Thursday, November 30, 2006

List of Spring 2007 Premiere Dates

As the fall chapter of this seasonin Television is coming to a close, many are wondering when their favortie show is returning and here is a list of dates I have so far. More to come soon so please check back for updates. Please note that some of the later dates are considered summer premiere dates but I stuck them on here for now. Once I get more and this post become less relevant then I'll make a new list.

December 4 (Monday): Supernanny
December 6 (Wednesday): King of Queens

January 3 (Wednesday): Beauty & the Geek, Deal or No Deal, Top Chef
January 4 (Thursday): CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The OC
January 5 (Friday): Nanny 911
January 7 (Sunday): The Apprentice
January 10 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
January 11 (Thursday): Nashville Star
January 14 (Sunday): 24, Rome
January 16 (Tuesday): American Idol
January 17 (Wednesday): One Tree Hill
January 19 (Friday): Monk
January 21 (Sunday): Crossing Jordan, King of the Hill
January 22 (Monday): Heroes, What About Brian
January 23 (Tuesday): Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars
January 29 (Monday): Prison Break
January 30 (Tuesday): Road Rules

February 1 (Wednesday): Top Design
February 5 (Monday): Rules of Engagement
February 7 (Wednesday): Lost
February 8 (Thursday): Survivor Fiji
February 18 (Sunday): Amazing Race All-Stars
February 21 (Tuesday): Jericho
February 26 (Monday): The Black Donelleys
February 28 (tuesday): America's Next Top Model

March 15 (Thursday): October Road
March 20 (Tuesday): Dancing with the Stars
march 23 (Friday): Six Degrees

April 2 (Monday): The Bachelor
April 3 (Tuesday): The Shield
April 8 (Sunday): Entourage, Sopranos
April 10 (Tuesday): RW/RR Inferno 3

May 16 (Wednesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance

June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Last Comic Standing, Rescue Me

July TBD: Big Brother

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

Updated 12.27.06, 1.23.07, 1.30.07, 2.22.07, 3.11.07

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 12 Spoilers

Its that time again for Survivor spoilers! And the theme this week is recycled challenges. For the reward challange we have an acution. Looks like some letters from home cna be purchsed as well as food and possibly a dip in a hot tub. one person gets sent to Exile from this challenge and it seems that if its a choice then it would be Adam but it also appears it may be a booby prize from the reward challeng and if so it looks to be Becky who goes. The immuntiy challenge is the stage by stage elimination of various previous challenges they have faced. Its a good bet that Ozzy, Yul and Adam are in the finals in this one with all signs poiting to Adam winning the immunity necklace. Johnathan is now a member of Aitu so he helps them vote out Candace. What will they think of next...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The OC 4.12 Spoilers

This episode should air February, 2007.

Kirsten is at the doctor because she hasn't been feelings well. She's been vomiting, tired and has had headaches. The doctor tells her that its not just the flu, that the test have revealed something. (I'm guessing pregnancy but that's my interpretation).

Summer is helping organize some large event involving the mayor of Newport. Apparently its for Groundhogs Day since there are people wearing costumes.

It looks like something happened at the Groundhog event because Che and Seth are in jail. Che is making out with some random hippie girl and Seth is trying to avoid the weird looking people. The hippie girl says something to Che about being arrested for stealing the Groundhog costume and Che says he knows what that is all about. Che thinks its fate that brought them together. Eventually Seth and Che get out on bail.

Taylor is seeking help from a guy named Ray because he is assisting her learn to be more independent so she can get back together with Ryan.

Sandy is at a jewelry store and wants to return a ring he bought for Kirsten for something he thinks will mean more to her. He's also looking for something that seems to have been sold somewhere.