Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part One)

On Thursday's show Marcellas was evicted unanimously and George won the HOH competition in a tiebreaker with Danielle. Boogie found out what his special power is and chose not to use it. George nominated James and Erika right on the spot during the live show because it will be a double eviction week with the next evicted houseguest leaving on Sunday.

Back to the live feeds, everyone is freaking out because George has the power and they all think they can manipulate him. So far it seems that George is most loyal to Janelle and Howie but James is George's real target.

The POV competition was held late last night as George, Howie, Danielle, Erika, James and Will participated. James ended up winning the POV. The entire house is manipulating George to put up Janelle and they may have actually convinced him to do so. Will suggested that he go on the block because he has the votes to stay just to guarantee Erika's eviction. George is really traumatized by all this and isn't sure what to do.

Friday morning George came up to Janelle and Howie to offer them a deal. If they promise to vote out who George replaces James on the block then he will not put up Janelle. Howie and Janelle take the deal and don't even question who the person is who George wants out. Later on it gets out that Will was the person George had in mind but Will quickly declines. George feels he has no choice but to put Howie on the block and does so once James saves himself in the POV ceremony. By the end of Friday night Howie is evicted in a vote of 3-2 and Boogie is the new HOH.

Just to note that this is the fifth straight week where the original target has won veto and the replacement has been voted out of the house. Jase, Diane, Kaysar, Marcellas and Howie were all not on the block when nominations were announced but went out the door on eviction night while the targeted George, Boogie, Janelle, Danielle and James respectively remained in the house.

The OC 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in November.

Sandy and Ryan are talking and Sandy is giving Ryan some advice about how each day his pain will lessen just a little bit. Ryan worries that he will forget Marissa but Sandy says that will not be the case. Sandy tells Ryan not to shut people out and to let other people help him in this difficult time. Sandy invites Ryan to hang out with him but Ryan says there is something he has to take care of.

Kaitlin takes Brad and Eric to a seedy part of town and buys fake IDs from some gross looking dude. The guys are apprehensive but Kaitlin gives the dude the money and gets the three fake IDs. Then Brad and Eric become excited to get drunk.

Kaitlin, Brad and Eric are all trying to get into a nightclub. Kaitlin is in first and she gets in with her fake ID. The boys get rejected and can't enter the club. Kaitlin tries to protest that the boys are with her but the bouncer says he isn't letting any "virgin dorks" in his club. The guys are disappointed and try to get Kaitlin to leave with them but she isn't budging. The boys whine that Kaitlin can't have fun without them.

Che, Seth and Summer are at Brown and walk into the auditorium. It appears to be some sort of town meeting and the security guard isn't going to let Seth in because he isn't a student at Brown. Seth agrees to wait outside because this is really important to Summer. She agrees and Seth wishes Summer luck but once she leaves Seth isn't too happy to be alone.

Seth is in Rhode Island trying to get a plane back to LA but is disappointed to learn that the next one isn't until morning.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

A new girl named Shelly finds Brooke by her locker and asks her to be in the virgins for life club. Brooke has no idea who this girls is until she explains they have a class together and a leader should join Shelly's club. Brooke isn't very thrilled by this idea but asks Shelly what the club does anyway. Shelly explains that they are like regular teens but they don't have sex. Brooke wants to know if Shelly intends to date or not. Shelly says that she is free to go out with guys but isn't giving it away for free. Brooke asks how many people are currently in the club and Shelly says only one. Brooke then declines.

That night, Shelly goes home to her mother named Hope. Shelly wants to go to Tric but Hope says that only bad things happen at clubs. Shelly says she is just trying to fit in and wants to have some fun. Shelly then goes on to explain that she doesn't do normal teenage things and has no friends. Hope isn't budging and thinks that Shelly does not need to worry about those things. Shelly says she wants to be different than her mom was in high school.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Gilmore Girls 7.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Rory is at some sort of Yale art show when she stops at a water fountain to get a drink. Two girls named Lucy and Olivia approach Rory and scold her for drinking their art. Rory tries to apologize but the girls tell her that they are kidding. Introductions are made as the girls find out Rory is from the Yale Daily News and Rory confirms Olivia is an artist. Paris is brought up as a topic of conversation because the girls know the imfamous Paris and want to know how Rory knows her. The girls then offer to show Rory around in order to discuss some of the pieces and their artists.

After the art show Lucy and Olivia wonder where their next stop should be and are trying to decide between getting something to eat or going to another frat party. Rory tries to duck out but the girls try to convince Rory to keep hanging out with them. Lucy suggests a "groove off" and once Rory determines the winner they will know what to do next. Rory explains she really does not want to judge this competition so the girls approach the next male they see and ask him to be the judge. It turns out that this guy is none other than Richard Gilmore. Rory tried to explain that this is her grandfather but the girls don't really care and ask Richard to judge them. As the groove off begins Richard is offering the appropriate commentary but can't seem to determine the winner. In the end Lucy gives the title to Olivia and Richard departs.

Later on Lucy and Olivia are back at Rory's apartment having a great time and snacking away. Suddenly Rory gets a phone call who she hopes to be from Logan, who seems to call at the same time each night.

Emily gets pulled over by the police for talking to Richard on her cell phone while driving. emily is disgusted at the cop for pulling her over for such a stupid reason but the explains that it is the law. Emily mentions that she was drinking coffee but the cop then wants her to take a breathalyzer test. Emily wants no part of this.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

What About Brian 2.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in November.

Adam asks a girl named Summer out on a date and she accepts but it seems like it is some sort of bet.

Meanwhile, Brian is waiting for a date with a girl named Sally who apparently Brian has dated before. Sally remembers being dumped by Brian and is still not over it. Sally says that Brian gave a really lame excuse when he broke up with her and then before leaving she sprays hairspray in Brian's eyes.

While Brian is recuperating at home, Dave arrives but he is on the phone. Once the call ends, Dave tells Brian that it was Suzanne and there is a big problem.

The next day Brian goes to an office to see a man named Michael about his business troubles. It seems that Brian and Michael have known eachother for quite sometime.

Brian goes to the bank and proceeds to empty out everything he has in checking, savings and all investments as well as credit card advances. The teller warns Brian of the penalties and risks associated with this but he agrees to do it anyway.