Monday, January 29, 2007

RW/RR Inferno 3 Winners

The next edition of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge has taken a back seat to the new season of Road Rules. However this season has been in the can for quite sometime now and I can share the outcome with you. The date for when this show will being airing has not been announced but my guess is sometime after Real World Denver concludes its series since there are Denver cast members on the Inferno 3. Spoilers below are very detailed so you have been warned!

This is the Inferno game so the teams will be split up into Good Guys and Bad Asses again. The Good Guys are Ace, Alton, Cara, Colie, Davis, John, (Key West), Rachel (Austin), Paula, Susie and Timmy. The Bad Asses are Abram, Aneesa, CT, Danny (Austin), Evelyn, Jenn, Janelle, Kenny, Tonya and Tyrie.

As for spoilers, CT will get kicked off for punching someone although I do not know who. He will be replaced with Derrick. There will be 6 Good Guys and 7 Bad Asses left in the finals (those bolded in the list above). Word is the Bad Asses pull off the win. Its beyond me why so many cast members are in the final Inferno but thats the spoilers so I just report them! Pretty much everyone but the people from Real World Denver are in the finals.