Saturday, May 13, 2006

Veronica Mars Season 2 Repeats

I just wanted to let you all know that beginning Tuesday, May 16th at 9pm UPN is rerunning the complete second season of Veroncia Mars. From what I have heard the entire season will be shown this summer with some back to back showings to get all 22 episodes in before fall. This is a great opportunity to catch up on missed episodes or a way to watch and catch clues about the mysteries and Beaver's evilness. Either way its a chance to watch a great show and get ready for season 3 (fingers crossed).

Friday, May 12, 2006

RW/RR Fresh Meat Challenge Update

The premiere date for this Real World/ Road Rules Fresh Meat Challenge has been set and it will begin on Monday, May 29th. The cast list has been released as well. Here is the list of returning favorites and new "fresh meat" members courtesy of It appears that one "fresh" will be paired with a veteran.

Returning Cast Members:
Coral (Back To New York)
Danny (Austin)
Darrell (Campus Crawl)
Derrick (Extreme)
Johanna (Austin)
Katie (The Quest)
Melinda (Austin)
Shane (Campus Crawl)
Theo (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Tina (South Pacific)
Tonya (Chicago)
Wes (Austin)

New Cast Members:
Aviv, 21 - Columbus, OH
Casey, 18 - Houston, TX
Chanda, 21 - Huntington, NY
Diem, 25 - West Hollywood, CA
Eric, 23 - Nicholasville, KY
Ev, 18 - Harrison, NY
Evan, 20 - Ithica, NY
Jesse, 19 - Albuquerque, NM
Johnnie, 24 - Brooklyn, NY
Kenny, 22 - Cedar Grove, NJ
Linette, 21 - Palmetto, FL
Ryan, 24 - New York, NY

Survivor Panama Episode 14 (finale) Spoilers

CBS did a nice little trick by not showing us the outcome of the fire making tiebreaker challenge but its very likely that the spoiler I posted yesterday will come true and Cirie will be the one who does not make it to the final 3.

This would confirm my long range spoilers it will be Aras, Terry and Danielle in the final 3. It appears that Aras wins the final 3 endurance immunity challenge on a colored incline and chooses Danielle to go to the finals with him. As for who wins, there was been information for both Aras and Danielle taking home the $million but my money is on Aras. Danielle has a few too many enemies to make the vote come out in her way. The winner on Survivor is always hardest to spoil because very few actually have that information but I'll trust the spoilers on this one and say Aras will be the winner.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 13 Spoilers

Its time for the final 4 on Survivor. Usually the final 4 would be part of the finale but CBS has decided to go back to season 2's format of beginning the finale with 3. The finale will air on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I do not have any information about the challenges but its rumored that the winner of the reward challenge gets to visit the Panama Canal.

At tribal council its speculated that there is a tie in the vote between Cirie and Danielle. They are forced to compete in a sudden death fire making challenge and it seems that Danielle wins and sends Cirie packing. It is possible that the hidden immunity idol will come into play at this tribal council because it will be useless once they hit the final 3. Aras and Terry are for sure making the final 3.

The OC Death

There is rampant speculation about who is going to be the big death on the season finale of the OC next week, That 70's Show is having a 2 hour series finale this week. My information tells that Sandy is going to have a heart attack and will be in bad shape for most of the episode. Weather or not Sandy is the one who dies is another story and one I do not have an answer to. Other theories have come out saying that Marissa is the one who dies from a drug overdose because Mischa Barton is unhappy playing a teen in angst and wants to get her movie career started. Personally I don't think either of these two are going to die. The OC has a tendency to let some characters die but they have never been main ones. With a main cast list so small I doubt they would let either Sandy or Marissa go, although Marissa may not be a series regular next year. My prediction for the big death is that Volchok's stay on the OC will have a dramatic end if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rescue Me 3.08 Spoilers

This episode will air July 25, 2006.

The episode opens with the crew on a call. Tommy and Lou have a conversation with a police officer Lt. John Stackhouse, Stack for short. They give each other just general pleasantries and friendly ribbing.

Later on Lou is drunk at a bar being pretty miserable. Mike is there too as they continue to drink. Meanwhile, Tommy is at the hockey rink still sobbing away. The guys at the rink think he is nuts.

Maggie and Sean are talking about getting married. Maggie wants to elope and just go down to city hall but Sean gets a little sentimental and actually wants a wedding. Another wedding is taking place as well. This one is Teddy and his conjugal visit bride named Ellie. Tommy is at the ceremony that takes place at the prison. Since Ellie does not have any family, it is her ex prison husband named Snake to walk her down the aisle. Ellie divorced Sanke once he got off of death row and became a free man. Snake is still upset about Ellie leaving him and he keeps making snide comments during the ceremony. Teddy gets upset and has a scuffle with Sanke. That promptly ends the ceremony and Teddy loses his conjugal "wedding night" visit but makes sure they are hitched before going back to his cell. It seems Ellie will be back the following week.

Meanwhile, Lou for some reason has just found an abundance of happiness and spies a couple going into what looks like a regular gym. When Lou gets inside he sees that it is an Asian style yoga gym. A yoga instructor named Epiphany greets Lou and offers a free workout. Lou thinks yoga will be easy but soon will find out he does not know what he got himself into.

At the same time, Franco goes into a bar hoping to meet a chick to take home for one night. Instead he meets someone named Nicole who he really likes. The end up in the sack later on and Franco is surprised at his feelings of intimacy and honesty. Nicole gets up to use the restroom and finds Keela's room instead. Keela's room is still just the way it was left in episode 5, it seems something has happened to Keela.

Mike and Chris seem to be having a rough spot in their relationship. Mike isn't honest to Chris about what he is doing but at the same time Chris is having an affair with some neighbor guy.

Tommy is having issues of his own as Angie has some guy named Sebastian beat him up. Angie is also upset that Tommy told Johnny to divorce her. Later on Tommy goes to visit Stack in the hospital. It seems that something went very wrong on a call and he is in the burn unit with both legs missing. The episode ends with Tommy at Stack's bedside.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Its Veronica Mars Finale Day

Today is the day we have all been anticipating, its the day of the Veronica Mars finale and nobody is more excited than me. If even half of the spoilers come true, this episode is sure to be a wild ride. I do not know how they plan to get everything into a 40 minute show but they always do and it amazes me. Ratings have not been great but last week Veronica Mars has 2.33 million viewers, which is decent considering the show was preempted in New York again. Tonight there will be no preemptions that I am aware of and hopefully the show will draw in great ratings. This has been your weekly reminder to watch at 9pm on UPN. Hopefully you did not need to be reminded though!

Here is the official press release from UPN: "After learning the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the bus crash, Veronica hurries to warn others, but ends up putting herself in an extremely perilous situation. Meanwhile, Keith enlists Veronica's help in his ongoing investigation of Woody (guest star Steve Guttenberg) and asks her go undercover to get some vital information from Woody's lawyer. Later, when graduation day finally comes around, Neptune seniors celebrate at a huge party at the Neptune Grand on the season finale of VERONICA MARS, Tuesday, May 9 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN.. John Kretchmer directed the episode from a script written by series' creator and Executive Producer Rob Thomas, and John Enbom."

And please don't forget to look to the skies if you live in the Los Angeles area for the renew Veronica Mars plane!

Monday, May 08, 2006

CSI Episode 23 Spoilers

This is part one of the two part finale that will air on May 11, 2006. I already wrote up part 2 and posted it on 4.17.06.

The episode opens with gunfire and a chase in a casino. Warrick is there and he is helping the security officers chase down the guy. The guy being chased shoots a security officer and then grabs a woman and heads into an elevator. When security gets the cameras up they see that all elevators are empty and the guy is missing.

Then the episode shifts to what happened 15 hours ago. The crew is all at a suburban house where there has been a very messy gruesome murder. The dead body is of a woman named Janice and it appears she was shot in the face.

Later on Grissom is talking to a Dr. Robbins about the one that got away. Grissom had given his grandmother's ring to a woman named Corinne Daly and asked her to marry him. It all ended when Grissom got the ring back.

Back on the case Sara and Brass interrogate a man named Timothy Johnson who was Janice's gardener. After a couple rounds if questions we learn that Timothy was sleeping with Janice. Her husband came home while they were in the middle of something so Timothy hid in the closet and lost his sock. Once the coast was clear Timothy left but did not see if Janice was dead or alive at that time.

Meanwhile, Nick and Warrick are lifting some finger prints and Nick calls a hooker named Sally to come meet him. Once she arrives, Nick interrogates her and comes to find that one of Sally's clients was Janice's husband, Willie. Sally says that Willie had a lot of cash with him and offered to take her to Hawaii and she still has the brochure. Catherine goes to the travel agency but it is closed.

Later on the crew goes to investigate a taxi company. A taxi driver says that he drove some guy around all night who just kept giving the driver money. The crew assumed it was Willie in the cab all night but instead it was someone related to him named Sammy. A close up reveals that this passenger had a gun with him.

By this time al 15 hours between the casino chase scene and the investigation have elapsed and both plot lines are running at the same time as each other. Warrick is investigating at the casino. Meanwhile Willie enters the casino and gets into a scuffle with a random person at the casino. This is when a security officer intervenes and gets shot. Willie takes off running through the casino.

We find out that Willie has the woman from the elevator held hostage in one of the casino hotel rooms. Brass is going in to try to negotiate with Willie.

Back at the lab Catherine and Nick track Willie's casino play from earlier in the day. It seems that Willie was winning at blackjack but the pit boss lowered his limit because they suspected something fishy. This upset Willie who then later explains to Brass that he started losing after the encounter and called up his brother Sammy. Sammy came to pick Willie up and take him home but then that is when Willie found Janice in bed with the gardener. Willie and Janice had a fight and Sammy kills Janice. Brass tells Willie that Sammy has been arrested and Willie wants to speak with him by phone. Brass asks Willie to point the gun at him instead of the hostage.

Meanwhile, Warrick is investigating the table where Willie was playing at earlier and the pit boss who spoke to him. Warrick is also looking for his wife Tina. Later on Warrick spots Tina and freaks out when he sees someone suspicious approaching her. False alarm, they are still looking for Sammy.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spoiler Hints for Veronica Mars Finale

Just a couple more spoilers to tide us over until the big Veronica Mars finale on Tuesday. These are the fill in the blank statments that the media has been asked not to reveal about the finale. Michael Ausellio from TV Guide was kind enough to give us the statements in a fill in the blank game. All the spoiler information has been collected and this seems to be the best guess for what we can expect in the finale. The bolded words are filling in the blanks.

1. Weevil is arrested at graduation.

2. Mac tells Veronica that Beaver has made a call.

3. What transpires at the Neptune Grand rooftop.

4. Anything that would indicate that Beaver is the suspect.

5. That Veronica looks at the little league picture and figures out who the missing person is.

6. Anything that reveals that Veronica and Logan are romantically linked at the end of the episode.

7. Keith captures Woody.

8. Vinnie Van Lowe is in jail.

9. Aaron and Kendall have sex.

10. Aaron is killed by Clarence Weidman.

11. Duncan has ordered the hit on Aaron Echolls.

12. Kendall's lawyer tells her she’s rich.

13. Please do not reveal anything of Jackie in New York.

14. Keith fails to show up at the airport and leaves Veronica waiting.