Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rescue Me 4.02 Spoilers

This episode should air in June, 2007.

A waitress overhears Tommy talking to Eddie about his resolved impotency issues while at a restaurant. Eddie then says he is off to phone Shelia.

Jerry is at the doctor undergoing some fitness tests, which appear to be going well. Once he is finished Jerry anxiously asks about the results in hopes to be cleared to go back to work at the fire station. The doctor tells him that they will know for sure once all the test results come back. Jerry also talks about his son who is getting married but isn't too sure about the bride.

The crew is playing basketball on their newly built court at the station.

Mike is talking to Dr.Sheldon about his mom's cancer. Mike is pretty positive that she is going to win the battle and recover. But the doctor isn't so optimistic since she has pretty progressive stomach cancer and there is a choice to either do another surgery or more radiation. Later on Mike talks to his mom and apparently her dying wish is to see Mike meet a girl. Then Mike goes the the drug store to buy some painkillers and asks the clerk advice on which ones are the most potent.

Sean and Maggie are having breakfast together as Maggie casually throws some of her porn away.

Lou and Franco are talking to a guy named Richie and a new probie about something that costs 4 grand and what they are having for dinner that night. Later on Lou is at the FDNY headquarters and is apparently shopping for new probies. Lou gets into an altercation with another Lieutenant who wants a big strong looking black kid. Lou backs off when the Lieutenant threatens to expose all of Lou and Tommy's skeletons.

Tommy is having a meeting with insurance people who want to know what happened the night of the fire. Tommy is uncomfortable telling the facts but is finally ready to tell the truth. Tommy anxiously asks the woman in the room to leave before telling his story.

Tommy and Eddie are awaiting the results of Teddy's trial, it has been given to the jury. Later on Teddy climbs out of some window and falls on to a file of trash, looks like he is running away from somewhere. But then we also learn that the jury has apparently acquitted Teddy and he is no longer in custody. Teddy reunites with Ellie in the car with Tommy and Eddie. Then they all head to a diner where Teddy confronts Ellie about he taste for men in the slammer. He asks her to leave him now if she wants to move on to a new guy in the big house. Ellie says that Teddy has changed her and she is happy with him.

Tommy goes to a liquor store to buy a bottle of Johnny Walker for Luis but is taken aback by all the liquor for sale. Tommy gets a call from someone names Nona who wants to see him. Tommy explains he is currently looking or a female. Then Tommy goes to visit Johnny's old partner Luis, as Luis reminisces.

Franco is out with Richie at a jewelry store. Richie proceeds to piss off everyone in the store by using a slew of racial slurs again. Franco tries to make amends as Richie apologizes that he just wants a very expensive ring he liked. Franco tells him that he can't afford that ring but also spots a ring he thinks Natalie would like, problem is it is expensive too.

Friday, February 02, 2007

One Tree Hill Upcoming Spoilers

Finally some episodic spoilers on One Tree Hill! I know they are a little few and far between but feast away below:

In 4.13 the group will be paired up for a school assignment that will give new insight into the characters. The pairs are Chase & Brooke, Glenda & Lucas, Nathan & Peyton, Rachel & Bevin, Skills & Haley. Haley will also feel the baby move as Nathan worried about being a father.

In 4.14 everyone will learn that when Peyton and Nathan were together that he hooked up with Brooke. There will be evidence on a video tape that gets seen my mistake, the tape is supposed to have some basketball footage of Nathan. Brooke's excuse is that she was drunk and thought it never happened.

In 4.15 it is the prom episode. Peyton gets very angry at Brooke over the tape with Nathan and calls her a hypocrite because the way Brooke has treated her with the Lucas situation. Peyton gets so angry at Brooke that she hits her. Lucas and Peyton get close to going all the way but don't. Haley gets very upset at Nathan over something, not sure if it the Brooke situation or not.

In 4.16 it sounds like Nathan and Haley are broken up. Peyton and Lucas take Nathan out of town to get his mind off of things while a large storm is set to hit town. They end up crashing another school's prom. Peyton and Lucas might finally have their "moment" in a motel room.

In 4.17 Supposedly Chris Keller returns to Tree Hill in this episode. Brooke and Peyton being to work on mending their friendship.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

What About Brian 2.17 Spoilers

This episode should air spring 2007.

Not too much is known about this episode but there is a little info so I'll include it. Natasha walks into a meeting of executives at KC Gaming and notices they are telling a joke in German. Natasha responds to the joke speaking in German as well as the men in suits take notice.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.14 Spoilers

This episode will air February 11, 2007.

Gabby is having dinner with a man named Luke who is Zach's lawyer. During the meal Luke receives a message from Zach in the form of a letter telling him to stay away from Gabby. Luke decides to comply once Gabby puts the moves on him.

Orson is at the hospital with Bree. The doctor says that Bree suffered some injuries from her fall but should be fine after one night's stay. Orson and Andrew leave the room as Andrew confronts Orson and asks if he had anything to do with Bree's fall. Orson swears he did not but Andrew threatens to go back to his old ways if he finds out Orson had anything to hide. Andrew then tells the nurses to keep an eye on Orson when he is alone with Bree.

Mike goes to a hypnotist in order to help him regain some lost memories, specifically about Monique. Things don't seem to be working well, at least initially. Mike then later goes over to the Hodge house to find Orson. Danielle tells him that Orson is at the hospital.

Susan is at Jane's funeral and over hears two women talking about Ian's new found single hood. Both of the women are interested in perusing Ian. They finally notice Susan who says she couldn't help but hear but says that this isn't the best time to discuss Ian's love life. The women say they just want Ian to be happy and ask Susan who she is. Susan just says she is a friend of Ian's but then changes her mind and admits to seeing Ian for a while. The women are appalled and accuse Susan for stealing a married man while they were properly waiting for Jane to die. Then the service begins but one of the women, Lynn, stands up and outs Susan and Ian's relationship. Susan becomes very upset and leaves, Ian follows.

3 EMTs see someone fall out of the trees at the hospital.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Winner of Top Chef 2 Revealed

Word is out that the winner of Top Chef had been revealed by Food & Wine's web team a couple days before the finale airs. In a move that was inspired by CBS' cat out of the bag stunts, we now know who wins Top Chef 2. If you don't want to know, stop reading now. The winner is none other than Ilan who not surprisingly is going to beat our Marcel. The real mystery to me is why Sam wasn't chosen to be a finalist?

On the Lot is Coming

I'd like to take this time to let you know about a very interesting reality show coming up soon on FOX called On the Lot. This is going to be another Mark Burnett produced show and it also involves Stephen Spielberg. The basic premise is that 16 upcoming and aspiring filmmakers will compete in real time (ala American Idol or Rockstar) with a weekly competition show and results show. The 16 contestants will be broken into groups of 4 to begin and will produce a film each week in a chosen genre. America will vote and an expert panel will assist in the eliminations. Here is to hoping this show will be more like Project Runway than America's Got Talent. With Burnett behind the project I have faith that this show will showcase these filmmaker's talents well and become a very interesting show. This series should start airing sometime in May.

Anyway, the website for this show is up and you can check out all types of films from those submitting applications to be cast on the show. One incredibly talented director I know, Randy Slavin, has submitted his film and is in strong consideration to be cast on the Lot. Watch this short 5 minute film if you get the chance and don't forget to rate it.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

RW/RR Inferno 3 Winners

The next edition of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge has taken a back seat to the new season of Road Rules. However this season has been in the can for quite sometime now and I can share the outcome with you. The date for when this show will being airing has not been announced but my guess is sometime after Real World Denver concludes its series since there are Denver cast members on the Inferno 3. Spoilers below are very detailed so you have been warned!

This is the Inferno game so the teams will be split up into Good Guys and Bad Asses again. The Good Guys are Ace, Alton, Cara, Colie, Davis, John, (Key West), Rachel (Austin), Paula, Susie and Timmy. The Bad Asses are Abram, Aneesa, CT, Danny (Austin), Evelyn, Jenn, Janelle, Kenny, Tonya and Tyrie.

As for spoilers, CT will get kicked off for punching someone although I do not know who. He will be replaced with Derrick. There will be 6 Good Guys and 7 Bad Asses left in the finals (those bolded in the list above). Word is the Bad Asses pull off the win. Its beyond me why so many cast members are in the final Inferno but thats the spoilers so I just report them! Pretty much everyone but the people from Real World Denver are in the finals.