Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rescue Me 3.04 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in either June or July.

While on the way to another call, the crew happens to see a school bus crash that just happened. They make the decision to help the kids evacuate the bus and send another crew to the original call. The next day, the community is upset because the kids on the bus were "wealthy white children from outside the community" and the original call was to help a black man who was having a heart attack. As Chief, Jerry has to defend his crew's actions. Meanwhile, Jerry is hiding his second job at the Celtic bar from the rest of the crew. Probie and his roommate Chris discover that they have an interesting relationship but discuss why are technically not gay. Tommy finds out about Maggie and Sean's realtionship but Maggie says that they are not serious. Tommy makes plans to talk to Janet. It appears as if Shelia wants Tommy to donate his sperm to her in order to get pregnant again. Tommy goes to the sperm bank to appease her but keeps having difficulties. Tommy is still hooking up with Nell in the meantime. Lou continues to drink himself to near death and again contemplates suicide when his bottle of liquor rolls onto the subway tracks. Lou discovers that a bum had the same idea and they get into a fight about who has the right to get smashed first. Johnny, Janet, Colleen and Katy have a nice family evening together as Tommy watches from outside.

Rescue Me 3.03 Spoilers

This episode should air in June or July.

Franco and his buddies find Lou drunk and pissing in the street. Franco is also still seeing Alicia. Sean and Maggie continue to hide thier realtionship from Tommy. Jerry is running out of money for his wife's nursing home so he goes to find her brother Bud, who tells him to get lost. Jerry then goes to a Celtic bar looking for work. Lou steals a book from the bookstore. Tommy hooks up with a woman named Nell. Tommy confronts Damian about selling drugs. Tommy also visits Teddy in prision.

Rescue Me 3.02 Spoilers

The new season should start in June.

The whole gang is at a strip club. Lou is very drunk and tries to pick up a girl Alicia but she ends up going after Franco. Tommy hooks up with a girl who won't quit talking, even all the way into the bedroom and beyond. Lou ends up cutting his hand and contemplates suicide but eventually goes to get it stiched up. Jerry wants to move his wife to another nursing home but she wants to stay put. Tommy lets his daughter Katy eat too much junk food and she gets sick. Tommy's sister Maggie and Sean are seeing eachother and are trying to keep it from Tommy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Desperate Housewives 2.17 Spoilers

This episode will air on March 26, 2006.

Gabrielle begins looking for a baby to adopt but keeps finding fault with all the pregnant mothers. Lynette tries to help a woman at work who is still nursing her school aged child. Bree tries to resist her urge to drink and attends an AA meeting. Dr. Ron finds out about Susan and Karl's remarriage.

Desperate Housewives 2.16 Spoilers

This episode will air on March 12, 2006.

Gabrielle and Carlos visit an adoption agency but they discover that it may be difficult for them to adopt the traditional way. Gabrielle hires a man who can help them get a child a more unconventional manner. Paul gets beat up by some guys Deirdre's father sent. Andrew hires a lawyer in order to become emancipated from Bree. Susan goes in to have her surgery done. Tom and Lynette work out some more workplace issues.

Veronica Mars 2.17 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 5, 2006.

Weevil confronts Molly about Dr. Griffith and Felix's murder. When some 09ers start picking on a special needs kid named Charlie, Jackie goes up to him and asks Charlie to the spring dance. At the dance, Veronica is taking pictures while Logan and Gia take tickets. Wallace and Jane are also at the dance together. Jackie dances with Charlie but when Charlie's mother spots them, she immediately makes Charlie come home with her. In this episode Logan also hangs out with Woody Goodman in his office and Lamb's weight room. It appears Logan is going to help demolish something (the stadium, perhaps)?

Veronica Mars 2.16 Spoilers

This episode will air on March 29, 2006.

Veronica goes to Hearst college for a visit, Wallace is also there. Veronica helps her old boyfriend Tory Vandergraff get off the hook when he is accused of date rape. Veronica also visits Shark stadium before it is imploded. While there, she spots a guy who is connected to the Fitzpatricks carrying explosives. Keith helps Cliff out of a bad situation with a woman. Hannah discovers what Logan is up to we learn that Logan's plan did indeed work. Hannah appears to depart in this episode.

It is speculated that Veronica does get Troy off the hook but does not solve the mystery. This storyline is a clear frontrunner to be the season 3 mystery. Supposedly there will be some sublte clues in this episode to keep in mind for next season.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big day in NFL & NHL

Finally the NFL and its Players Union have agreed to a labor deal. Now we can put off the ridiculous extension of deadlines, which was extended again until midnight eastern tonight. I'm looking forward to the free agent flurry that is set to happen in the next couple of days. Who will land on our favorite teams? Who's jersey are we going to have to retire to the trash heap? I'll keep you updated on the major moves in the NFL this offseason and as always my take on

Tonight is the trading deadline for the NHL and there have already been some major moves, particularly some goalies moving addresses. Minnesota Wild goaltender Roloson moving to the Edmonton Oilers makes sense for both parties involved. The Oilers needed a goalie and the Wild had one to spare. I'm sure Minnesota hated trading to a division rival but sometimes business just needs to get done. The other NHL trade involved my favorite team, the Colorado avalanche sending their starting goalie Aebischer to the Montreal Canadians for their best goalie Theodore. The jury is still out on this one, epsecially since Theodore will still be on injured reserve for at least 6 more weeks. If Theodore helps the Avs win at least a playoff series, I'll be happy with the deal. As for Montreal, I'm sure they are delighted with the new depth at the position but they are looking toward next year for the most part. Will there be any more movement before tonight's deadline? We will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The OC 3.21 Spoilers

Episode 20 should air in April or May 2006.

Everyone's college acceptance letters arrive. Seth ends up not getting in to Brown while Summer did. Seth hides this from Summer. Ryan and Sadie are still together and try to decide how they are going to stay that way. Marissa and Summer work on their friendship. Taylor appears.

Episode 21 should air in May, 2006.

Sandy and Matt are at odds with each other, specifically Sandy does not approve of Matt's attempts at extortion. Marissa and Volchok are still together as Marissa continues to drink, smoke joints and skip school. Julie confronts Volchok about Marissa and wants her to come home. It appears that Ryan had traveled to Albuquerque to visit his mother. While trying to track her down, he meets a waitress named Chloe at the diner his mother works at. Chloe and Ryan share a kiss and a dance. Kirsten is not happy with Sandy and contemplates taking a drink. Seth and Summer appear to be broken up in this episode but it is unclear of the circumstances surrounding it.

Survivor Panama Episode 6 Spoilers

Spoilers for each Survivor episode can be very hit and miss because there is minimal evidence to use. However, I have gathered the best information available and here is what to expect this Thursday.

The reward challenge looks like it has to do with skulls and a puzzle. This week's twist is that the person who gets sent to Exile Island will receive individual immunity as well. Speculation is that Sally gets sent to exile with the immunity. The Immunity challenge involves carrying large flat objects. Speculation is that La Mina loses the immunity challenge and has to vote out Dan because Sally is safe.

I Heart Hockey & Odds

Just taking a moment to reflect on how much I am enjoying hockey this year. It was so tough to go through the last year with the CBA, the lockout and all. I truly missed the game but I kind of forgot how much I loved it. My favorite rule change of this year is the shootout. I was worried that it would make the game artificial but I have found that shootouts are so much fun for the fans to watch. I have even seen a shootout win for my Avs in person and it was a blast. Its nice when a professional sports league can take the fan's persepctive every once in a while and do something to enhance their experience.

Here are some odds courtesy of on who is favored to win the 2006 Staley Cup, minus those teams with no hope of making the playoffs.

7-2 Ottawa Senetors
9-2 Detroit Red Wings
7-1 Carolina Hurricanes
7-1 Dallas Stars
8-1 NewYork Rangers
10-1 Philadephia Flyers
10-1 Calgary Flames
20-1 Buffalo Sabres
20-1 Colorado Avalanche
20-1 New Jersey Devils
20-1 Tampa Bay Lightning
20-1 Vancouver Canucks
30-1 Nashville Predators
35-1 San Jose Sharks
40-1 Anaheim Mighty Ducks
40-1 Emonton Oilers
40-1 Los Angeles Kings
45-1 Boston Bruins
50-1 Montreal Canadiens
60-1 Atlanta Thrashers
70-1 Minnesota Wild

My take on these odds: Clearly there is room for major upsets because of the logjam of teams between the 20-1 and 40-1 range. Of that bunch, New Jersey and Tampa Bay at 20-1 are a bit generous for those fading teams and San Jose at 35-1 is insane for a team currently 11th in the standings and 8 points out of the 8th and final spot in the playoff seedings. Nashville should be given more credit for their season and at 30-1, those are good odds. Anaheim, Minnesota, Boston and Atlanta are going to have a tough time even qulaifying for the playoffs so I wouldn't take a bet on their Stanley Cup hopes.

The OC 3.18 & 3.19 Spoilers

Episode 18 will air on March 23, 2006.

Sandy realizes that there are going to be problems with Matt and the hospital project. Taylor helps Seth and Summer with a problem. Ryan and Sadie are still a couple as well as Marissa and Volchok.

Episode 19 should air in March or April, 2006.

Kirsten takes Seth to a rehab meeting. A rift begins to grow between Sandy and Matt. Julie moves into Summer's house with Dr. Roberts. Marissa and Summer fight over Marissa's behavior, particularly her drinking again. Ryan wants to beat up Volchok's friends for saying bad things about Marissa but he is still with Sadie. Matt finds his way into trouble with the wrong kind of people. Sadie is set to leave in this episode.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Its Official: Travis and Sarah Split

Finally a member of the Tennessee media has gotten a hold of latest bachelor Travis and his chosen lady Sarah. They confirmed in a joint telephone interview with the Tennessean that due to the distance they had to keep from each other after taping the show has caused them to split up. They both said that they will remain friends.

I just knew this would come out eventually. Actually, less than a week after the finale is pretty fast for ABC's facade to fall apart.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Veronica Mars $4,000 Shower Campaign

For those of you who have not heard, Veronica Mars has suffered low ratings as of late. Nobody is sure what the problem is but we know that going up against Lost, having the pitiful South Beach as a lead in or suffering the backlash of the CW had on UPN has got to be some part of the reason.

What can we do, other than watch the show, to help our dear Veronica Mars? We can create and send a postcard to Dawn Ostroff or any other network bigwig and let them know how much we want a season 3. Please join me and hundreds of other fans who have sent in a postcard showing your support. Here is the link:

Veronica and I thank you!

Fantasy Hoops League

For those of you TV lovers who have a place in their heart for sports, I want to let you all know that I run a series of elimination leagues in each major sport. The next one up is March Madness and I have created an elimination style tournament pick 'em league on Yahoo!

In order to sign up, you need to be first registered with Yahoo! and have an ID. Once you do that you can join my league at: then sign up for your team and join a private group. The ID is 1076 and password is 4444. Hope to see you there!

I won't delete this post but the tournament is over! No more game to join. See you next year!

Updated 4.3.06

The OC 3.16 & 3.17 Spoilers

I don't get much in depth information about the OC but here is the information I can offer courtesy of

Episode 16 will air on March 9, 2006

Ryan and Sadie go on a road trip looking for her uncle Jack, who is Johnny's father and a bounty hunter. Marissa is involved in the investigation into Johnny's death. Summer does not yet know about her father and Julie.

Episode 17 will air on March 16, 2006

By this episode Ryan and Sadie and Marissa and Volchok are a couple. Seth is planning Ryan's birthday party. Dr. Roberts and Julie finally tell Summer about their relationship.

Veronica Mars 2.15 Spoilers

Only 9 days until Veronica Mars returns. I can't wait! In order to hold us over until then, here is some information on the 15th epiosde of the season set to air on March 22, 2006.

Veronica helps Jane find her sister Heidi when she goes missing after the bachelorette party at Java the Hut. They find Heidi's apartment ransacked and assume the worst. Veronica figures out the real truth. Someone who owns a large fleet of cars is arrested for the bus crash on new evidence. Veronica finds out what Logan is up to with Hannah. Logan continues to hang out with Hannah and meets her mother, Stephanie Denenberg. Logan sneaks away to send an email from the Griffith house. Vinnie Van Lowe appears as well.

The NFL can't make up its mind

I was going to make a few observations on the conclusion of the NFL labor negotiations, specifically if there was a deal or no deal. Since the deadline was changed three times yesterday and now we are pushed back until Thursday, I'll give my thoughts now because this situation could become never ending.

The NFL just needs to take a step back and look at the big picture. Did they not learn anything from the NHL? True, that this deal is rather meaningless from the standpoint of 2006 but we are protecting 2008 here. If there was ever a labor stoppage in the NFL, the whole country would have a heart attack. Think of all the dollars TV networks such as FOX, CBS and NBC would lose in that case. What would people do on Sundays in the fall? The NFL is not just a sport to us Americans, it is a way of life that is embedded in our culture. You can't just take that away from us.

The reality of the situation now is the NFL and the NFL Players Association haggling over how much revenues the players get in salary. Sound familiar anyone? The NFL team owners should think about all the massive cuts they will have to make without a deal and the players should think about the absence of money on the table without said deal as well. Case in point, both Kerry Collins and Isaac Bruce were cut yesterday and then once the deadline was extended for the third time, the players became un-cut. Makes those two feel real great if they end up staying with their team for 2006. Just something to think about.

Finally, how can you have a purposeful negotiation if there is no firm deadline? The NHL never extended their negotiation deadlines. Not that the NHL should be any sort of example of how to properly handle labor relations, but at least everyone involved knew they meant business. This no real deadline thing is going to allow one party to gain leverage over the other. I'm fine with that as long as they can get a deal done and put this nonsense behind us.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gilmore Girls 6.19 Spoilers

This episode will air April 18, 2006.

Lorelei, Rory, Sookie, Lane and 3 other friends are getting ready for Lane's bachelorette party which will involve lots of beer and watching American Gigalo at the bookstore/movie theatre. Kyon sneaks away from the Kim house and joins them. Christopher keeps texting Rory on her Sidekick. Granny Kim is in town and the wedding takes place in this episode. There will be two different ceremonies and the reception is in the town square. Lorelei brings Christopher to the wedding as her date after both Luke and Michel decline.

Updated 4.3.06

Gilmore Girls 6.18 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 11, 2006

Luke goes with April on a school trip to Philadelphia for a math contest. Luke tries to bond with April and the kids. The human Paul Anka visits Lorelei in a dream. Rory and Logan are trying to patch things up but things are still tense. Rory goes to Philadelphia to visit Jess. Luke visits Jess at his apartment/studio as well. Lorelei discovers that Richard and Emily are in Stars Hollow looking at houses.

Gilmore Girls 6.17 Spoilers

This episode will air on April 4, 2006

Rory goes to visit Anna's store, who does not yet know who Rory is. Kirk is at the Inn and trying to sell Real Estate. Zack is trying to write a hit song and also asks Mrs. Kim for permission to marrly Lane. Lorelei is upset that Luke is going away for a field trip with April (this happens in 6.18). Rory comes to town to cheer Lorelei up. Rory tries to forgive Logan.