Saturday, August 11, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Final 4

Spoilers have been hard to come by regarding the final 4 on So You Think You Can Dance. However, if I had to piece together the spoilers I have heard about the show I could tell you Lacey and Neil are almost certainly safe, Sabra is most likely safe too meaning that Lauren is out. I've also heard a lot of rumors about Danny and Lauren being the 2 that get cut. Its not even close to confirmed but as each day passes, this is the most likely scenario.

Big Brother 8: WEEK 6

Kail was finally evicted on Thursday and Jessica won HOH. On Friday the food competition caused Dick, Daniele and Dustin to be put on slop. Dick won a slop pass and gave it to Jen. Jessica nominated Dick and Daniele for eviction. On Saturday Dick won the POV and it looks like he is going to take Daniele off the block. Dustin has agreed to go up in Daniele's place as a final F you to Dick but what he doesn't understand is that if Eric gets the instructions from America to vote Dustin off, they will not have the votes to keep Dustin safe. I have no idea why Eric is going along with this plan but it seems it was his instructions to get Dustin nominated. Certainly if Dustin's eviction goes down Eric will soon follow since nobody in the house will be able to trust Eric.