Thursday, November 23, 2006

Survivor 13 Episode 11 Spoilers

Not too much to go on with the spoilers for this week, we must be thankful for any and especially after last week's bonanza! There is indeed a merge on Raro's camp this week. Yul tells Ozzy that he has the hidde nimmunity idol. As for the vote, Johnathan sides back with the Aitu's and they vote off Nate. Spoilers are also suggesting that the final 4 are the 4 stong Aitus with Becky being the one to go at final 4. Remember there is a spoiler that the jury will vote on the final 3 this time, hense the larger jury pool. Candice is not looking to good to last after this week either.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Amazing Race All-Stars Begins

Just as speculated, the Amazing Race All-Stars edition filming is just underway. Foremer racers were spotted at the Miami airport on Monday the 20th of November and said they were headed to Quito, Ecuador. Several teams were spotted confirming rumors such as Rob & Amber, Charla & Mirna, and Bill & Joe (Guidos). Other possible teams on the race are Dustin & Kandace from the current season, Jon Vito & Jill and possibly Blake & Paige. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates as the race continues!

UPDATED 11.29.06: More sightings! Yesterday (the 28th) the Guidos were spotted in Ushuaia, Argentina in an internet cafe looking for flights to what appears to be South Africa. Ushuaia is called the southern most in the world and is used as a launching point for trips to Antartica. The Antartica mention is just speculation but I had to add it since I've been waiting for years for this to become a true 7 continent race. More updates and spoilers certainly to come!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Must See Video

For those of you who have not caught on to th fact that I'm a huge Ryan Star fan, let this be your first clue! He's an amazing and telented musician that I have all the passion for in the world as much as the TV shows I write about. I don't post all the videos there are out there of his performances mainly because it would go on forever. However, I can't pass up the chance to share this video with my part of the world who reads this blog. Its called "Live Happy, Live With Anorexia" and its from 1998 when Ryan was in a band called Stage. Enjoy!