Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Lights 1.19 and 1.20 Spoilers

These episodes should air on March 21st and 28th respectively because the season finale is set to air on April 11, 2007.

Episode 1.19 will have Lyla arguing with Buddy Garrity at the car dealership. Lyla will become so upset she will drive one of the cars through the dealership. Landry will end up being Trya's math tutor. Coach Taylor will endure some more heat for his dealings with Smash. There will also be a bomb threat at Dillon High School.

Episode 1.20 will contain the "The Mud Bowl", which is the semi final game before the state championship. Its called that because the game will be played in a rural football field and it will be raining throughout the game. It also sounds like Dillon pulls out a close win and is on to the state championship game. Would we have it any other way?

Update: Its has been brought to my attention that it might be Tyra, not Lyla, that drives the car through the dealership. I see the plot working either way but the information could have been incorrect the first time or they decided to change it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.18 Spoilers

This episode will likely air April, 2007.

Victor is at the park holding some sort of debate versus the current mayor for his own mayoral campaign. In the middle of the debate something distracts Victor and then he asks someone that works for him to have Gabby put in his limo.

Lynette is at the pizzeria and she encounters a demanding customer. The guy complains about his food and Lynette becomes very upset. Jason comes to her rescue and assists with the customer. Later on Tom and Lynette are at the ER getting treatment for some minor injuries. The doctor asks what happened and they say it was due to some kinky sex.

Mr McClusky finally makes an appearance as he excitedly argues with his wife about some hooligans that work at some plant.

The ladies, except Bree, all play poker at Gabby's house while they admire Gabby's new handyman named Toby who is very attractive.

NBC Spring Finale Dates

Spring is right around the corner now that it is March and we are now officially on the lookout for Spring finale dates. So far I have the ones from NBC. Many more to follow and be updated as needed.

March 9 (Friday): Las Vegas
March 16 (Friday): 1 vs 100
March 25 (Sunday): Grease

April 11 (Wednesday): Friday Night Lights
April 22 (Sunday): Apprentice
April 27 (Friday): Identity

May 6 (Sunday): Deal or No Deal
May 10 (Thursday): 30 Rock, My Name is Earl
May 16 (Wednesday): Crossing Jordan, Medium
May 17 (Thursday): ER, Office, Scrubs
May 18 (Friday): Law & Order
May 21 (Monday): Black Donnellyes, Deal or No Deal, Heroes
May 22 (Tuesday): Dateline, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order CI

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Survivor Fiji: HUGE Spoilers and Final 3

I just found some information about how the rest of the Survivor season will go, especially the end game. Information this detailed should usually be taken with some degree of skepticism but so far the spoilers have been dead on and I am confident these spoilers are mostly true. These spoilers are very detailed so proceed at your own caution.

The car reward challenge is back this season and is believed to be some sort of Ford truck. Mookie wins it but gives it to Dreamz in order to secure his loyalty and it backfires.

Edgardo finds one of the hidden immunity idols and gives it to Alex. Dreamz orchastrates Edgardo getting the boot that week and Alex gets the boot the following week. Sounds like Dreamz is going to call the shots for the most part.

Now on to the final 3. Remember this season's survivor is going to have a final 3 at tribal council just like last season. Those 3 will be Dreamz, Earl and Cassandra with Earl having the best shot at the money.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 4 Spoilers

So far so good with the spoilers this season, 3/3. Hopefully it will continue. Lots of info to share on this episode!

First of all, Anthony and Rocky get into a fight once they arrive back at camp from the previous episode's tribal council. There will be both a reward and immunity challenge this week. The reward challenge is another recycled competition from Survivor past where each team needs to get its members one by one off a balance beam, starting with the far side. Gary and Cassandra sit out for Moto and it proves to be the right decision since Moto wins yet again. It appears that Moto chooses Yau-Man to visit exile island. Moto's reward is also yet another feast for the less than starving tribe.

After the first challenge Rocky will throw a fit to his temamates, threatening to quit. But its whats going on at camp Moto will be the person who is forced to leave the game, Gary is not feeling well enough to continue the game.

The immunity challenge is a water based obstacle course in which the survivors need to unlock prison like structres with keys they retrieve. Moto again wins this challenge. However, winning immuntiy this time isn't all its cracked up to be. They will be asked to either accept the immuntiy and permenantly leave their cushy camp or reject immunity and go to tribal council like a losing tribe.

Moto decides that they'd like to keep living in luxury and elect to head off to tribal council. Since Gary is already out of the game at this point the tribe will choose to vote out liliana for being too flirty with the guys.

Desperate Housewives 3.17 Spoilers

This episode should air on March 11, 2007.

Gabby shows up at Victor's house but his housekeeper tells Gabby he isn't home. Gabby doesn't seem to mind and says she was just wanted to drop by and use the restroom. The housekeeper is a bit skeptical and decides not to let Gabby in the house. Gabby confesses that she just really needs to come inside for something quick and the housekeeper obliges. It seems like Gabby is looking for something.

Later on Gabby is at the country club when a woman named Samantha compliments Gabby on her clothes. Samantha then explains how she likes the clothes so much because they are hers and then pulls out the tag to prove it. Gabby then puts two and two together and realizes that Samantha is Victor's ex. Samantha doesn't feel like chatting as she demands the clothes back from Gabby and then proceeds to pull them off of her. Gabby struggles and then Samantha threatens to use pepper spray on Gabby. So Gabby relents and gives Samantha the dress. However all this backfires when Victor asks Samantha why Gabby isn't still wearing the dress.

The Scavo Pizza place is open and Lynette tries to buddy up to the waitstaff by asking them to vent their grievances. One of the girls mentions she'd like to keep all the tips she makes and one of the guys says he's like some health insurance. This apparently isn't what Lynette in mind as she begins to ask about the uniforms. The gang all pretty much says the uniforms don't bother them but Lynette continues on about how horrible the uniforms are. Lynette obviously is looking for the employees to complain about the uniforms.

Edie throws a guy named Raoul out of her house because he was cheating on her with his stepsister. Edie calls him a sicko as he tries to defend his actions. Edie then remembers that she needs a certain watch back from Raoul.

First Anniversary

Today is the day I started this spoilers blog one year ago. Almost 80,000 visitors have enjoyed what I've written and I'm just so glad even one person came to read the site! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this experience fun and rewarding for me. I hope the second year will bring you even more content to read and spoilers to enjoy.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.16 Spoilers

This episode will air March 4, 2007.

The departed Rex Van De Kamp will narrate this episode instead of the usual Mary Alice.

Edie's son is set to show up, his name is Travers and is 9 years old. We will also get to meet Edie'e ex who asks her to keep the kid for a little bit while he goes away on business. Gabby and Carlos both have dates. Mike takes back the ring he bought for Susan. Lynette has issues with a limo.