Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The OC 3.18 & 3.19 Spoilers

Episode 18 will air on March 23, 2006.

Sandy realizes that there are going to be problems with Matt and the hospital project. Taylor helps Seth and Summer with a problem. Ryan and Sadie are still a couple as well as Marissa and Volchok.

Episode 19 should air in March or April, 2006.

Kirsten takes Seth to a rehab meeting. A rift begins to grow between Sandy and Matt. Julie moves into Summer's house with Dr. Roberts. Marissa and Summer fight over Marissa's behavior, particularly her drinking again. Ryan wants to beat up Volchok's friends for saying bad things about Marissa but he is still with Sadie. Matt finds his way into trouble with the wrong kind of people. Sadie is set to leave in this episode.