Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 World Series Odds

Its spring time and the baseball is about to begin in a few days. Its time for my World Series odds preview and predictions. These odds are courtesy of

American League:

7-2 New York Yankees
7-2 Boston Red Sox
9-1 Chicago White Sox
10-1 Detroit Tigers
10-1 Los Angeles Angels
13-1 Cleveland Indians
18-1 Minnesota Twins
20-1 Oakland Athletics
22-1 Toronto Blue Jays
40-1 Texas Rangers
50-1 Seattle Mariners
80-1 Baltimore Orioles
90-1 Kansas City Royals
90-1 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

National League:

8-1 New York Mets
9-1 Los Angeles Dodgers
11-1 Philadelphia Phillies
12-1 Chicago Cubs
13-1 St. Louis Cardinals
15-1 Atlanta Braves
20-1 Milwaukee Brewers
20-1 San Francisco Giants
25-1 San Diego Padres
30-1 Arizona Dimondbacks
35-1 Cincinnati Reds
40-1 Houston Astros
50-1 Florida Marlins
50-1 Pittsburgh Pirates
55-1 Colorado Rockies
100-1 Washington Nationals

My take on these odds: First of all I'm glad the Rockies are not picked for last place in the NL again but I'm still perplexed by their odds. No, I don't have delusions that they will win the world series but they will have a better record than Pittsburgh and Florida. The rest of the NL West is too highly rated, especially San Francisco who will have a tough time getting more wins than the Rockies. Even though the Mets are ranked at the top of the NL, I still like their 8-1 odds. Although any pick can be argued in the NL, its that up in the air.

For the AL, Cleveland and Minnesota are decent bets. They are both expected to do well. Boston and the Yankees are obviously the top of the AL and the league. I wouldn't bet on either team but if you want a sure chance they will both give it to you. I might like the Red Sox a little more than the Yankees this year. The White Sox are a tad too favored, they likely won't win the division.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rescue Me 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in June, 2007.

Sean and Maggie are in a fight but he wants the relationship to work out. Then Sean notices there is some guy in his apartment and Maggie says she's moved on. Sean doesn't believe it because he left only hours ago. Sean tries to reason with Maggie but she's being stubborn. Sean then threatens divorce and slams the door in Maggie's face while the dude looks on with confusion.

Franco is purchasing an engagement ring for Natalie.

Janet and Tommy are in couple's counselling. They talk about being broken up several times but never going through with a divorce. Tommy's question for the shrink is weather or not to give the marriage another chance or to file for divorce. The shrink asks some family history on them as Tommy and Janet run through their whole mess of problems. Just as Janet finishes up on the last bit of history the shrink picks up the phone and calls someone named Dick, telling him that the joke was great and he almost believed they were a real couple. Tommy and Janet look at each other in confusion.

Teddy and Ellie are temporarily staying at her very elderly mother's house. Teddy wonders if she's dead and this prompts some words of exchange between the mother and Teddy. Ellie then suggests that Teddy go to alcohol rehab so that they can be a regular couple. Teddy seems all for it but questions the cost. Ellie says that she will use her mother's money to pay for it.

Lou and the other Jerry share a conversation at the rival firehouse when Lou spots woman leaving the kitchen area. Lou tells Jerry that they need to have a chat.

Later on the crew is out on call. Lou is telling Needles that they are a bit lost in the building when they hear a woman calling out to them in Spanish. The guys find her pregnant and with her water broken. Upon examination they see the baby's head is almost out. Lou lies her down and the guys prepare to deliver the baby.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

List of Summer 2007 Premiere Dates

Now its as good time as any to start listing the premiere dates for this summer. We've got the FOX and NBC dates for now, I'll add to the list and keep updating it once I know more.

May 22 (Tuesday): On the Lot
May 24 (Thursday): So You Think You Can Dance
May 29 (Tuesday): America's Got Talent
May 30 (Wednesday): Rescue Me

June 3 (Sunday): The 4400
June 10 (Sunday): The Loop
June 11 (Monday): The Closer
June 13 (Wednesday): Last Comic Standing
June 18 (Monday): Age of Love
June 25 (Monday): Hell's Kitchen

June TBD: Big Love, Biggest Loser

July TBD: Big Brother, Monk, Psych, Top Chef

September 30 (Sunday): Dexter

September TBD: Nip/Tuck

Updates 4.12.07

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 7 Spoilers

Its jury time on Survivor as another season of expandrf jury pool to 9 is set up. The reward challenge is something about racing to throw balls. Ravu finally wins a challenge as the tribe gets to enjoy some eats. Rocky will end up aggravating his tribe mates over it. Yao Man will be chosen for the exile, thus keeping the rest of the tribe in the dark about the hidden immunity idol. However, Yao Man will also finally find the hidden immunity idol back at camp.

For the immunity challenge, its a blindfolded vocal lead and then throwing stuff at skulls. Moto will win this challenge and send Ravu to tribal council. Rocky will be voted out, presumably because the guys think they can vote off Lisi whenever they want. Also, Rocky will be the first member of a 9 member jury.

Monday, March 26, 2007

NFL 2007 Schedule: Week 1 & Turkey Day

Taking a break from TV for a moment, we have to get down to a little football. While the 2007 schedule has not yet been announced, we do now know what the primetime matchups for week 1 are and the Thanksgiving games.

Week 1:
Thursday, September 6th.

New Orleans at Indianapolis

Sunday, September 9th.
Chicago at San Diego 4pm eastern
NY Giants at Dallas 8pm eastern

Monday, September 10th.
Baltimore at Cincinnati 7pm eastern
Arizona at San Fransisco 10pm eastern

Thanksgiving Day:
Thursday, November 22nd.

Green Bay at Detroit 12:30 pm eastern
New York Jets at Dallas 4pm eastern
Indianapolis at Atlanta 8pm eastern (NFL Network)

Also, the entire schedule will be announced on Thursday, April 5th on ESPN at 2pm eastern!

Update: The schedule release got pushed back until April 11th. And the NFL Network had a one hour special at 1pm eastern instead.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Road Rules Lives!

After a more than disappointing start to the newly resurrected Road Rules season, MTV is casting for another edition of the show likely to be filmed this summer. MTV is also casting for the 20th season of the Real World, which some speculate may be its last season as it concludes their contract with MTV. Supposedly the 20th season of the Real World will go back to the original style of the show and focus on the people's lives rather than their party habits. I'll believe that when I see it. No word where this season will be located. The 19th season is currently filming in Sydney, Australia.