Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 World Series Odds

Its spring time and the baseball is about to begin in a few days. Its time for my World Series odds preview and predictions. These odds are courtesy of

American League:

7-2 New York Yankees
7-2 Boston Red Sox
9-1 Chicago White Sox
10-1 Detroit Tigers
10-1 Los Angeles Angels
13-1 Cleveland Indians
18-1 Minnesota Twins
20-1 Oakland Athletics
22-1 Toronto Blue Jays
40-1 Texas Rangers
50-1 Seattle Mariners
80-1 Baltimore Orioles
90-1 Kansas City Royals
90-1 Tampa Bay Devil Rays

National League:

8-1 New York Mets
9-1 Los Angeles Dodgers
11-1 Philadelphia Phillies
12-1 Chicago Cubs
13-1 St. Louis Cardinals
15-1 Atlanta Braves
20-1 Milwaukee Brewers
20-1 San Francisco Giants
25-1 San Diego Padres
30-1 Arizona Dimondbacks
35-1 Cincinnati Reds
40-1 Houston Astros
50-1 Florida Marlins
50-1 Pittsburgh Pirates
55-1 Colorado Rockies
100-1 Washington Nationals

My take on these odds: First of all I'm glad the Rockies are not picked for last place in the NL again but I'm still perplexed by their odds. No, I don't have delusions that they will win the world series but they will have a better record than Pittsburgh and Florida. The rest of the NL West is too highly rated, especially San Francisco who will have a tough time getting more wins than the Rockies. Even though the Mets are ranked at the top of the NL, I still like their 8-1 odds. Although any pick can be argued in the NL, its that up in the air.

For the AL, Cleveland and Minnesota are decent bets. They are both expected to do well. Boston and the Yankees are obviously the top of the AL and the league. I wouldn't bet on either team but if you want a sure chance they will both give it to you. I might like the Red Sox a little more than the Yankees this year. The White Sox are a tad too favored, they likely won't win the division.