Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The OC 3.21 Spoilers

Episode 20 should air in April or May 2006.

Everyone's college acceptance letters arrive. Seth ends up not getting in to Brown while Summer did. Seth hides this from Summer. Ryan and Sadie are still together and try to decide how they are going to stay that way. Marissa and Summer work on their friendship. Taylor appears.

Episode 21 should air in May, 2006.

Sandy and Matt are at odds with each other, specifically Sandy does not approve of Matt's attempts at extortion. Marissa and Volchok are still together as Marissa continues to drink, smoke joints and skip school. Julie confronts Volchok about Marissa and wants her to come home. It appears that Ryan had traveled to Albuquerque to visit his mother. While trying to track her down, he meets a waitress named Chloe at the diner his mother works at. Chloe and Ryan share a kiss and a dance. Kirsten is not happy with Sandy and contemplates taking a drink. Seth and Summer appear to be broken up in this episode but it is unclear of the circumstances surrounding it.