Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rescue Me 4.06 Spoilers

This episode should air sometime in July, 2007.

Teddy is still at the rehab place participating in a group session takes out his flask of alcohol and takes a swig. The group leader says that's not allowed in a drug rehab facility. Teddy explains that its not drugs he's doing at the moment so he should be allowed to do as he pleases. The leader isn't buying it when she explain that alcohol is considered a drug.

Sean seems to be staying at Mike's mothers house when he knocks on Mike's room one night. Apparently they are coming up with nicknames for each other and Sean has a good idea. Mike is hesitant to answer the door and seems to be hiding something.

Sean and Mike talk about Maggie and her problems. Sean suggests that Maggie needs professional help but Mike says that she needs to want to do it on her own. Either way Sean says he's not up for hanging out with the guys that night. Sean and Mike depart at the same time but Sean ends up driving back for some reason.

Lou is at a bar in some kind of photo booth taking drunken goofy pictures. He hands the photo strip to the bartender who then puts them on the wall along with the collection of other photo strips. Then Lou notices that Theresa has a strip up with some other dude. Lou snatches Teresa's strip and exits the bar.

Franco and Natalie are engaged but haven't set a wedding date yet. However that does not stop Franco from having a bachelor party planned. Natalie is asking him to cancel the party and take care of something before they can get married.

Teddy is at a tattoo parlor getting "Jane" tattooed on his arm. The tattoo guy is about half way finished when Teddy explains he busted out of rehab and has been on a bender ever since. Once the tattoo guy figures out Teddy doesn't have any money left he stops with the inking.

Friday, April 06, 2007

CBS Spring 2007 Finale Dates

Adding one more network to the list! Once ABC releases theirs I will make a compiled list.

May 3 (Thursday): Shark
May 6 (Sunday): Amazing Race, Cold Case
May 8 (Tuesday): The Unit
May 9 (Wednesday): Jericho
May 10 (Thursday): Without a Trace
May 11 (Friday): Close to Home, Ghost Whisperer
May 13 (Sunday): Survivor Fiji
May 14 (Monday): HIMYM, 2 1/2 Men, King of Queens, CSI: Miami
May 16 (Wednesday): Criminal Minds, CSI: NY
May 17 (Thursday): CSI
May 18 (Friday): Numb3rs
May 22 (Tuesday): NCIS

One Tree Hill 3.17 Spoilers

This episode will air on May 9, 2007.

Mouth and Rachel end up on a road trip together, as both are eager to skip town. The rest of the group hits the road to catch up with the missing duo. There is a good chance Lucas and Peyton share their first time together. Brooke tells Haley the truth about the calculus test. Nathan continues to deal with the aftermath of his past affair with Brooke but also share some good moments with Haley.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rescue Me 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air June, 2007.

Teddy is checked in to the rehab facility and is in his first group meeting. When it comes to his turn he explain his time in prison and how he got out. After a few minutes the group leader asks exactly what Teddy needs rehab from and he explains its that he needs to adjust to living outside of prison and is enjoying it there.

Teddy then goes on some sort of day trip to get his hair cut. Something has pissed off Teddy while there and he starts making a scene. The barber calls the rehab place to plead for them to come pick up Teddy. This angers Teddy even more as he threatens to drink some hair dye and shave his own ass.

Teddy also has a conversation to a random guy the bar about how wonderful prison is. Teddy doesn't recommend killing anyone but if there is something non violent ever comes up its not a bad deal to go to the big house for a while. Then he talks to a woman at the bar about his prison experiences. The woman is really digging Teddy and he asks her back to his rehab room. The woman follows Teddy back to his place and then explains she would like to teach him about Jesus. Teddy is disappointed since he was expecting a blow job.

Franco and lou are talking to a guy named Bartholomew who is a new probie who it seems like they really want to join. Bartholomew has a few requests to make, including that he wants to be called by his name and not the standard "probie". Also he needs a prayer space since he is Muslim. Lou and Franco agree that they can likely accommodate those needs. But its going to be difficult to land Bartholomew since he had been talking to 6 other engines with good offers on the table.

Survivor Fiji: Episode 8 Spoilers

More of the same on Survivor this week. Moto will win the reward challenge where they have to learn a tribal Fijian dance and perform it for the locals. Lisi will be sent to exile again. The immunity challenge is won by Moto as well. The challenge looks to be something involving blow darts and targets. It will be no surprise that Lisi gets the boot this week. The only question is weather or not Edgardo and Mookie find the hidden immunity idol at camp Ravu.