Saturday, April 29, 2006

NFL Draft

The NFL draft is about to start any second now and there is sure to be a lot of drama. The first pick has already been signed and announced by the Texans but I'll offer my predictions for the first 10 picks anyhow. Once the draft is over I'll post the real top 10 and my thoughts. The following top 10 are just my guesses.

1. Houston Texans: Mario Williams (confirmed)
2. New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush
3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young
4. New York Jets: Matt Leinart
5. Green Bay Packers: D'Brickshaw Ferugson
6. San Francisco 49ers: AJ Hawk
7. Oakland Raiders: Santonio Holmes
8. Buffalo Bills: Vernon Davis
9. Deroit Lions: Michael Huff
10. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Cutler

Here is how the actual top 10 turned out: Actually I added the 11th selection as well, you will see why in a second.

1. Houston Texans: Mario Williams
2. New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush
3. Tennessee Titans: Vince Young
4. New York Jets: D'Brickshaw Ferguson
5. Green Bay Packers: AJ Hawk
6. San Francisco 49ers: Vernon Davis
7. Oakland Raiders: Michael Huff
8. Buffalo Bills: Donte Whitner
9. Detroit Lions: Ernie Sims
10: Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinart
11. Denver Broncos: Jay Cutler

My take on the draft: For the most part I like all the picks and think that they will help their respective teams. It was a surprise that Bush did not go number one and if that fact hadn't leaked last night my top 10 would have looked a lot different and I most likely would not have guessed one selection correct. The only real surprise was how far Leinart fell, I was sure Oakland would take him if available. I had to add the pick my Broncos made at eleven. I like the pick a lot and will have Broncos fans excited for the future. Not only did the Broncos draft a future potential star QB but they also traded for WR Javon Walker. I'm glad the Broncos focused on offense in day 1 and I look for them to take a running back and someone for the defensive line on Sunday. I am also keeping my eye out for when and where some of my hometown favorites WR Jeremy Bloom and QB Justin Holland land. Bring on the 2006 season!

Friday, April 28, 2006

What About Brian Episode 5 (finale) Spoilers

Like I said in my previous post that this is actually episode 106 since ABC is skipping 104 but I'm calling it episode 5 because that is what everyone knows it as. In addition, I have spoilers available for 107 and 108 which will not be shown this season. If What About Brian gets picked up for next season we may see those 3 missing episodes but I'll go ahead and post about them in the near future anyway.

This episode will air on May 8, 2006.

Dave, Brian, Adam and Angelo are at a Girl Scout car wash. While getting Dave's minivan washed they are all in the vehicle and are looking at a video on the flip down DVD monitors. The video appears to be from last episode's birthday party but the guys are more interested in a fight that was caught on camera. Dave is concerned about the fight because it appears that it involves Deena and some other man. The guys seem to think that nobody would have a fight like that intense unless something else was going on. Meanwhile, Deena and Richard talk at the park and he apologizes for showing up to the party but he was just trying to act natural. Deena then talks about how happy she was to see Richard so she starts to forgive him.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What About Brian Episode 4 Spoilers

Please note that this actually should be episode 5 but for some reason ABC is skipping the real episode #104. I'll post the unaired episodes at a later time.

Marjorie and Adam are shopping for place settings at Crate and Barrel but they can't seem to come to agreement on anything. Dave is planning for a birthday party and is having some issues at a costume shop who then proceeds to offends a lot of people in the store. Dave asked for Barney but it is unavailable then has to take the only costume left which is a Stegosaurus named Stan. Meanwhile, Brian and Lisa are having some fun in the shower. Later on, Dave is trying to get the party ready but Deena is at the store so he has to take care of everything himself. Dave is also instant messaging with a woman named Suzanne at the same time. Then Dave has to deal with a power outage due to an inflatable bouncy that is being set up on his lawn. Deena gets home just in time to save the day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 11 Spoilers

Its win a car time on Survivor as the reward challenge splits the 6 remaining tribemates in to 2 teams. Those teams are Aras, Cirie and Shane against Courtney, Danielle and Terry. It appears that the latter group wins the first portion of the challenge. Of course it is Terry who prevails and wins the second part against the two ladies and gets to take the car home. It is assumed that Danielle and Courtney drive away with Terry in his new car for the second part of the reward, most likely some food and a chance to clean up. Aras is the one who is sent to Exile Island by Terry's choice. That leaves Cirie and Shane back at camp and it looks like Cirie does a great job at fishing and brings home a huge catch. The immunity challenge this week is another endurance one with everyone kneeling on a platform and having to hold a lever that keeps them out of the water. Terry appears to win immunity again, forcing the Casayas to pick one of them to go home. In the end its Courtney who gets the sort end of the stick. Can't wait to see how that decision develops.

Project Runway 3

Bravo has finally decided that Project Runway is a big enough hit to start producing two seasons a year now. Casting and preparations are now underway for a third season of Project Runway that is going to premiere on Wednesday, July 12th. The finale will focus on Spring Fashion Week in September instead of the usual Fall Fashion Week in February. If the show continues to be a success as the first two seasons have been, there is no doubt that we will see a season 4 sometime in the winter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gilmore Girls Pregnancy

The previews for next week's episode reveal that someone is pregnant but I just learned that it is not the person most would expect. Its not Lorelai or Rory, the one that gets pregnant is Liz.

Also in next week's Gilmore Girls episode Emily will get LASIK surgery on her eyes and Lorelai will help drive Emily around. Sookie and Jackson find out someone planted marijuana on their land and they have to get rid of it. Rory deals with Mitchum and some things he said about her in a newspaper article. Rory also takes care of Logan when he gets out of the hospital.

Tuesday is Veronica Mars Day

This is your weekly reminder to watch Veronica Mars tonight. Last week's ratings were around the 2 million mark again but VM was preempted in New York City and Philadelphia last week so what can you expect? I also want to point out that a repeat of Veronica Mars will NOT be shown on Wednesdays anymore so if you want to see tonight's new episode I suggest you plan to watch or tape it tonight.

Tonight we are going to have our alternative prom, Veronica learns she has an STD, Veronica helps Gia with her stalker problem and Keith helps Woody with an affair. This episode should be a great one and there should be lots of Logan tonight.

Monday, April 24, 2006

What About Brian Episode 3 Spoilers

I realize that this episode is airing tonight but it took me a while to catch up on things. I'll try to get to some more episodes from this show posted later on this week!

The episode will air on April 24, 2006.

Its moving day as Marjorie and Adam are moving in together. They both get caught at a store trying to "borrow" some boxes for their move. Marjorie has some problems with her movers and is worried about what is going to happen to her stuff that is sitting in the street if they don't come. Adam calls Brian to help Marjorie but Dave and Adam end up helping as well. Later on Marjorie confronts Adam about his night with Lisa. Brian also fixes the broken down moving truck. After all the moving is completed and everyone has left, Brian and Marjorie have a moment but nothing comes out of it, they can just both feel the feelings between them.

Adam is also working very hard to make partner. Adam's nemesis, Piedmont suggests that they work together on the big Bowers case. Adam refuses and ends up meeting D.B. Bowers and they get to talking and bond over Adam's mishaps but D.B. tries to talk Adam out of marriage and convinces him to slow things down.

Meanwhile, Brian and Dave are having a meeting about their gaming company and Dave is trying to get Brian's mind off of the ladies. In the end, the meeting does go well but Dave and Brian anxiously await a phone call all day. They end up not getting the phone call and over analyze the reasons for their failure.

Deena is trying to get Larissa to go to the park and makes a deal with her. But before leaving Larissa throws up on Deena. After making Larissa feel better, Deena goes to the park with the kids to have another meeting with Richard but they end up missing eachother by seconds. Later on Deena and Nicole talk about children and how each has the better luck and situation. After her talk with Nicole, Denna ignores a call from Richard and instead focuses on Dave.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

America's Next Top Model 6 Spoilers

I found some little tid bits of information to share with you all regarding this current cycle of America's Next Top Model. Enjoy!

1. The girls will be traveling to Thailand in the 4.26.06 episode.

2. While in Thailand one of the girls goes to the emergency room.

3. Furonda does not stick around for very much longer.

4. Danielle and Sara make it far.

5. One of the final 2 will likely be Joanie.