Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big day in NFL & NHL

Finally the NFL and its Players Union have agreed to a labor deal. Now we can put off the ridiculous extension of deadlines, which was extended again until midnight eastern tonight. I'm looking forward to the free agent flurry that is set to happen in the next couple of days. Who will land on our favorite teams? Who's jersey are we going to have to retire to the trash heap? I'll keep you updated on the major moves in the NFL this offseason and as always my take on

Tonight is the trading deadline for the NHL and there have already been some major moves, particularly some goalies moving addresses. Minnesota Wild goaltender Roloson moving to the Edmonton Oilers makes sense for both parties involved. The Oilers needed a goalie and the Wild had one to spare. I'm sure Minnesota hated trading to a division rival but sometimes business just needs to get done. The other NHL trade involved my favorite team, the Colorado avalanche sending their starting goalie Aebischer to the Montreal Canadians for their best goalie Theodore. The jury is still out on this one, epsecially since Theodore will still be on injured reserve for at least 6 more weeks. If Theodore helps the Avs win at least a playoff series, I'll be happy with the deal. As for Montreal, I'm sure they are delighted with the new depth at the position but they are looking toward next year for the most part. Will there be any more movement before tonight's deadline? We will have to wait and see.