Sunday, November 26, 2006

The OC 4.12 Spoilers

This episode should air February, 2007.

Kirsten is at the doctor because she hasn't been feelings well. She's been vomiting, tired and has had headaches. The doctor tells her that its not just the flu, that the test have revealed something. (I'm guessing pregnancy but that's my interpretation).

Summer is helping organize some large event involving the mayor of Newport. Apparently its for Groundhogs Day since there are people wearing costumes.

It looks like something happened at the Groundhog event because Che and Seth are in jail. Che is making out with some random hippie girl and Seth is trying to avoid the weird looking people. The hippie girl says something to Che about being arrested for stealing the Groundhog costume and Che says he knows what that is all about. Che thinks its fate that brought them together. Eventually Seth and Che get out on bail.

Taylor is seeking help from a guy named Ray because he is assisting her learn to be more independent so she can get back together with Ryan.

Sandy is at a jewelry store and wants to return a ring he bought for Kirsten for something he thinks will mean more to her. He's also looking for something that seems to have been sold somewhere.