Friday, March 03, 2006

7th Heaven Episode 17-20 Spoilers

Episode 17 will air on April 3, 2006 when 7th Heaven returns from hiatus.

Ruthie finally gets her cell phone and now she has a windfall of boys trying to reach her. Mac wants to call her as well as new guys named Benjamin and Sam. In the end it is Peter that Ruthie wants to talk to. Eric and Annie have fun with their new phones too. Rose's ex boyfriend Umberto comes to visit her and Simon. Umberto is the complete opposite of Simon and admits that he still has feelings for Rose. Meanwhile Simon has secretive phone conversations with Victoria. Peter and his father Vic also make an appearance.

Episode 18 will air on April 10, 2006.

When the family learns that Matt and Sarah's graduation from medical school is set for the same day as Simon and Rose's wedding, Kevin tries to talk the happy couple in to changing their wedding date. Annie sees this as an opportunity to get the wedding cancelled for good. Rose tries to get on the family's good side. Ruthie asks to go to Scotland to be an exchange student but Eric knows the real reason is that Ruthie wants to be with Peter.

Episode 19 will air on April 17, 2006.

The twins devise a plan to get each family member to share a secret with them. The plan works but also backfires when everyone learns of these secrets and gets them all confused. It appears that Ruthie has the best secret out of everyone. Annie and Rose try to bond but Ruthie and Lucy don't approve.

Episode 20 will air on April 24, 2006.

Annie tries to purchase a building for the teen mothers project but becomes upset and puts a curse on the men who own the building. She also is upset because she just found out that Matt and Sarah eloped before they had their wedding. In the end, the misunderstanding about the curse is cleared up and the man decides to give Annie and Lucy the building for free. Lucy finds out that Simon has been taking incompletes in school because he is working too much to pay off Rose's ring. She offers to give Simon their wedding present early so they can start off their marriage debt free. Kevin loses his wedding ring and Lucy accidentally vacuums it up.

Updated 4.1.06