Friday, August 11, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 6

In an episode that was shocking to none, Kaysar went home with a vote of 5-1 after James nullified Janelle's vote. The HOH competition was true false about the haunted houseguests they saw and Erika won. Looks like Janelle is out the door this week.

Not so fast! A lot of the houseguests complained of technical difficulties during the HOH competition and Big Brother decided to redo the HOH late last night. The winner is none other than Janelle. I kid you not!

Janelle nominated Danielle and Erika for eviction. Since the rest of the house is convinced that since Janelle can't play the veto they are planning to get Danielle off the block.

The new twist for this week is a coup d'etat which means the houseguest who gets it will win powers to overthrow the current HOH and make new nominations right on the spot. It will probably be revealed on Thursday so they won't have time to discuss and check with allies on who to vote for and will likely have to vote right then and there. Unfortunately any additional details were not given such as if the current HOH or veto holder can be nominated or not. Another part of the twist is that the houseguests do not know what the twist is just that there is one and they will be given clues through out the week as to what the special power is. Once the person thinks they know the answer, they go to the diary room and make a guess. The catch is they can only guess once and will not be told if they are correct or not until the reveal. Several houseguests have made their guesses in the Diary Room. Danielle, Erika, James and George think they all have the answer correct with Danielle especially convinced she won. What I don't understand is how a sheep is going to point them in the direction of the answer and I'd bet that those four who put in their guess already are incorrect.

Friday the food competition was held. This week the challenge was to great a "gourmet" style dish out of slop. They each had 30 minutes to complete this and some former Big Brother contestants were the judges. All the dishes passed except one (I beleive it was Danielle's) so they all won food except for Wednesday. They also won a BBQ grill as well.

Saturday was the veto challenge and staying on par for this season the targeted nominee Danielle won veto. There was some talk of James helping her win it and it sould like everyone else but Howie and Erika threw the veto challge to let Danielle win it. Talk now is of nominating Marcellas but George and Booige are being discussed as pawns. Janelle's intention is to get Erika out of the house.

The second coup d'etat clue is a giant needle and thread. Howie has now given his guess as well which was wolf in sheep's clothing. James' guess was pull the wool over someones' eyes and Danielle's was DNA. Assuming these are all incorrect, now only Janelle, Will, Boogie or Marcellas can win the coup.

In other news, Boogie and Erika are having a showmance. But now apparently Boogie doesn't care if Erika gets evicted. Whatever.

On Monday it seems that Boogie has won the coup d'etat since he guessed "you reap what you sew" after the third clue of a grim reaper came to visit the houseguests. That are Janelle unspurprisingly nominated Marcellas Monday as well.