Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rescue Me 4.04 Spoilers

This episode will air in June, 2007.

Sean and Maggie are in a fight but he wants the relationship to work out. Then Sean notices there is some guy in his apartment and Maggie says she's moved on. Sean doesn't believe it because he left only hours ago. Sean tries to reason with Maggie but she's being stubborn. Sean then threatens divorce and slams the door in Maggie's face while the dude looks on with confusion.

Franco is purchasing an engagement ring for Natalie.

Janet and Tommy are in couple's counselling. They talk about being broken up several times but never going through with a divorce. Tommy's question for the shrink is weather or not to give the marriage another chance or to file for divorce. The shrink asks some family history on them as Tommy and Janet run through their whole mess of problems. Just as Janet finishes up on the last bit of history the shrink picks up the phone and calls someone named Dick, telling him that the joke was great and he almost believed they were a real couple. Tommy and Janet look at each other in confusion.

Teddy and Ellie are temporarily staying at her very elderly mother's house. Teddy wonders if she's dead and this prompts some words of exchange between the mother and Teddy. Ellie then suggests that Teddy go to alcohol rehab so that they can be a regular couple. Teddy seems all for it but questions the cost. Ellie says that she will use her mother's money to pay for it.

Lou and the other Jerry share a conversation at the rival firehouse when Lou spots woman leaving the kitchen area. Lou tells Jerry that they need to have a chat.

Later on the crew is out on call. Lou is telling Needles that they are a bit lost in the building when they hear a woman calling out to them in Spanish. The guys find her pregnant and with her water broken. Upon examination they see the baby's head is almost out. Lou lies her down and the guys prepare to deliver the baby.