Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday Night Lights 1.18 Spoilers

The episode should air in spring, 2007.

Tim gets woken up by a kid named Bo who's playing football outside his window and singing. Tim tells the kid to be quiet but then the kid says he lives next door and knows all about Tim, his stats and everything. Tim then goes back to bed.

During a late night party at Tim's house, his next door neighbor named Jackie comes over and asks him to keep the music down and not display his partying antics to her son who knows they live next door to a football player. Tim reluctantly agrees.

Smash is talking to the pastor about Waverly, who asks Smash to let him know if anything is out of the ordinary. It seems like Smash and Waverly are now dating.

Tim sees Bo playing in the street while he is working on his truck. Bo asks Tim to play some football with him and Tim says he's busy. But then Tim notices that Bo really could use the help and companionship. Plus some teenagers almost run Bo over and yell names at him. Tim decides to help throw the ball around with the kid.

Later on Jackie's son Bo comes home late and him mom is now worried. Tim says its ok, they have been playing some football together. Bo is really excited and sounds like he had a great time so Jackie isn't too upset at this point. Bo then asks if Tim can stay for dinner. Tim and Jackie are a little hesitant but eventually agree.

Meanwhile, Tami is getting ready to attend some UT function and it seems like Julie has to hang out with Buddy Garrity. Later on it seems like something has happened as Julie calls Tami to come help her with someone who is bleeding.

Dinner goes well for Bo, Jackie and Tim. Bo is very excited to show Tim all kind of stuff and gives him a small school picture to keep. Tim mentions to Jackie that she needs to do some work on the house and she mentions that she doesn't have a lot of time. Jackie also asks about why nobody lives at Tim's house and he tells her its just him and his brother. Dinner ends and Jackie watches Tim head back home.

Matt, Julie and Landry are at the hospital in the waiting room. Landry then declares that he thinks Tyra is interested in him.

Edited to clarify: Coach and Tami appear to attend the UT function together because Coach recieves a phone call from Alan inviting him somewhere for that evening. Coach seems happy about this phone call.

Smash is a bit dressed up when he leaves the house, which his mother comments on. Smash says he is just going to the diner but confesses that he is picking up Waverly on the way.

When Smash is apparently picking up Waverly the pastor asks him something to which Smash contemplates replying with some midnight swim that took place. He decides against brining it up. Pastor asks Smash a "favor" to keep an eye on Waverly and to let him know he he picks up on anything. Smash does NOT know what this is about but decides to keep his questions to himself. Smash then sees Waverly and she looks beautiful. Smash has no idea what could be wrong.

Julie has to call Tami and asks her not to be angry with her at the moment and to just please come right away. It is a woman who is bleeding and is getting stitches. Tami is not pleased as she hangs up the phone but is on the way.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Friday Night Lights 1.17 Spoilers

I just discovered the beauty and genius of this show and to my surprise I am able to obtain spoilers for it. I apologize for not being able to have spoilers for a soon to be shown episode but I can offer some spoilage!

This episode should air in spring, 2007.

Jason arrives at some wheelchair sporting event in Austin and is trying to register. The lady at the desk named Suzy asks Jason if that's his first time there and he makes a smart remark. Suzy says that she has to ask the question and Jason lightens up. They continue to make a couple friendly jabs at each other and then Jason meets up with Herc.

Taylor is talking to McGill about something that is missing that costs several thousand dollars and about how they really need to find the item in question. It seems to be a camera.

The next day Jason is at a party and he runs into Suzy. They trade apologies and properly introduce. Its revealed that Suzy's real job is as a tattoo artist. Herc then comes up and mentions that he got a date and needs Jason to tag along. Herc mentions that his date's name is Suzy.

Tim and his father Walt share a couple of drinks in an apparent bonding session. The next day its obvious that a lot of drinking went on as Tim and Walt both have terrible hangovers. Tim goes into the garage to look for something and finds the missing camera in question. Tim confronts Walt about it and Walt says he was planning on returning the camera. Tim proceeds to kick his father out.

The following night Suzy and Jason are at her shop as Jason is selecting his tattoo design. Suzy can't seem to find the right design book and she leans over Jason. They come face to face and are about to kiss when Jason breaks the moment with the declaration that he has a fiancee. Suzy is obviously flustered but recovers by finding the book she was looking for. Jason likes the design and as the previous moment is almost forgotten.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Plea to America

This is a break from the normal spoiler posts that I write to talk about something that I feel particularly strong about. Please humor me by reading the post below and know that we will get back to spoilers very soon. Thank you in advance.

Unless you live under a rock you know that America Idol starts next week. And in order to prepare the masses for what is sure to be a very popular season, I am here to enlighten the television viewing audience and put in a plea to save our collective dignity.

Please do not watch the audition shows. Its as simple as that. If you love the show or are just a casual viewer please do not tune into the American Idol until at least the Hollywood round starts. I can't believe that 30 million of my fellow citizens continue to tune in and have a nice big laugh at other people's expense. I am disgusted that as a society we continue to act this way and I am here to do my part to put a stop to it.

This is the sixth season for American Idol and the audition round and seriously it is not funny anymore. We have all seen the bad singers, the ones with delusions of their singing ability and we have all heard the judge's comments, particularly Simon's. Do you realize that these contestants have been chosen to be put in front of the camera? There is an initial audition round that everyone must go through that is just in front of producers and those that are really good and particularly bad make the cut. So when Simon, Randy and Paula roll their eyes and expasperate about how their time is being wasted, its all a come on. The judges know what's coming and even have insults prepared. Its all a set up to get you to tune in and boost the ratings. Also at this point most the people who are getting made fun of on TV know what's coming. Its all an act to get their face on TV and their 5 seconds of fame. The ones who really do not understand that they do not posses any talent at singing are clearly delusional and will get their hearts broken in front of millions of people. Those are the people who make my heart hurt because their dreams got stomped on in front of the world.

Those of you who profess that you watch the show only in the audition period, just to get those laughs at someone else's expense and choose to skip out once the cheesy competition begins, you are the worst offender because it is you who encourages FOX and the America Idol producers to continue this disgusting charade and not just get to the point of the show which is supposed to be a singing competition.

Some of you are going to tell me you watch the auditions for the good people, to perhaps pick out the eventual winner of American Idol, and I do respect you position. But I have to tell you that they hold back audition clips of many of the 32 final contestants and you will see everyone good at the Hollywood rounds. You will not be missing a thing by skipping 5 weeks of humiliation.

Others are going to tell me you just don't take the show that serious and that you just watch for fun and its ok to laugh everyone once in while. I'm not going to lie and say I'm above all this, I'm a curious person and I'll check something out if everyone is talking about it, I'm not a saint and I do not profess to be. But seriously, none of this is new or even remotely interesting or funny. The shock factor is gone and people are seriously looking forward to unwinding in front of the TV and making fun of someone else for two hours. You are not going to hear one comment you have not already heard or miss out on anything noteworthy. By continuing to watch the audition rounds you are telling FOX and all the the television industry that this is ok and that putting this type of crap on television is what will get you to watch and increase ratings. Think about all the scripted shows you liked that were cancelled and part of the reason is because this type of television is being watched and is very cheap to produce. FOX has built their entire network and strategic plan around American Idol as well as showing weeks and hours of meaningless and pitiful audition rounds. When in its place could be more episodes of a show that was cancelled or a new pilot that might catch on a become a big hit. You can't be an ignorant viewer and think that your viewership doesn't mean all that much, because it means a great deal in the grand scheme of things.

Are we going to tell the world this is who we are as a society? Is this as low as we are going to go in the name of entertainment? Please tell me that someone else out there feels the same way as me. I can't be the only person who is embarrassed to be an American Idol viewer. Who is going to help me step up and be a bigger person and inspire change? And who is going to put their foot down and tell the networks that our time will not be wasted on this? I hope I hear from someone else who refuses to watch the audition rounds.