Thursday, April 13, 2006

The OC 3.25 (finale) Spoilers

You know the drill, spoilers for season finales are always suspect to be foilers due to the nature of the episode and the fact that the producers want to keep as much secrets and suspense as possible. However, this comes from a very reliable source so I have to share it. You have been warned!

This episode will air on May 11, 2006.

Marissa and Julie get into a fight. Seems like Marissa wants to move far away from her mother for college and says some nasty things in the process. Julie slaps Marissa but instantly regrets it. Later on Marissa is looking for Volchok and is so upset she actually considers calling her mother. Volchok appears just before Marissa can make the call.

Kirsten and Seth are in a hospital waiting room. It appears that Sandy has just had heart attack and is in surgery. Kirsten blames it on the job and is worried she will lose her husband the same way she lost her father. The doctor comes in and wants to talk to Kirsten privately, Seth freaks out. The doctor does not have good news for Kirsten and says that Sandy is on life support and may not pull through. The doctor also informs Kirsten that Sandy has a "do not resuscitate" clause in his living will.

Meanwhile Summer and Taylor are spying on Dr. Roberts at the Yacht Club. They suspect that he is seeing a mystery woman. Once that mystery woman shows her face Summer knows precisely who she is.

Ryan goes to Theresa's apartment to talk to her. Theresa is upset and asks Ryan to leave. Once Ryan sees Eddie and a friend there drunk and angry, Ryan enters the apartment. It appears that Theresa's child is Ryan's and his name is Daniel. Ryan asks where his son is and wants to take Daniel away from the unhealthy environment. Theresa insists that Daniel is safe but won't tell Ryan where he is because she fears Eddie. Just then Eddie and his friend jump Ryan with a knife.