and Summer are both visiting Brown. They too, are still broken up and coincidentally run into each other there. Seth ran in to Anna at Brown as well. Once Summer sees Anna and Seth hanging out she assumes the worst. It appears that Summer and Seth have been having troubles ever since their acceptance letters were received (ep. 3.20). It also appears that Seth has lied about his rejection to Brown, and took the trip Brown in order to convince the admissions officer, Dr. Overbee, to make a special consideration to let him in. Things do not work out in Seth's favor. Anna helps Seth sort things out.

One Ryan returns from Berkeley, Kirsten tells him that she saw Theresa with a baby. Kirsten has done some "detective work" and gives Ryan Theresa's address. Ryan goes to visit Theresa but she is not home, he learns that the baby is in fact hers. Ryan consults Seth on what to do next.

Friday, March 17, 2006

NFL Trades & Moves

After the first burst of crazy moves and trades in the NFL, I'll discuss each of the more important trades and offer my thoughts on what they mean long term. I'm sure that there will be some more moves to come (and don't forget the draft!) so there will be plenty more to discuss while we wait for football season to arrive.

Edgerrin James to the Arizona Cardinals: This is exactly what the franchise needed because the deal generates some positive energy and buzz. Edge will help out a run game that was very poor in 2005. I like this move for a number of reasons. Arizona needs some veteran talent to compliment their two outstanding receivers Boldin and Fitzgerald. The offense will be a force to be reckoned with and will bring some legitimate hope to the state. Plus, any move that makes the Indianapolis Colts weaker, I'm all for it. Good luck with Dominic Rhodes.

Drew Brees to the New Orleans Saints: This is another great move for a disheartened franchise. New Orleans was always lacking a strong leader and consistent QB. Brees will help spark the offense and put attention on New Orleans for the right reasons in 2006. I was a little surprised that Brees chose New Orleans over the Miami Dolphins but in the end money talked. I like this move because they make another Broncos nemesis the San Deigo Chargers weaker. Good luck with Philip Rivers.

Daunte Culpepper to the Miami Dolphins: A curious move but one that makes sense on paper. Miami hasn't had a halfway decent QB since Marino left. There are millions of questions surrounding Culpepper's heath, attitude and skill but he is a huge upgrade at the position and will help improve the Dolphins in 2006. If this move helps Miami challenge my most hated team the New England Patriots for the AFC East crown then I will personally send him a thank you note. Losing an awful lot of those Super Bowl stars, aren't you Billy?

Terrell Owens to ???: I thought the answer to this question would have been known by now but it seems like everyone in the league is scared to take a chance on Owens. Or perhaps the teams are just leveraging to pay T.O. less money. Either way Owens should land somewhere soon and signs are pointing to the Dallas Cowboys. Currently they have no number one receiver after releasing Keyshawn Johnson and are the type of team to take on big egos. I like the fit and I think Owens would do well in Dallas. There has been some rumor that my Denver Broncos are interested but since Shanahan usually gets what he wants when he wants it this deal isn't going to happen. I'm personally a fan of T.O. because the man is an amazing receiver and he would help the Broncos offense a lot but I can accept that its not the right fit for the team. Just as long as T.O. does not go to the Kansas City Chiefs, another division rival of the Broncos. They are being unsuccessful just fine with Eddie "I'm a quitter" Kennison.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its Madness Time!

Its no secret that basketball is not my favorite sport but I can't help but get into the brackets and match ups for the NCAA tournament. With so many games in such a little time period it is exciting to see a whole season play out in a couple of weeks. I also like to see if you have what it takes to get the champion right. I'm no expert by a long shot but I did do a little bit of homework before selecting my final 4. They are Duke, UConn, UCLA and Boston College with Duke winning it all. Nothing fancy but hey they are my picks.

Looks like I was very wrong. Congrats to Florida for winning.

updated 4.3.06

Veronica Mars 2.21 Spoilers

This episode will air on May 2, 2006.

Its time for the Aaron Echolls trial and it appears to take up quite a bit of the episode. Veronica, Keith and Logan all testify against Aaron. Meanwhile, a young mother approaches sheriff Lamb and Deputy Sachs to tell them that her young sons have some eye witness information about a PCHer that was killed. It seems as if another PCHer besides Felix was murdered, most likely Thumper.

Keith believes he has enough evidence to arrest Woody but Lamb thinks Keith is trying to make him look bad. Lucky the janitor brings a gun to school and is looking for Gia.

Updated 4.14.06

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Next Bachelor?

Despite the failure of this year's Bachelor romance between Travis and Sarah, there are indications that ABC is planning another round of the Bachelor. While it has not been officially picked up for next year, the Bachelor producers are casting a new Bachelor season and are looking for a 27-33 year old architect. It also seems like the producers enjoyed the overseas location in Paris and that they are hoping to have the next Bachelor filmed in "an exotic and tropical" location. It also looks like the next installment of the Bachelor won't be filmed until this fall and would likely show in the spring of 2007, very similar to this just completed season.

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Veronica Mars Tonight

I honor of my favorite little show coming back on air I have compiled the top 10 reasons why someone should give VM a try and watch the show tonight. This list is geared to the non viewer because anyone who is a fan of the show would be crazy not to watch tonight. Here goes. Feel free to use liberally to get more people to tune in tonight.

10. Lost is a repeat. A repeat from last year in fact. You can find something better to watch.

9. You can get the American Idol results on the internet or newspaper. No sense wasting 30 minutes for 30 seconds of information.

8. The entertainment factor of Kristin Cavallari. Veronica's hiatus lasted longer than Kristin's show. That is worth at least one laugh.

7. The female eye candy. Kristin Bell is one pretty lady. Feel free to preview Maxim before the show.

6. The male eye candy. Jason Dohring, Michael Muhney, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs, the list goes on and on.

5. You can feel smart by figuring out the mystery before us diehard fans who have been at this all season do.

4. The season 2 DVD or a season 3 are not guaranteed so watch now while you can.

3. This is the best time to start watching Veronica Mars for those who have never seen the show or recently saw the season 1 DVDs. There will be plenty of clues and the show is just getting good. The second half of the season building to the finale is always the best.

2. Nine new episodes in a row to finish out the season beginning tonight. How many of your other shows can say that?

1. Veronica is the best show on TV period and if you are not watching you are missing out.

Veronica Mars 2.19 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 18, 2006.

The episode opens with Veronica in an interrogation room. Aaron Echoll's lawyer and Cliff are there at a deposition where Veronica is describing the Aaron-Lilly sex tapes. Aaron's lawyer get a bit hostile with Veronica and asks her if she is still in touch with Duncan. Her answer is not known.

A student named Harry finds Veronica at school and asks her for help finding who ran over his dog. Veronica begins looking for a drunk in a green Barracuda but the investigation takes a turn when she discovers that Harry's younger brother Billy is involved with the PCHers.

Meanwhile, Keith's investigations lead him to find something in a yearbook. Keith also get involved in Kendall's history. Wallace asks Jackie to prom and she accepts. Jackie also want to ger a job at Java the Hut. Hector is scared people are going to die and makes a plea to Weevil. Lockers are searched at school and Veronica works on the school newspaper.

Updated 4.3.06

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Veronica Mars 2.20 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 25, 2006.

Spoilage has been updated. The last paragraph contains information that I received and suspected to be a foiler. However since the information closely matches the official episode description and I have been hearing it from multiple sources, I decided to add it. Read at your own risk!

An unnamed girl is at the doctor when she discovers that she has contracted an STD from her one and only partner. It appears now that this girl is none other than Veronica. Keith helps Woody with a woman he is seeing. Keith also investiagtes Kendall and things turn ugly. Gia thinks she is being stalked and asks Veronica for help. Veronica is still investigating the bus crash, even Weevil is a suspect. Principal Clemons cancels prom because of underage drinking problems that happened on the senior trip. However, Logan hosts an alternative prom at the penthouse. Wallace goes to the prom with Jackie and she finally gives in to Wallace's advances. Mac goes to the prom with Butters (Principal Clemons' son). The town of Neptune votes on the incorporation issue.

Now on to the rumors: Logan tells Veronica that losing Hannah was hard but not as devastating as loosing her and then asks Veronica for a second chance. Veronica fells the same way and as they are about to kiss something pulls them apart. While drunk and upset, Logan calls Kendall over to his place. Veronica stops by the next day and wants to apologize and take Logan up on his offer but she discovers that Logan does not remember that last night and Veronica sees an almost nude Kendall in Logan's suite.

Updated 4.7.06, 4.11.06

Gilmore Girls 6.20 Spoilers

This episode should air April 25, 2006.

Luke hosts a birthday party for April at the diner but when he realizes that the girls are not having much fun, Luke calls Lorelei for help. Lorelei comes to the diner and sees April again for the first time, they share a little moment. Then, Lorelei takes charge and leads the girls to the Inn but not before a stop to the beauty supply store. While at the Inn, Lorelei plans a ton of activities that all the girls would enjoy and Luke is really surprised. Lorelei even replaces the "horrid kitty cat toiletry kit" that Luke picked out with a more meaningful and fitting gift. April is really appreciative and gives Luke a big hug. Luke in turn thanks Lorelei.

Rory arrives at the hospital looking for Logan, who just had a serious accident. Logan is in the ICU but the nurses won't give Rory any information because she is not a family member but Rory does say that she is his girlfriend. After Rory gets Paris to call the doctor at the hospital, Rory learns that Logan has a collapsed lung, broken ankle, concussion and multiple contusions. Colin and Finn are the the hospital but are no help, in fact they are pretty impressed with Logan's accident. Later on Logan is out of the ICU and wakes up.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Its Veronica Mars Week!

In honor of the best show on television coming back to the air this Wednesday, we are going to have a little celebration I call Veronica Mars Week. What does this mean? Well, I'm going to put up episode spoilers each day leading up to the big day and on Wednesday I'm going to post my top 10 reasons to watch Veronica Mars. Its going to be some good times, so don't forget to check back each day.

Veronica Mars 2.18 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 11, 2006.

Veronica has a series of disturbing dreams that place her on the bus that crashed as she talks to all the kids who died. Among them are Betina (who had a relationship with Dick), Rhonda (who left the message on Michelle' s phone we saw in 2.05), Peter (a gay student), and Cervando.

Veronica finds out that she has lost the lead for the Kane scholarship to a girl named Angie. The recalculation was due to an expensive "summer at sea" course Angie took. Later we learn that Angie has been accepted to Stanford as has Veronica.

Veronica learns that Cervando and Beaver were in summer school together. In a flashback, Cervando tells the story of how he hustled Liam Fitzpatrick during a game of pool and bought some new expensive clothes. Dick ruins Cervando's new jeans and then Cervando takes it out on Beaver.

During a flashback makeout scene in the Xterra between Veronica and Logan, we meet Lucky who appears to be a janitor at Neptune High. He is friends with Logan and Dick. Later on in present time Veronica asks him how he knew Meg and her parents.

Keith goes on a series of blind dates at Java the Hut. Keith looks like he has found what he was searching for when the third lady he meets reveals that she works in a doctor's office.

Veronica and Keith learn that both Dick and Beaver has large insurance policies taken out on them 3 days after their father married Kendall.

Logan and Wallace also work together on a school project.

American Idol Final 12 Odds

Now that American Idol is down to its top 12 contestants, we can really get a feel for who is going to win the show and who we don't want standing at the end. I have dug up some odds at to see who are the favorites to win.

2-1 Chris Daughetry
4-1 Katherine McPhee
5-1 Ace Young
6-1 Mandisa
6-1 Taylor Hicks
7-1 Kellie Pickler
7-1 Paris Bennett
8-1 Lisa Tucker
10-1 Elliot Yamin
40-1 Kevin Covais
40-1 Melissa McGhee
50-1 Bucky Covington

My take on these odds: Chris is my favorite to win and I hope he wins so the 2-1 odds make me happy. However, early favorites never thrive on AI and I'm afraid Simon is going to beat Chris down. I predict he will make top 4 along with Ace, Elliot and Katherine. At 7-1 Kellie is a bit too generous and at 6-1 Taylor is too. My darkhorse is Elliot with 10-1 odds who has a good shot at making the final 4. Melissa and Bucky will be gone soon. Kevin will stick around longer than you expect but won't make the final 4. I'll update the odds and make a winners prediction once the final 4 are set.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

John Grisham's New Book

For those of you who love John Grisham books as much as I do, you know that it has been over a year now since his last release, "The Broker". So after a bit of digging, I have some good news and bad news to tell. The good news is that Grisham is currently working on a non fiction book about Ronald Williamson, who was a ex-baseball player convicted of murder and saved from the death penalty at the last minute by a group of lawyers. The bad news is that we are going to have to wait until October 5 of this year to get our hands on a copy of this latest novel. The even worse news is that after this book, Grisham is going back to writing fiction but its release won't be until February of 2008! Better read the new book slowly to make it last 16 months.