Saturday, August 12, 2006

What About Brian 2.03 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

The episode opens with Adam being thrown in jail. As Adam gets used to his surroundings, the door opens and Brian in thrown in the slammer too. Adam and Brian only exchange dirty looks as we see three days earlier on the screen.

Adam and Jimmy are at work as Adam is trying to stop thinking about Marjorie. Jimmy think he has succeeded but once he leaves the room Adam looks at a photo of Marjorie and then puts it away.

While at a meeting with a marketing executive for Zap Monkey, Dave is sending dirty text messages to Suzanne. Brian is really interested in the meeting and has all sorts of suggestions so he does not notice that Dave is less than involved.

Nicole and Deena are talking about child birth and Deena offers to show Nicole a video of when one of her daughters was born. It seems that Nicole is scared about giving birth and Deena is trying to ease her fears. Nicole considers watching the video but nervously declines.

Adam and Jimmy are interviewing a client about his case when Adam flies off the handle and basically tells the client he has no case. The client storms out and Jimmy is upset at Adam for losing his cool. Jimmy then suggests that Adam talk to Brian about what is bothering him because that's what he would normally do.

It appears that Nicole is babysitting Deena's kids and is having a bit of a rough time connecting with them. Nicole stops and wonders what kind of mom she will be.

Brian and Dave are at a talk show taping for their new video game when they discover that the host is a 14 year old boy named Adam. One the show begins, the kid begins to pepper Dave and Brian with all kinds of difficult questions and criticisms of their new game. Dave tries to defend them as best he can but Brian just sits in disbelief.

While the interview is going on, Deena and Suzanne have a conversation about Dave. Deena thanks Suzanne for supporting Dave and all she has done. Suzanne begins to feel guilty about her affair with Deena.

Adam and Jimmy head to a bar after work and Adam is getting into a shot for shot match with some frat guys. Later on Adam has a confrontation with the frat guys and begins to get beaten up in a fight. Suddenly Brian shows up and enters the mix. Jimmy and the bartender watch from the sidelines and Jimmy explains he isn't in the mood to get beaten up. The bartender says she already called the cops just as they show up.

Dave and Deena are talking at home because Deena has figured out that Dave is having an affair with Suzanne. Deena wants to know if Suzanne was the person Dave selected in the open marriage.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 6

In an episode that was shocking to none, Kaysar went home with a vote of 5-1 after James nullified Janelle's vote. The HOH competition was true false about the haunted houseguests they saw and Erika won. Looks like Janelle is out the door this week.

Not so fast! A lot of the houseguests complained of technical difficulties during the HOH competition and Big Brother decided to redo the HOH late last night. The winner is none other than Janelle. I kid you not!

Janelle nominated Danielle and Erika for eviction. Since the rest of the house is convinced that since Janelle can't play the veto they are planning to get Danielle off the block.

The new twist for this week is a coup d'etat which means the houseguest who gets it will win powers to overthrow the current HOH and make new nominations right on the spot. It will probably be revealed on Thursday so they won't have time to discuss and check with allies on who to vote for and will likely have to vote right then and there. Unfortunately any additional details were not given such as if the current HOH or veto holder can be nominated or not. Another part of the twist is that the houseguests do not know what the twist is just that there is one and they will be given clues through out the week as to what the special power is. Once the person thinks they know the answer, they go to the diary room and make a guess. The catch is they can only guess once and will not be told if they are correct or not until the reveal. Several houseguests have made their guesses in the Diary Room. Danielle, Erika, James and George think they all have the answer correct with Danielle especially convinced she won. What I don't understand is how a sheep is going to point them in the direction of the answer and I'd bet that those four who put in their guess already are incorrect.

Friday the food competition was held. This week the challenge was to great a "gourmet" style dish out of slop. They each had 30 minutes to complete this and some former Big Brother contestants were the judges. All the dishes passed except one (I beleive it was Danielle's) so they all won food except for Wednesday. They also won a BBQ grill as well.

Saturday was the veto challenge and staying on par for this season the targeted nominee Danielle won veto. There was some talk of James helping her win it and it sould like everyone else but Howie and Erika threw the veto challge to let Danielle win it. Talk now is of nominating Marcellas but George and Booige are being discussed as pawns. Janelle's intention is to get Erika out of the house.

The second coup d'etat clue is a giant needle and thread. Howie has now given his guess as well which was wolf in sheep's clothing. James' guess was pull the wool over someones' eyes and Danielle's was DNA. Assuming these are all incorrect, now only Janelle, Will, Boogie or Marcellas can win the coup.

In other news, Boogie and Erika are having a showmance. But now apparently Boogie doesn't care if Erika gets evicted. Whatever.

On Monday it seems that Boogie has won the coup d'etat since he guessed "you reap what you sew" after the third clue of a grim reaper came to visit the houseguests. That are Janelle unspurprisingly nominated Marcellas Monday as well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The OC 4.03 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Seth and Summer are talking to a man named Darryl who appears to be homeless. Seth offers Darryl the floor to sleep on and Summer goes and gets some cushions. Seth then tells Summer that he needs to talk to her.

Julie is in the middle of cooking and Dr. Roberts wants to talk to her. Julie wants to concentrate on the food but the Dr. says she is avoiding him. Just then Julie messes something up with the food and declares she needs to go back to the store.

Seth, Ryan and Julie are having a conversation about the boys' time in Mexico while they are at some sort of store that sells cheese. Julie tells Ryan that a private investigator should have located Volchok in a few days. Ryan does not want to wait but Julie assures him that their plan will happen and for them to act natural in the meantime.

Kaitlin has some how adopted a dog and Julie is none too pleased with it. Later on Kaitlin finds out that the dog belongs to Darryl as he takes his dog back. Sandy also has a conversation with Darryl about defending him sometime ago. Taylor is also there.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The CW is Coming!

The new CW network is all set to launch on September 20th with the premiere of the 7th cycle of America's Next Top Model. If you can't wait that long to see your favortie CW stars then just head to the mall and you might bump in to one. The CW is hitting the streets and will go on a cross country Westfield mall tour making 35 stops. First stop in Massapwqua, NY on August 12th continuing all the way through Seattle on September 10th. Check for more specifics!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Desperate Housewivers 3.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Lynette is having a confrontation with Parker's little league coach because apparently Parker has been thrown off the team. Lynette says that Parker will quit on his own soon anyway so there would be no harm in reinstating him. The coach professes that he must follow the rules unless Lynette chips in for some new helmets. At first Lynette protests but then gives in.

At the ball park and Parker is back on the team. Lynette is at the concession stands and notices a kid from the opposing team, a pitcher, is having trouble paying for a snack. Lynette pays the balance and then walks with the kid who explains that his dad lost his job and they don't have much money so he doesn't get allowance anymore. Lynette produces a $50 and explains that Parker isn't the greatest hitter on the team.

Gabrielle has called the cops on Carlos and wants him arrested for trespassing in their house. As he is getting handcuffed, Carlos tells the cops that he owns the house and its just his wife who is trying to pull tricks on him because they are getting a divorce. The cops ease up and demand to know from Gabby if this is true. Gabyy gets angry and slaps the cop on the arm and tells him not to take Carlos' side. The cop gets angry now and tells Gabby not to assault him. Gabby doesn't understand and slaps him again on the arm. This does not go over well with the cop. Later on Gabby is talking to her lawyer and tells him Carlos can have the photo albums because they never meant anything to her anyway.

Andrew is at the high school and walks up to a teacher that he recognizes from before. In a flashback we see the teacher trying to pick up Andrew and give him a ride. Back to the confrontation Andrew tries to remind the teacher of that night but the teacher just tells his wife they have to leave immediately.

Susan is still at the hospital taking care of Mike.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

58th Primetime Emmy Award Odds

There are odds for everything, or so I have found. I thought it was interesting to see the odds for the major categories in this year's Emmys. So courtesy of here are the current odds to win a 2006 Emmy. Please note they are listed from most likely to win to least likely.

Best Comedy Series:
The Office +149
Arrested Development +219
Curb Your Enthusiasm +560
Scrubs +845
Two & Half Men +1150

Best Actor in a Comedy:
Steve Carell -103
Tony Shalhoub +365
Larry David +481
Charlie Sheen +1118
Kevin James +1200

Best Actress in a Comedy:
Jane Kaczmarek +165
Lisa Kudrow +268
Stockard Channing +374
Debra Messing +793
Julia Louise Dreyfus +926

Best Drama Series:
Greys Anatomy -162
House +650
24 +701
The West Wing +943
The Sopranos +1190

Best Actor in a Drama:
Denis Leary +110
Keifer Sutherland +379
Christopher Meloni +522
Peter Krause +622
Martin Sheen +1419

Best Actress in a Drama:
Kyra Sedgwick +287
Geena Davis +292
Allison Janney +394
Frances Conroy +428
Mariska Hargitay +490

My take on these odds: Looks like the drama actress category is the tightest with very similar odds. I don't expect either of the Sheens to win but I was surprised that each were at the bottom of their category. I hope Denis Leary wins for best drama actor but I wasn't expecting him to have the highest odds. I'm also a bit surprised that the Sopranos have the lowest odds for best drama and for Grey's Anatomy to have such high odds. All this makes me wonder why some of these people were nominated if the odds of them winning are so poor. Anyway, its all speculation until the winners are announced on August 27th.