Monday, August 14, 2006

Gilmore Girls 7.04 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Rory is at some sort of Yale art show when she stops at a water fountain to get a drink. Two girls named Lucy and Olivia approach Rory and scold her for drinking their art. Rory tries to apologize but the girls tell her that they are kidding. Introductions are made as the girls find out Rory is from the Yale Daily News and Rory confirms Olivia is an artist. Paris is brought up as a topic of conversation because the girls know the imfamous Paris and want to know how Rory knows her. The girls then offer to show Rory around in order to discuss some of the pieces and their artists.

After the art show Lucy and Olivia wonder where their next stop should be and are trying to decide between getting something to eat or going to another frat party. Rory tries to duck out but the girls try to convince Rory to keep hanging out with them. Lucy suggests a "groove off" and once Rory determines the winner they will know what to do next. Rory explains she really does not want to judge this competition so the girls approach the next male they see and ask him to be the judge. It turns out that this guy is none other than Richard Gilmore. Rory tried to explain that this is her grandfather but the girls don't really care and ask Richard to judge them. As the groove off begins Richard is offering the appropriate commentary but can't seem to determine the winner. In the end Lucy gives the title to Olivia and Richard departs.

Later on Lucy and Olivia are back at Rory's apartment having a great time and snacking away. Suddenly Rory gets a phone call who she hopes to be from Logan, who seems to call at the same time each night.

Emily gets pulled over by the police for talking to Richard on her cell phone while driving. emily is disgusted at the cop for pulling her over for such a stupid reason but the explains that it is the law. Emily mentions that she was drinking coffee but the cop then wants her to take a breathalyzer test. Emily wants no part of this.

Updated 8.21.06