Thursday, November 16, 2006

What About Brian 2.11

This episode should air early 2007.

Adam and Heather are talking to a cop about what appears to be a burglary at Adam's house. Heather says that she thinks a guy named Schmitty who is upset she quit being a dancer becuase they found a dollar shaped like an "S" at the crime scene and that what he used to give Heather at the club. Adam is upset about his missing TV and does nto want to hear any more details about Heather's job. The cop says he'll do what he can but isn't optimistic that Adam's TV will be found.

Nicole and Brian are talking at her house, apparently Brian is finally happy. Nicole gets ready to go to the store while Brian watches the baby girl named Bella. While Nicole is at the store she spots a couple that is about her age and who are clearly heading back home for a romntic evening. The cashier makes some comment to Nicole about her looking like a wreck and Nicole heads home. Back at the house Brian is trying to calm down a fussy Bella and a pacifier does the trick, Brian says that its his special trick.

Dave and Deena are at home with the girls who are painitng works of art. Geneva mentions something that she heard Roxanne say and Deena isn't to pleased to hear that.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road Rules Returns!

After a very lentghy hiatus of a few years, MTV is bringing back Road Rules. the 14th season is set to begin filming in January. The catch is the producers are asking fans on which are your fan favorites and 6 will be chosen to fill up the RV. Speculation is that there will still be a vote off element and the replacement cast members will be new faces. No word yet on the locale of this adventure.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 10 Spoilers

This is the week when all the twists finally come together. There will be a double boot which will set up a merge in the following episode. The message in a bottle twist was not revealed last week but will certainly be addressed this week. Speculation has it that the contents of the bottle have something to do with two people from the same tribe going home although the survivors do not learn this until tribal council. Actually the tribe will not learn this until the first person has been voted out, thus creating a super quickie vote for the second elimination.

As for the reward challenge, the winning tribe will be Aitu who gets carried off to some luxury prize literally being carried by the natives. The exilee will be from the Raro tribe and it looks to be either Jonathan or Candice again chosen by Aitu.

The immunity challenge is another water obstacle type challenge in which Aitu wins. Raro goes to tribal council and appears to vote off two ladies, Rebecca and Jenny.

Mentioning a couple things that might not be addressed in this episode, the tribes will merge on the Raro camp. There is evidence suggesting that the 4 pack of Aitu may hold together to become the final 4. And there is even a hint that the final 3 will face the jury and be eligible to win the million. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Veronica Mars 3.07

Here is the opening scene to 3.07, titled "Of Vice and Men".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The OC 4.11 Spoilers

This episode should air in early 2007.

Kaitlin is at school getting close to a guy named Will when a girl from the marching band named Lucy spots them and invites Will to the band's bake sale. Once Will left to go to class, Lucy tells Kaitlin not to come to the base sale or else Lucy will beat her up. Later on Kaitlin finds Lucy in the bathroom crying and asks Lucy if she is upset because Will does not like her. Lucy says that she has liked Will for a long time but that what's upsetting her is the fact that Kaitlin does not appreciate Will and because of that Will is changing. Kaitlin acts like she has no idea what Lucy is talking about but as she exits the bathroom she is clearly affected.

Taylor is in a bookstore when the owner named Bernice finds a guy (Ryan?) who has climbed the shelves and unexpectedly sings Taylor a love song. Taylor is very moved and appreciative.

Julie and Kirsten approach a woman named Jessica who has been a client of their operation. Kirsten regretfully informs Jessica that one of their males had some sort of STD. Jessica is mortified and upset but threatens to get a lawyer. Kirsten reminds Jessica that the press from this would be bad for both of them. Jessica walks away angry.