Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rescue Me 3.04 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in either June or July.

While on the way to another call, the crew happens to see a school bus crash that just happened. They make the decision to help the kids evacuate the bus and send another crew to the original call. The next day, the community is upset because the kids on the bus were "wealthy white children from outside the community" and the original call was to help a black man who was having a heart attack. As Chief, Jerry has to defend his crew's actions. Meanwhile, Jerry is hiding his second job at the Celtic bar from the rest of the crew. Probie and his roommate Chris discover that they have an interesting relationship but discuss why are technically not gay. Tommy finds out about Maggie and Sean's realtionship but Maggie says that they are not serious. Tommy makes plans to talk to Janet. It appears as if Shelia wants Tommy to donate his sperm to her in order to get pregnant again. Tommy goes to the sperm bank to appease her but keeps having difficulties. Tommy is still hooking up with Nell in the meantime. Lou continues to drink himself to near death and again contemplates suicide when his bottle of liquor rolls onto the subway tracks. Lou discovers that a bum had the same idea and they get into a fight about who has the right to get smashed first. Johnny, Janet, Colleen and Katy have a nice family evening together as Tommy watches from outside.