Monday, May 08, 2006

CSI Episode 23 Spoilers

This is part one of the two part finale that will air on May 11, 2006. I already wrote up part 2 and posted it on 4.17.06.

The episode opens with gunfire and a chase in a casino. Warrick is there and he is helping the security officers chase down the guy. The guy being chased shoots a security officer and then grabs a woman and heads into an elevator. When security gets the cameras up they see that all elevators are empty and the guy is missing.

Then the episode shifts to what happened 15 hours ago. The crew is all at a suburban house where there has been a very messy gruesome murder. The dead body is of a woman named Janice and it appears she was shot in the face.

Later on Grissom is talking to a Dr. Robbins about the one that got away. Grissom had given his grandmother's ring to a woman named Corinne Daly and asked her to marry him. It all ended when Grissom got the ring back.

Back on the case Sara and Brass interrogate a man named Timothy Johnson who was Janice's gardener. After a couple rounds if questions we learn that Timothy was sleeping with Janice. Her husband came home while they were in the middle of something so Timothy hid in the closet and lost his sock. Once the coast was clear Timothy left but did not see if Janice was dead or alive at that time.

Meanwhile, Nick and Warrick are lifting some finger prints and Nick calls a hooker named Sally to come meet him. Once she arrives, Nick interrogates her and comes to find that one of Sally's clients was Janice's husband, Willie. Sally says that Willie had a lot of cash with him and offered to take her to Hawaii and she still has the brochure. Catherine goes to the travel agency but it is closed.

Later on the crew goes to investigate a taxi company. A taxi driver says that he drove some guy around all night who just kept giving the driver money. The crew assumed it was Willie in the cab all night but instead it was someone related to him named Sammy. A close up reveals that this passenger had a gun with him.

By this time al 15 hours between the casino chase scene and the investigation have elapsed and both plot lines are running at the same time as each other. Warrick is investigating at the casino. Meanwhile Willie enters the casino and gets into a scuffle with a random person at the casino. This is when a security officer intervenes and gets shot. Willie takes off running through the casino.

We find out that Willie has the woman from the elevator held hostage in one of the casino hotel rooms. Brass is going in to try to negotiate with Willie.

Back at the lab Catherine and Nick track Willie's casino play from earlier in the day. It seems that Willie was winning at blackjack but the pit boss lowered his limit because they suspected something fishy. This upset Willie who then later explains to Brass that he started losing after the encounter and called up his brother Sammy. Sammy came to pick Willie up and take him home but then that is when Willie found Janice in bed with the gardener. Willie and Janice had a fight and Sammy kills Janice. Brass tells Willie that Sammy has been arrested and Willie wants to speak with him by phone. Brass asks Willie to point the gun at him instead of the hostage.

Meanwhile, Warrick is investigating the table where Willie was playing at earlier and the pit boss who spoke to him. Warrick is also looking for his wife Tina. Later on Warrick spots Tina and freaks out when he sees someone suspicious approaching her. False alarm, they are still looking for Sammy.