Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part One)

On Thursday's show Marcellas was evicted unanimously and George won the HOH competition in a tiebreaker with Danielle. Boogie found out what his special power is and chose not to use it. George nominated James and Erika right on the spot during the live show because it will be a double eviction week with the next evicted houseguest leaving on Sunday.

Back to the live feeds, everyone is freaking out because George has the power and they all think they can manipulate him. So far it seems that George is most loyal to Janelle and Howie but James is George's real target.

The POV competition was held late last night as George, Howie, Danielle, Erika, James and Will participated. James ended up winning the POV. The entire house is manipulating George to put up Janelle and they may have actually convinced him to do so. Will suggested that he go on the block because he has the votes to stay just to guarantee Erika's eviction. George is really traumatized by all this and isn't sure what to do.

Friday morning George came up to Janelle and Howie to offer them a deal. If they promise to vote out who George replaces James on the block then he will not put up Janelle. Howie and Janelle take the deal and don't even question who the person is who George wants out. Later on it gets out that Will was the person George had in mind but Will quickly declines. George feels he has no choice but to put Howie on the block and does so once James saves himself in the POV ceremony. By the end of Friday night Howie is evicted in a vote of 3-2 and Boogie is the new HOH.

Just to note that this is the fifth straight week where the original target has won veto and the replacement has been voted out of the house. Jase, Diane, Kaysar, Marcellas and Howie were all not on the block when nominations were announced but went out the door on eviction night while the targeted George, Boogie, Janelle, Danielle and James respectively remained in the house.