Friday, August 18, 2006

The OC 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in November.

Sandy and Ryan are talking and Sandy is giving Ryan some advice about how each day his pain will lessen just a little bit. Ryan worries that he will forget Marissa but Sandy says that will not be the case. Sandy tells Ryan not to shut people out and to let other people help him in this difficult time. Sandy invites Ryan to hang out with him but Ryan says there is something he has to take care of.

Kaitlin takes Brad and Eric to a seedy part of town and buys fake IDs from some gross looking dude. The guys are apprehensive but Kaitlin gives the dude the money and gets the three fake IDs. Then Brad and Eric become excited to get drunk.

Kaitlin, Brad and Eric are all trying to get into a nightclub. Kaitlin is in first and she gets in with her fake ID. The boys get rejected and can't enter the club. Kaitlin tries to protest that the boys are with her but the bouncer says he isn't letting any "virgin dorks" in his club. The guys are disappointed and try to get Kaitlin to leave with them but she isn't budging. The boys whine that Kaitlin can't have fun without them.

Che, Seth and Summer are at Brown and walk into the auditorium. It appears to be some sort of town meeting and the security guard isn't going to let Seth in because he isn't a student at Brown. Seth agrees to wait outside because this is really important to Summer. She agrees and Seth wishes Summer luck but once she leaves Seth isn't too happy to be alone.

Seth is in Rhode Island trying to get a plane back to LA but is disappointed to learn that the next one isn't until morning.