Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 12 Spoilers

Its that time again for Survivor spoilers! And the theme this week is recycled challenges. For the reward challange we have an acution. Looks like some letters from home cna be purchsed as well as food and possibly a dip in a hot tub. one person gets sent to Exile from this challenge and it seems that if its a choice then it would be Adam but it also appears it may be a booby prize from the reward challeng and if so it looks to be Becky who goes. The immuntiy challenge is the stage by stage elimination of various previous challenges they have faced. Its a good bet that Ozzy, Yul and Adam are in the finals in this one with all signs poiting to Adam winning the immunity necklace. Johnathan is now a member of Aitu so he helps them vote out Candace. What will they think of next...