Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 8

On Thursday Jen was finally evicted and Jessica won the HOH. On Friday Jessica nominated Zach and Amber with the idea that they'll decide who to get out later in the week. I think they are leaning toward getting Zach out since he is tight with Dick and Daniele. But I think it really depends on who Eric is told to vote out. They played a food competition game that earned the girls a luxury competition where they were allowed to do the clothes grab from previous seasons. On Saturday Eric finally got to play in a veto competition and he won! Nominations will likely stay the same. In other news, Eric and Jessica flirt like there is no tomorrow. They are very close to kissing but who knows if Eric will ever make the first move.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday Night Lights 2.04 Spoilers

This episode should air sometime in October.

Lyla is visiting a state boy's juvenile detention center. As she is there Lyla meets a boy names Santiago. Once Lyla leaves she spots Santiago walking along the side of the road. Santiago has just gotten released and Lyla offers him a ride. Later on Lyla pulls up t oa trailer park to drop Santiago off. He explains that his parents got sent back to Mexico and he's going to be living with an uncle and cousin who are bad influences. Lyla offers to help but Santiago doesn't want any charity. Another day later Lyla has Santiago at a job interview at her dad's dealership. The interview isn;t going the best but Buddy can see that Lyla really believes int his guy so he gives him a small job in the parts department.

Landry is in church but feels the overwhelming guilt about what he did. Tyra joins Landry back at his house after church trying to keep an eye on Landry.

Smash is trying to get Matt to skip work so he can go to a party of some sort and get back in the dating game.

Eric is back in town with his family for the moment and finds out that MacGregor was fired and the newspaper speculates that Eric will return to coach the Panthers.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Brother 8: WEEK 7

Daniele got HOH after Dustin was evicted. On Friday she nominated Amber and Jameka. Friday was also the food competition where they played a big game of beer pong and half the house got on slop. On Saturday the POV was played with the only non participants being Jen and Eric, the latter being the host. Daniele and Amber won some sort of "outing" outside the Big Brother house. In the end Daniele won the POV. Dick says things worked out perfectly but Daniele feels stupid using the POV to change her own nominations to put Jen on the block. Time will tell if Daniele will have the guts to stick to her strategy.

UPDATE: On Monday Daniele actually took Amber off the block and put up Jen. later that day Daniele and Amber were taken on their mystery outing and were told they'd be gone overnight. Later that evening Jen flipped out and started eating (she's on slop restriction). The producers told Jen that if she didn't get voted out this week she's be given a penalty nomination for next week and couldn't win the veto. I think this also means she can't play for HOH as well. Jameka got very upset because she thinks that she's the one getting evicted this week now since it would make sense for everyone to pretty much have a free week and evict Jen next week. Jen apologizes and says this wasn't her intention, she was just doing it as an F you to the show and Dick.