Saturday, April 28, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.23 Spoilers

This is the season finale and will air on May 20, 2007.

Edie's mother is in town and she keeps having dreams about Carlos. It appears that Edie had told Carlos they are trying for a baby but she's still taking birth control. In one dream Edie confronts her mother Ilene about it and in another dream Ilene comforts Edie once Carlos has left her.

Bree is checking out of a hotel room and there is some mention of a baby.

Gabby is still in wedding preparations and Victor's father Milton is in town for the wedding. They are all having a conversation at dinner when Gabby learns that Victor intends to run for Governor. (We also know that Victor wins the Mayoral race). Gabby isn't too happy since things aren't going to well with her being the Mayor's wife. Seems there was an incident with picketers. Later on Gabby and victor have a big fight about the Governor issue. Gabby wants Victor to be happy being Mayor and pay attention to her. Victor doesn't want anyone to dictate his career moves. Gabby races to pack her things and get out of Victor's house when Milton talks to her to smooth things over. Gabby reconsiders and goes to talk to Victor and they reconcile. That same day Gabby overhears Victor and his dad talking about how much of an asset Gabby was to winning the Mayoral race because she is a Latina, this upsets Gabby and she walks away. Then Gabby starts letting out her issues with a reporter, telling her that Victor doesn't like strong women. Later on we learn that Gabby has indeed married Victor but isn't happy about it.

Susan surprises Mike with a minister carrying a suit for Mike somewhere in the woods. Mike is confused but he goes with it. A little later, Susan appears in a wedding dress holding wildflowers as her and Mike proceed to get married.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 11 Spoilers

After last week's whirlwind episode this one will be a lot calmer. a few things do happen to stir the pot such as Mookie and Alex finding Yau-Man has the other hidden immunity idol and trying to blackmail him about it. The reward challenge will be a game of launch and catch with the remaining 8 split into 2 teams. Those team are Stacy, Earl, Dre and Alex on the Green team and Yau-Man, Mookie, Boo and Cassandra on the Orange team. The Green team prevails and wins a trip on a seaplane and undoubtedly some more food. Yau-Man gets sent to exile but more in a move from Earl to get clues to the location of the newly hidden immunity idol. The immunity challenge is a bit of a mystery but could be one of those thinking memory games. Yau-Man is speculated to keep the immunity idol. This will make it pretty easy to boot Alex from the game.

To see all previous spoilers and who the winner and final 3 of Survivor Fiji are supposed to be, click on the "Survivor Fiji" tab to the left.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.22 Spoilers

This episode will air May, 2007.

Susan is at the doctor with her man of choice after one of her many clumsy moments when the doctor gets a serious tome of voice. The doctor tells Susan that he's worried she might have Lymphoma but needs to run some more tests to be sure. (Its come to my attention that this could very well be Lynette instead.)

Susan and Gabby are apparently fighting over wedding dates and vendors. It seems that Susan let Gabby have her wedding date but then Gabby stole Susan's vendors.

Edie visits an elderly woman named Mrs. Sims at a retirement home who had been renting out her home to Mike Delfino. Since Mike is moving out, she agreed to let Carlos live at the home in his place. Edie apparently doesn't want Carlos living there as she lies to Mrs. Sims about Carlos having drug problems among other things. Later on Carlos gets kicked out of the house.

Lynette is at the pizzeria as she spots Tom talking to a guy who is introduced as Tom's old buddy named Scott. Tom asks Lynette to sit and have a chat with them. Later on Scott reveals some personal stories about his relationship with his wife and encourages Lynette to do so. After a little more talk Lynette realizes that Scott is trying to psychoanalyze her and she gets upset. Tom reveals that Scott is a marriage counsellor and only wants them to get get some help. Lynette isn't happy she was fooled and walks away.