Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 7 Spoilers

Its jury time on Survivor as another season of expandrf jury pool to 9 is set up. The reward challenge is something about racing to throw balls. Ravu finally wins a challenge as the tribe gets to enjoy some eats. Rocky will end up aggravating his tribe mates over it. Yao Man will be chosen for the exile, thus keeping the rest of the tribe in the dark about the hidden immunity idol. However, Yao Man will also finally find the hidden immunity idol back at camp.

For the immunity challenge, its a blindfolded vocal lead and then throwing stuff at skulls. Moto will win this challenge and send Ravu to tribal council. Rocky will be voted out, presumably because the guys think they can vote off Lisi whenever they want. Also, Rocky will be the first member of a 9 member jury.