Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.17 Spoilers

This episode should air on March 11, 2007.

Gabby shows up at Victor's house but his housekeeper tells Gabby he isn't home. Gabby doesn't seem to mind and says she was just wanted to drop by and use the restroom. The housekeeper is a bit skeptical and decides not to let Gabby in the house. Gabby confesses that she just really needs to come inside for something quick and the housekeeper obliges. It seems like Gabby is looking for something.

Later on Gabby is at the country club when a woman named Samantha compliments Gabby on her clothes. Samantha then explains how she likes the clothes so much because they are hers and then pulls out the tag to prove it. Gabby then puts two and two together and realizes that Samantha is Victor's ex. Samantha doesn't feel like chatting as she demands the clothes back from Gabby and then proceeds to pull them off of her. Gabby struggles and then Samantha threatens to use pepper spray on Gabby. So Gabby relents and gives Samantha the dress. However all this backfires when Victor asks Samantha why Gabby isn't still wearing the dress.

The Scavo Pizza place is open and Lynette tries to buddy up to the waitstaff by asking them to vent their grievances. One of the girls mentions she'd like to keep all the tips she makes and one of the guys says he's like some health insurance. This apparently isn't what Lynette in mind as she begins to ask about the uniforms. The gang all pretty much says the uniforms don't bother them but Lynette continues on about how horrible the uniforms are. Lynette obviously is looking for the employees to complain about the uniforms.

Edie throws a guy named Raoul out of her house because he was cheating on her with his stepsister. Edie calls him a sicko as he tries to defend his actions. Edie then remembers that she needs a certain watch back from Raoul.