Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rescue Me 3.05 Spoilers

This episode should air on June 27, 2006.

Alicia and Keela are having a discussion and Keela tells her that she wants Alicia in her life forever. Later on when Franco come home he discovers that Keela and Alicia are not home and nowhere to be found. Franco gets upset and goes next door to Ms. Lofton's apartment but she does said Alicia picked up Keela at 4 o'clock just like she was told and does not know where the pair went. Franco continues searching in a park but the cop on duty there thinks he is being creepy. Then, Franco goes to Alicia's apartment but her doorman won't let Franco in or tell him where Alicia is at. At the end of the episode Franco goes into Keela's empty bedroom and grieves.

Teddy is still in prison and he is having a discussion with a cell mate over what woman he should choose for his conjugal visit. They have a lot of pictures to choose from and the cell mate keeps rejecting them for some reason. Then the cell mate offers to throw himself into the mix, Teddy declines.

Maggie and Sean are still together and are at her apartment. They are discussing why a Frank killed himself.

Mike and Chris are hanging out at Chris' apartment and are having some sort of lover's quarrel over baseball and philosophy.

Tommy is having trouble with his equipment and thinks he may have contracted Chlamydia from Angie. She is the woman who was sleeping with Damian and some other kids that she teaches. Tommy slept with Angie to get her away from Damian. Now it seems like Tommy and a few teenage boys are spreading Chlamydia around town. Tommy calls Janet to make sure she is healthy and feeling ok. It appears that Tommy had recently slept with Janet. At the end of the episode Tommy has a discussion with Angie that had him so upset that he pulls off to the side of the road and has a good hard cry. A cop shows up and sees Tommy's bloodshot eyes and wonders if Tommy is high. Tommy assures him the cop that it something just got stuck in his eye. After the cop leaves Tommy goes back to bawling. End of episode.