Saturday, March 04, 2006

AFC Odds to win Super Bowl XLI

Continuing from my previous post, here are the Super Bowl odds from for the AFC.

9-2 Indianapolis Colts
5-1 New England Patriots
8-1 Pittsburgh Steelers
10-1 San Diego Chargers
12-1 Denver Broncos
18-1 Kansas City Chiefs
20-1 Cincinnati Bengals
22-1 Miami Dolphins
30-1 Jacksonville Jaguars
35-1 Baltimore Ravens
50-1 Oakland Raiders
90-1 Cleveland Browns
90-1 New York Jets
100-1 Buffalo Bills
100-1 Houston Texans
100-1 Tennessee Titans

My take on these odds: I'm offended that San Diego has a better shot at the Super Bowl than the Broncos. 10-1 is a bit generous for a team that should go with an inexperienced QB. New England and Indianapolis are more favored than they should be. I like Miami to improve in 2006 but odds at 22-1 is insane. Its hilarious that Buffalo and Tennessee have fallen to the same level as Houston but I see those odds moving lower as the season approaches. My pick of the AFC is a great bet at 30-1 on Jacksonville. They were a player away from serious contention last season and these odds are great.

NFC Odds to win Super Bowl XLI

What a better way to hold us over until the 2006 season of the NFL than to take a peek at the odds to win Super Bowl XLI. Here are the current NFC odds on AFC odds following in next post.

10-1 Seattle Seahawks
13-1 Carolina Panthers
18-1 Chicago Bears
18-1 Washington Redskins
20-1 Dallas Cowboys
20-1 New York Giants
28-1 Philadelphia Eagles
30-1 Atlanta Falcons
30-1 Minnesota Vikings
30-1 Tampa Bay Bucs
55-1 Arizona Cardinals
55-1 Green Bay Packers
55-1 St. Louis Rams
90-1 Detroit Lions
100-1 New Orleans Saints
175-1 San Francisco 49ers

My take on these odds: Comparatively to the AFC, the NFC isn't expected to do much. Seattle is the lowest at 10-1 and will find a tough time making it back to the Super Bowl. Its hard to imagine New Orleans having a better shot than any team making it to the big game and I expect San Francisco to improve. These teams should switch places by the start of the season. Minnesota is a bit generous at 30-1 as they are clearly not on the same level as Atlanta and Tampa Bay. My pick of this bunch is Tampa Bay with odds at 30-1. They were a division winner in 2005 and should improve to make a serious shot at the Super Bowl, these odds are terrific.

Friday, March 03, 2006

7th Heaven Series Finale Spoilers

Spoilers are already available for the finale (episode 21 & 22) of 7th Heaven.

Rose's family is in town for the wedding. Rose has revealed that she may be pregnant but her family is skeptical of the wedding and supposed pregnancy. The rehearsal dinner is at the Hotel and it is revealed that Simon and Rose changed their wedding plans to accommodate Matt graduating from medical school.

Later on we learn that Simon and Rose did not go through with the wedding but there still is a celebration in the backyard. Rose is dancing with Umberto and Simon seems to think that they make a nice couple. Matt reveals that him and Sarah are expecting twins, Lucy chimes in that her and Kevin are expecting twin boys as well, and then Carlos divulges that him and Mary have reconciled and they are having twin girls. Meanwhile, a Scottish boy Paul is romancing Ruthie. Sandy and the baby also appear.

This just in: Jessica Biel will make an appearance in the finale! Perhaps to deliver the good news herself. I'm so glad to hear that Jessica has decided to come back one more time. It is a nice way to say thank you to the fans.

Updated 4.5.06

7th Heaven Episode 17-20 Spoilers

Episode 17 will air on April 3, 2006 when 7th Heaven returns from hiatus.

Ruthie finally gets her cell phone and now she has a windfall of boys trying to reach her. Mac wants to call her as well as new guys named Benjamin and Sam. In the end it is Peter that Ruthie wants to talk to. Eric and Annie have fun with their new phones too. Rose's ex boyfriend Umberto comes to visit her and Simon. Umberto is the complete opposite of Simon and admits that he still has feelings for Rose. Meanwhile Simon has secretive phone conversations with Victoria. Peter and his father Vic also make an appearance.

Episode 18 will air on April 10, 2006.

When the family learns that Matt and Sarah's graduation from medical school is set for the same day as Simon and Rose's wedding, Kevin tries to talk the happy couple in to changing their wedding date. Annie sees this as an opportunity to get the wedding cancelled for good. Rose tries to get on the family's good side. Ruthie asks to go to Scotland to be an exchange student but Eric knows the real reason is that Ruthie wants to be with Peter.

Episode 19 will air on April 17, 2006.

The twins devise a plan to get each family member to share a secret with them. The plan works but also backfires when everyone learns of these secrets and gets them all confused. It appears that Ruthie has the best secret out of everyone. Annie and Rose try to bond but Ruthie and Lucy don't approve.

Episode 20 will air on April 24, 2006.

Annie tries to purchase a building for the teen mothers project but becomes upset and puts a curse on the men who own the building. She also is upset because she just found out that Matt and Sarah eloped before they had their wedding. In the end, the misunderstanding about the curse is cleared up and the man decides to give Annie and Lucy the building for free. Lucy finds out that Simon has been taking incompletes in school because he is working too much to pay off Rose's ring. She offers to give Simon their wedding present early so they can start off their marriage debt free. Kevin loses his wedding ring and Lucy accidentally vacuums it up.

Updated 4.1.06

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Survivor Panama Final 4 Spoiler

Speculation is that the final 4 on survivor Panama have already been discovered courtesy of Those 4 would be Cirie, Danielle, Aras and Terry. Specifically, Cirie and Danielle are in a tie at the final 4 tribal council, they are both asked to make a fire and Cirie loses the challenge. Furthermore, it is speculated that Danielle and Aras make it to the final 2 with Aras winning the prize. Additionally, Bruce and Courtney make it to the jury.

Now that another online betting site scandal has been revealed it is looking more likley that Danielle wins the prize. Everything else previously state remains the same.

Updated 4.12.06

More Bachelor Rumors

The rumor mill just keep turning out gossip about Bachelor Travis and his chosen lady Sarah. Today it has been reported that Sarah has been spotted on several occasions around Nashville with a new man, Matt Lauderdale a friend of Tennessee Titan Drew Bennett. Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Travis has refused any media requests and has declined to make the usual post bachelor talk show rounds. At this point it is very unlikely that all of this talk means nothing.

Veronica Mars 2.14 Spoilers

Its no secret that Veronica Mars is my favorite show and if you have not seen it, starting March 15 when the new episodes return would be a great time to give the show a try. UPN has the opening scene of this episode up on their webpage. Its only 3 and a half minutes but it should be enough to last us 2 weeks until the new episode airs.

Now on to the spoilers for this episode. Kristin Cavalari from Laguna Beach stars as Kylie, a gay cheerleader who is being blackmailed. When Kylie outs herself on the school's news program Veronica knows that there is much more to the story than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Keith helps Terrence Cook clear his name by proving that he could not have triggered the bus crash with his cell phone. Keith goes to a casino to investigate. Logan continues to romance Hannah. Veronica also investigates a serial pizza boy mugger.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 5 Spoilers

Each week I hope to bring you all a synopsis of the Survivor spoilers for upcoming epiosde. Today I can share with you all the goodies I learned about this Thursday's Survivor.

The reward challenge looks to have somthing to do with raw fish and the prize will be a bucket of booze at the very least. La Mina appears to win the challenge and they send Shane to exile. Nick and Austin get drunk on the booze and get sick but still manage to get a win for their trible at the immunity challenge which involves diving for cofins at the bottom of the ocean. Speculation is that Bobby gets the boot as the Casaya alliance hold together for one more day.

Long range Survivor spoilers will be posted shortly.

Bachelor Travis and Sarah Split?

Only small pieces of the story are leaking out in the Nashville media but they are pointing to signs that Travis and Sarah are no longer together. Of course nobody is commenting on the story but Travis and Sarah have requested the media to stay away from them and thier friends and family. Does anyone else find it odd that there is not going to be an "After the Final Rose" special where we get to see the new couple reunited and public for the first time? Where there is smoke there is usually fire... And now this story is getting some national media attention. Hmm...

Real World 18

Can you believe that the Real World Key West is already the 17th season of this series? I'll admit that I still watch it because it is a guilty pleasure and I have to pay respect to one of the original reality TV shows.

That being said, the locations of the Real World are just about as interesting to me as the people on the show. I love how this reality TV franchise changes locations each season and we get to learn more about a bunch of different cities. I wish the show would focus more on the culture and feel of each city.

I have uncovered some rumors that the next season of the Real World will be filmed in Detroit and has the group working on Super Bowl XL. I really hope this rumor turns out to be true because the Super Bowl would actually be an interesting job for the cast to have and I would really look forward to watching it. However another tidbit I read states that the next season will not be filmed until April-June of this year and this would falsify the Super Bowl rumor.

Some other mentioned cities for the Real World are Atlanta and Washington DC. Although there is not nearly as much information floating around about these locations as Detroit. We'll just have to wait and see what materializes.

Updated 4.10.06

In a surprising turn of events, MTV announced today that the 18th season of the Real World will be filmed in Denver. I'm not sure what happened to Detroit but I'll let you know if I come across anything. Further updates on this topic will be brought to the front page.

Rescue Me 3.01 Spoilers

For those of you who have not forgotten about this wonderful show on FX, I have come across some early Rescue Me spoilers courtesy of No air date has been released but we can use these tidbits to hold us over until June.

Tommy is still dealing with his son's death and gets involved with his godson Damian. Janet will hook up with Tommy's brother Johnny. Lou finds comfort with alcohol to get over Candy and the Chief looks into placing his wife in a nursing home.

Looks like another great season of Rescue Me. Is it summer yet?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

NFL Returns 9.7.06

Now switching over to the sports side of things, I would like to tell everyone to mark their calendars in anticipation of the return of the greatest season of sports on the planet. The NFL has announced that the first game of the season will be on Thursday, September 7th on NBC. In keeping with recent tradition, the defending Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers will host the first game to kick off the new season. Who their opponent will be has yet to be determined.

I would like to go on record as saying that I know who will be the visiting team in the first game of the year. It is highly likely that the Steelers will host my Denver Broncos on Septermber 7th. This is a rematch of the AFC championship game and Pittsburgh does not have a more attractive matchup on their home schedule. The Cincinnati Bengals would have been an option had Carson Palmer not been severely injured in their final playoff game.

Time to get out those foam fingers. Go Broncos!

Gilmore Girls 6.16 Spoilers

I'm in the process of pulling all of my spoiler information together so each show may be entered epiosde by epiosde for now. Since Gilmore Girls is airing tonight, I thought I better get the spoilers up now. Here is what I know about the epiosde.

Title: Bridesmaids Revisited

Rory learns that Logan slept with 2 women while he was on the break from Rory. Zach has a surprise for Lane, this is where (now confirmed) the proposal comes in to play. Lorelei babysits Christopher's daughter G.G. Rory and Logan attend his sister's wedding. There is a Bat Mitzvah.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Amazing Race 9 Spoilers

Let me tell you all how much I love the Amazing Race. It is one of my top 3 reality TV shows. I have been really looking forward to the start of the new season for quite some time now. One of the reasons why I am excited for the premiere tomorrow is because the race begins right in my backyard at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. This is where I had my high school grauation and I even got married in a chapel at the base of the park. I'm glad that everyone gets to see this beautiful landmark. I hope you all will tune in tomorrow night and catch the premiere of the show.

On to the spoiler portion of this post. Some of you may be interested to know the detinations of this season's Amazing Race. Thanks to the spoiling sleuths at I can share with you the projected route. The order is more or less correct but I'm pretty confident in the locations.

Episode 1: Denver to Sao Paulo, Brazil
Epsiode 2: Brazil
Epiosde 3: Moscow
Epiosde 4: Munich, Germany
Epiosde 5: Rome
Epiosde 6: Sicily
Episode 7: Greece
Episode 8: Oman (Middle East)
Epiosde 9: Perth, Australia
Episode 10: Darwin, Australia
Episode 11: Thailand
Episode 12: Japan
Episdoe 13: Alaska
Episode 14: Finish Line in Denver

There will be some locations that span a couple of epiosdes so the picture will become clearer as we get further into the season. I'll update when I'm more able to sort out how each of the episodes will play out.

I also have the odds that has placed on the team's potential for winning. I'm not sure how accurate they will be in predicting a winner but at least it should give you an idea of who are the frontrunners.

Jeremy & Eric 11-5, Ray & Yolanda 7-2, BJ & Tyler 4-1, Fran & Barry 5-1, John & Scott 6-1, Wanda & Desiree 6-1, Lake & Michelle 7-1, Danielle & Dani 7-1, Joseph & Monica 8-1, David & Lori 8-1, Lisa & Joni 10-1.

So no spoiler information is available on who is going to be eliminated in the first episode. I'm guessing that the sisters team of Joni and Lisa. I'm going mostly on the information that they do not have much travel experience, especially Joni who has never been outside of the US. We'll find out tomorrow night if I'm right or wrong. Tune in and let me know what you think of the premiere.

Updated 4.27.06

First Post

Welcome everyone to my blog! This is my first shot at trying to put my thoughts together and communicate it to the masses. It is going to be a huge learning experience for me but I hope that you all will enjoy it. Please let me know what I can do better to make this easier for you all to enjoy.

The main purpose of this blog is to share with everyone all the TV information and spoilers I uncover. Television is one of my passions and hope to share that with you all as well as my thoughts on some of my favorite shows. Another one of my passions is sports, particularly the NFL and NHL. My goal is to offer some content on these subjects as well.

I'll say this right now that my blog is intended to be a spoiler site for television. So, please don't be surprised or upset if you find spoilers here. I would also like to tell you which shows you can expect to find spoilers about. First and foremost, my favorite show is Veronica Mars and I'll be talking a lot about this show. I also follow Gilmore Girls, The OC, Desprerate Housewives, 7th Heaven and Rescue Me in addition to many other reality shows that I will cover from time to time.

I also want to point out that some of you may know me as queenjacyln or as tigervixxxen. Since I wanted to accomodate both of my aliases, I chose to name this blog QueenTigerVixxxen. A little obnoxious, I know! But I figured if you can't have fun on a blog then you can't have fun anywhere!

With that, here goes my first post and I hope to have some spoilers up for you all shortly.