Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 4 Spoilers

So far so good with the spoilers this season, 3/3. Hopefully it will continue. Lots of info to share on this episode!

First of all, Anthony and Rocky get into a fight once they arrive back at camp from the previous episode's tribal council. There will be both a reward and immunity challenge this week. The reward challenge is another recycled competition from Survivor past where each team needs to get its members one by one off a balance beam, starting with the far side. Gary and Cassandra sit out for Moto and it proves to be the right decision since Moto wins yet again. It appears that Moto chooses Yau-Man to visit exile island. Moto's reward is also yet another feast for the less than starving tribe.

After the first challenge Rocky will throw a fit to his temamates, threatening to quit. But its whats going on at camp Moto will be the person who is forced to leave the game, Gary is not feeling well enough to continue the game.

The immunity challenge is a water based obstacle course in which the survivors need to unlock prison like structres with keys they retrieve. Moto again wins this challenge. However, winning immuntiy this time isn't all its cracked up to be. They will be asked to either accept the immuntiy and permenantly leave their cushy camp or reject immunity and go to tribal council like a losing tribe.

Moto decides that they'd like to keep living in luxury and elect to head off to tribal council. Since Gary is already out of the game at this point the tribe will choose to vote out liliana for being too flirty with the guys.