Saturday, April 15, 2006

New! More Veronica Mars Spoilers

I just found some more spoilers for the last couple of Veronica Mars episodes. They are just tidbits, I don't have any other information to go with them. As always, read at your own risk.

1. Aaron Echolls is found not guilty at his trial.

2. Weevil is arrested at graduation for Thumper's murder.

3. Mac and Beaver end up together again. It appears they finally move past first base.

4. Veronica graduates salutorian (2nd place).

5. Mac, Wallace and Logan graduate as well. Dick does not graduate.

6. Veronica dreams about what graduation day would have been like if Lilly were still alive. Lilly appears and this may be where Duncan's last appearance will be. In Veronica's dream she is with Logan.

7. Lianne Mars will also be back for the finale but it is unknown if she will be in the flesh or just in Veronica's dream.

8. Someone gets shot and it may be either Veronica, Keith or Logan. That person is NOT likely to die.

9. The final scene of the season is set at an airport. Possibly involving Veronica and Wallace.

10. Deputy Leo will be back for episode #20.

11. Clearance Weidman will be seen in the finale, possibly to related to Duncan's whereabouts.

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Big Love News & Spoilers

I have recently discovered Big Love and I am liking this unique quirky show. I noticed that there is a lack of information available on Big Love so I thought I would compile some here for all you fans.

The first season was actually produced last in April through September of 2005 so that is why there is not a wealth of spoilers available. However, I can give you an idea of what to expect in the coming episodes. I heard that season 2 will begin production in August so I hope to have more in depth spoilers to offer this summer.

This just in! HBO has picked up Big Love for a 2nd season and will air sometime in 2007!

Episode 6: Airs 4.16.06: Bill heads back to the compound for the funeral of Frank's first wife Roberta. While there, Bill and Roman negotiate a deal. Bill also finds out that his mother wants to use Roberta's death to increase her status at the compound. Bill takes some time to reflect as well. Meanwhile, Nicki encounter some issues at Home Plus and Barb comes to her aid.

Episode 7: Airs 4.23.06: Bill works on an expensive and controversial advertisement campaign for Home Plus. Barb discovers what Nicki has been hiding as Nicki deals with the aggressive missionaries. Margie continues to spend time with the neighbor Pam and even attends church with her. As for the kids, Sarah has a secret of her own, namely a house guest and Ben goes out of town with some fellow Seminary students. Alby finds he suddenly has a lot of time on his hands. Roman decides on Bill's settlement offer.

Episode 8: Airs 4.30.06: Bill and Roman's deal hits a snag because both parties have pending lawsuits against each other. Bill comes up with a last minute settlement offer. Bill also must deal with evicted visitors at his house from the compound to celebrate Easter but finds out they don't want to leave. Sarah talks to her grandmother about the family's history. Barb and Joey have a confidential discussion. Nicki finds out she is not the only person in debt.

Episode 9: Airs 5.7.06: Bill enjoys his freedom from Roman but discovers he is not rid of the Prophets. Nicki has a confession for Bill. Don is seriously involved with a woman named Betty. Bill talks to Sarah about legal issues. Margie is involved with some sort of vote.

Episode 10: Airs 5.14.06: Barb's disapproving sister Cindy comes for a visit. Bill's issues with Roman is not over. Bill becomes involved with the UEB Priesthood Council. Ben and girlfriend Brynn trade gifts. Margie has housework problems, loses a friend and attends a baptism.

Episode 11: Airs 5.21.06: The Hendricksons are enjoying some success. Bill is invited to be a part of the Salt Lake City Leadership League. Barb is a finalist for Mother of the Year. All 3 wives discuss their wills and discover they have custody issues. Rhonda visits from the compound. Holloway finds out what happens when secrets are kept from Roman.

Episode 12: Airs 6.4.06: No information is available yet. There will be a week hiatus between episode 11 and 12 for the Memorial Day holiday.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Desperate Housewives 2.23 Spoilers

This is part one of the two part finale that will air on May 21, 2006. I anticipate getting spoilers for the second half soon.

This episode is told largely in flashbacks of when the ladies moved to Wisteria Lane.

Gabrielle arrived in 2002. The house did not appear as nice as Gabrielle would have liked and the movers commented about her series of self portraits.

In present day, Gabrielle it getting golf lessons and Stan, the sleazy old man instructor, hits on her.

Bree arrived in 1994 when Andrew was 5 years old and Danielle was just 4 years old. Young Andrew wants to play with Danielle's doll and Bree won't let him while Danielle gets to have what she wants, a pink bedroom. Rex returns for the flashback as well.

In present day, Andrew is talking to a lawyer about an very sizable estate he inherited from a Henry Mason. Andrew says that his father is dead and he does not know who his mother is so that the lawyer will hand over the estate to him.

In a non flashback, the cops pull over Betty and Caleb who are then both arrested.

Also in present day, a newscaster reports that an 40-ish year old African American man who was working on a road crew stepped out into oncoming traffic and was killed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rescue Me 3.05 Spoilers

This episode should air on June 27, 2006.

Alicia and Keela are having a discussion and Keela tells her that she wants Alicia in her life forever. Later on when Franco come home he discovers that Keela and Alicia are not home and nowhere to be found. Franco gets upset and goes next door to Ms. Lofton's apartment but she does said Alicia picked up Keela at 4 o'clock just like she was told and does not know where the pair went. Franco continues searching in a park but the cop on duty there thinks he is being creepy. Then, Franco goes to Alicia's apartment but her doorman won't let Franco in or tell him where Alicia is at. At the end of the episode Franco goes into Keela's empty bedroom and grieves.

Teddy is still in prison and he is having a discussion with a cell mate over what woman he should choose for his conjugal visit. They have a lot of pictures to choose from and the cell mate keeps rejecting them for some reason. Then the cell mate offers to throw himself into the mix, Teddy declines.

Maggie and Sean are still together and are at her apartment. They are discussing why a Frank killed himself.

Mike and Chris are hanging out at Chris' apartment and are having some sort of lover's quarrel over baseball and philosophy.

Tommy is having trouble with his equipment and thinks he may have contracted Chlamydia from Angie. She is the woman who was sleeping with Damian and some other kids that she teaches. Tommy slept with Angie to get her away from Damian. Now it seems like Tommy and a few teenage boys are spreading Chlamydia around town. Tommy calls Janet to make sure she is healthy and feeling ok. It appears that Tommy had recently slept with Janet. At the end of the episode Tommy has a discussion with Angie that had him so upset that he pulls off to the side of the road and has a good hard cry. A cop shows up and sees Tommy's bloodshot eyes and wonders if Tommy is high. Tommy assures him the cop that it something just got stuck in his eye. After the cop leaves Tommy goes back to bawling. End of episode.

The OC 3.25 (finale) Spoilers

You know the drill, spoilers for season finales are always suspect to be foilers due to the nature of the episode and the fact that the producers want to keep as much secrets and suspense as possible. However, this comes from a very reliable source so I have to share it. You have been warned!

This episode will air on May 11, 2006.

Marissa and Julie get into a fight. Seems like Marissa wants to move far away from her mother for college and says some nasty things in the process. Julie slaps Marissa but instantly regrets it. Later on Marissa is looking for Volchok and is so upset she actually considers calling her mother. Volchok appears just before Marissa can make the call.

Kirsten and Seth are in a hospital waiting room. It appears that Sandy has just had heart attack and is in surgery. Kirsten blames it on the job and is worried she will lose her husband the same way she lost her father. The doctor comes in and wants to talk to Kirsten privately, Seth freaks out. The doctor does not have good news for Kirsten and says that Sandy is on life support and may not pull through. The doctor also informs Kirsten that Sandy has a "do not resuscitate" clause in his living will.

Meanwhile Summer and Taylor are spying on Dr. Roberts at the Yacht Club. They suspect that he is seeing a mystery woman. Once that mystery woman shows her face Summer knows precisely who she is.

Ryan goes to Theresa's apartment to talk to her. Theresa is upset and asks Ryan to leave. Once Ryan sees Eddie and a friend there drunk and angry, Ryan enters the apartment. It appears that Theresa's child is Ryan's and his name is Daniel. Ryan asks where his son is and wants to take Daniel away from the unhealthy environment. Theresa insists that Daniel is safe but won't tell Ryan where he is because she fears Eddie. Just then Eddie and his friend jump Ryan with a knife.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Survivor Panama Episode 9 Spoilers

This episode the reward challenge prize is the traditional letters from home. The castaways are split into two teams with Courtney, Terry, Bruce and Sally on one team and Aras, Cirie, Shane and Danielle on the other team. The challenge is some sort of pulley system where one person lays on a plank and retrieves flags. It appears that the Aras team loses and he gets sent to Exile Island as well. The immunity challenge starts off with a bribe, anyone who wants to eat must give up their chance at immunity. Cirie and Bruce take Jeff up on the offer for food. Aras and Terry decide to take part in the competition and may be the only people to do so. Terry wins the immunity challenge again and leaves the Casaya alliance hurting. In the end it is Courtney who gets her torch I mean the other blonde, Sally.

Survivor Panama Winner Revealed?

Updating my earlier post about the final 4 being comprised of Cirie, Terry, Danielle and Aras, there now is new evidence that supports my final 4 spoiler but selects a different winner. The online gambling website has received a numerous amount of bets on Danielle and has forced them to stop accepting bets on this season's Survivor. This type of betting scandal has happened several times in the past and has always correctly pointed at the eventual winner. Looks like Aras may lose to Danielle in the final tribal council.

Supernatural Finale Spoilers

Supernatural is not one of the shows I watch and therefore I do not cover it. However, since I compiled some finale spoilers for a friend I thought I would share them with you all. Enjoy!

Dean is at Bobby's house and offers him some whiskey. Bobby has helped Dean out with something. Sam looks at a large dusty book, it is the Key of Solomon. Sam and Dean look at a drawing that is a circle with interlocking squares inside of it. Bobby says that they are protective circles. Bobby is worried that Dean and Sam are into things too serious, many more demons than usual. Bobby thinks some sort of storm is coming. Later on Dean punches Meg in the face. Dean is really upset and thinks Meg is lying about someone (a "he") being dead. Bobby tells Dean to be careful with Meg because she is possessed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Veronica Mars' New Night

Oh, happy day! Veronica Mars is on its new night, Tuesday and that happens to be today. This is your weekly reminder to watch Veronica Mars and to let you know not to forget that it is on tonight at 9pm eastern on UPN. This is the episode I have been looking forward to for months from reading the spoilers and I'm sure you all won't be disappointed. Don't forget to pass along the news and get as many people watching Veronica Mars with you!

If you don't currently watch Veronica Mars, tonight would be a great night to check this show out. There is still a lot of mystery yet to be solved and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. After watching Gilmore Girls or American Idol just tune in toVeronica Mars as it would make a nice companion piece. There really isn't much better on and you can always tape House or catch it on a rerun. Just a suggestion!

Also, I have added a lot of updates to the 3.14.06 post about Veronica Mars episode 2.20. Some good stuff is in there so don't forget to check it out.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Real World Coming to Denver

I just heard the best news of the day even at this late hour. MTV has confirmed that the 18th edition of the Real World is coming to Denver. The series will begin filming in May to be aired sometime in the fall, most likely right after the Freshmeat Challenge ends. Now that I know the Real World will be filmed in my backyard, I will be on the look out for some exclusive scoop!

What I can tell you now is that the 7 strangers will live in the newly refurbished and recently closed B-52 Nightclub that is located at 1920 Market Street in LoDo, the trendy downtown section of Denver. For those of you who are not familiar with the Denver area, this location is just one block south of Coors Field and is a very popular part of town on gamedays and weekends. There are a bunch of bars right acorss the street from the Real World house such as LoDo's, El Chapultepec, Mattie's and Tavern Downtown if you want to check them out in hopes of spying a Real Worlder. MTV did not announce what the roommates' job will be but in this location I would not be surprised if it has to do with baseball or the nightclub scene.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big Brother 7: All-Stars! Viewers Choice!

As all the season long shows begin to wind down to their finale dates, it has me thinking about some of the upcoming summer shows. In particular, one of my favorite and most addicting summer shows: Big Brother. Here is the information I have gathered so far about this summer's Big Brother 7. Check back here for updates!

It is widely speculated that the 2006 edition of Big Brother is going to be an All-Star season. CBS picked up the 7th season of Big Brother unusually early last October and rumor has it that this was due to the network approving the idea of an All-Star edition and needing the extra time it would take to cast the past houseguests. It has also been speculated that CBS wants to capitalize on the huge popularity of Kaysar by giving a third chance to win the 500k. Other evidence points to the All-Star edition being likely such as the application link has been removed from the CBS website much earlier than usual and former houseguest Kaysar and Dr. Will hinting that the rumors may be true. What is not clear at this time is who will be cast on said edition of Big Brother other than Kaysar. Also, it is rumored that it may be All-Stars versus "non stars" but this is one of the least popular scenarios.

This rumor is gathering steam as we get closer to summer. I'm hearing that the All-Stars edition cast may be chosen by the audience out of 20 selected by the network. Time think about which past houseguest you want to see back on the show. I'd love to see Kaysar, Amy, Marcellas, Jason, and Janelle. I hope someone from season 1 is included and no past winners are allowed back into the game. Although it might be tough to keep the evil Dr. Will out of the All-Star edition.

We do know that the houseguests will begin their lock in on Monday, July 3rd and the first episode will likely air on Thursday, July 7th. That is less than 3 months away so get ready for some Big Brother!

CBS has now confirmed that Big Brother 7 will indeed be an All-Stars edition. A list of 20 candidates will be available soon and the audience will vote on who they would like to see cast on the show. There is one twist (of course big Brother would have a twist). The twist is that the producers will reserve the right to "veto" some of the audience's decisions and cast some less popular houseguests. Why didn't they just say Eric is going to be in the house even if he receives zero votes? It is obvious who the producers want in that the audience does not like. But I'll save my judgment for later. I'll update when I hear about the top 20 and how you can cast your vote.

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