Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 10

Since we are in the end game stage in the Big Brother season things moved quickly in the house and most of the action was saved for the live show. Here is a recap of what went down.

Janelle chose to evict Will over Erika because she finally compared notes with Erika and realized that Will would never take her to the finals. Then the three part HOH began. Boogie chose to leave the endurance competition right away and this startled Janelle enough for her to take her hand off the key. Erika thus won part 1. Part 2 was a timed event and Boogie best Janelle's time by half largely due to his upper body strength. Then it was a Q&A for part 3 where Boogie beat Erika by several questions. Boogie chose to eliminate Janelle because she is too great of a competitor and has a lot of friends on the jury. Boogie and Erika are the final 2.

Spoilers for this game are non existent at this point but I can offer you what's going on in the house. It looks like Erika wants to continue the showmance and Boogie is engaging but trying to keep his distance.

On Saturday the jury addressed their questions and comments to the final two. Its hard to determine who will get the most votes from the jury because both Boogie and Erika got some harsh questions. Erika in particular is upset at Janelle's behavior.

Right now its a toss up as to who will get the $500k from the jury. I personally think Boogie will win it because he did play the game the best and there seemed to be some hostility toward Erika from the jury. Also, Erika has gotten quite full of herself these past few days and claims that she got rid of the strongest player in the house (Will) on her own and orchastrated everyone's eviction as well. Erika also goes on to say that she would have "smoked" Janelle in the finals and that Janelle only won the competitions that were thrown to her. Boogie got quite irritated with all of this and had the final straw when Erika said that Will was the brains behind Chill Town. Boogie removed himself from the situation before they got into a fight but clearly the showmance is over.

Friday, September 08, 2006

7th Heaven 11.06 and 11.07 Spoilers

These episodes should air in November.


Kevin is explaining to a woman named Jane that he is apprehensive about going home because Annie is upset that Eric did not go to his doctor's appointment.

Eric is at a Vet's office with David and his hamster. Eric thinks that if the hamster lives that it means it is a good sign about his own health. The doctor comes out and tells Eric and David that the hamster will be just fine. Eric begins to celebrate and gets a strange look from the doctor. The doctor explains that the hamster had some toxic bedding and that caused a heart problem. The vet tanks Eric for brining the hamster in right away before the problems got too severe. This makes Eric think about his own skipped doctor's appointment. Eric takes all this as a strong sign that he will be fine and does not mind paying the sky high vet bill and he even chips in money for the humane society fund.


Lucy is at the church when Ruthie calls asking Lucy to help her convince mom and dad to not make her come home. Lucy says no but Ruthie goes on to explain how much she enjoys being away from home and she wants to do something different than all the other kids did. Lucy says that Ruthie should be grateful for what she has and then Ruthie tells Lucy that she should do her job and help people, namely her. Lucy gets upset and tells Ruthie that there is a good reason why mom and dad are begging her to come home. Just then Ruthie's phone dies before she can get any details. Ruthie's friend at school tries to reassure her and says when his parents has big news it was that they were getting divorced. Ruthie knows that's not what the big news is and gets really worried. Ruthie then proceeds to call Matt, Mary and Simon but none of them answer the phone.

Kevin is talking to Jane, who wants to divorce her husband. Kevin asks her why she fell out of love and Jane says that people don't get married for love anymore and that it has been only three weeks since she got married.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Calling everyone with Verizon!

I need a favor! You all have probably seen my tribute to Ryan Star posted last week and I was really bummed that he was eliminated last week. But I heard that he may be coming back for an encore on next week's Rockstar: Supernova finale if the fans vote for him to win. I personally would love that and I know you all want to keep your spoiler queen happy.

Here is what to do: If you have Verizon then text the word CRAVE to 8917. When you get a reply back asking who you vote for then reply back with RYAN. I promise it does not cost anything additional than what you would pay for a regular text message. Please ask anyone you know if they have a Verizon phone to do it too.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then check my posts from last week and see this guy's amazing talent. When I get passionate about something I fight for it and this is no exception. Help me accomplish this and we'll get back to spoiling and the fall premieres in no time!

Thanks a million!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NFL Regular Season Win Lines

In honor of the NFL season beginnning TOMORROW I thought post the odds for regular season wins courtesy of pinnacol sports and my thoughts following. Note that all numbers are regular season wins.

ARZ 8 ATL 8.5
BAL 7.5 BUF 6.5
CAR 10 CHI 9.5
CIN 8.5 CLE 6.5
DAL 9.5 DEN 10
DET 6.5 GB 6.5
HOU 5.5 IND 11.5
JAX 9.5 KC 9.5
NE 10.5 NO 7
NYG 8.5 NYJ 6
OAK 6 PHI 8.5
PIT 9.5 SD 9
SEA 10.5 SF 5
STL 7 TB 8.5
TEN 5.5 WAS 9

My take: Most numbers are right on and could go either way. Some high ones I think are New England at 10.5, Kansas City at 9.5 and Indianapolis at 11.5. I think all 3 are going to be good teams but they will have to play very well to reach these goals. Buffalo at 6.5 and Baltimore at 7.5 look too high to me as well. As far as those teams who are undervalued are Tampa Bay and Cincinnati at only 8.5. Then of course there is the Broncos who have one of the highest lines at 10 but I still think they will win more than that.

Enjoy the first day of football! Its a holiday! Celebrate!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The OC 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in December

Julie wakes up in bed with a young attractive personal trainer in her bed. She tells him to get out before Kaitlin finds him there. The trainer sneaks downstairs and tries to make a run for it but Kaitlin notices him and inquires about the sex. The trainer tries to deny it but kaitlin tells him she does not care and if her mother is involved in other things then Kaitlin can do what she wants.

Later on Kaitlin has a session with her tennis instructor named Marcus and argues with him on how to hold the ball. Kaitlin says that she will cooperate only if Marcus agrees to go out with her. Marcus declines because she is too young. Kaitlin says that she needs some incentive to try hard and then proceeds to serve the ball horribly. Just then Julie approaches and notices how attractive Marcus is. Julie introduces herself to Marcus and Kaitlin can tell what she is up to.

Summer, Che and Amber release caged bunnies from the science lab. Later on Amber has a meeting with the school deans at Brown for freeing the bunnies. Amber says it was for a good cause but won't say who she was working with.