Thursday, February 15, 2007

Desperate Housewives 3.15 Spoilers

This episode will air February 18, 2007.

Scavo Pizzeria is about to open and Lynette finds that the wrong chairs were delivered. She is about to give the delivery guy a big time chewing out but discovers that the mistake is hers. She now needs to find some replacements in a couple hours.

The doctor tells Orson that Bree is paralyzed and she is having some sort of communication difficulty as well. Orson also talks to a doctor about how he fell off the roof and it was not intentional. Orson shares that his father killed himself because he cheated on his wife and both Orson and his mother never forgave him.

Ian goes to the hospital to pick up Jane's personal items but instead gets Mikes things. Ian finds a engagement ring that has Susan's name engraved on it. The nurse also points out that Mike is making great progress and is getting his memory back. Ian offers to deliver Mike's things to him but the nurse says she has to call Mike to come get them.

Gilmore Girls 7.18 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in April, 2007.

Lorelai is talking to a couple with a young child about the festival that is going on outside the Dragonfly Inn. She excuses herself from the conversation to answer her phone and have Michel check them in. Rory is on the phone as she is coming back from Providence on the train from some sort of interview or meeting since she is dressed up and is excited about how things went.

The next day Rory, Logan, Lorelai and Michel arrive at a hay maze on some sort of Dragonfly Inn bus. The family that was checking into the Inn the day before is there and the kid is disspointed by the looks of the maze. Logan saves the day by telling the kid how much he likes mazes and the two take off to explore it.

Then Rory and Lorelai are left alone to talk. It seems like Logan and Lorelai have been spending time together lately and it has gone well. They also comment about how the maze looks like it has been a success and how that would be a credit to Taylor. Their conversation ends when they run into Babette and Morey.

Luke and April are spending some time together as she gives him some sort of bracelet that he doesn't like but loved it because its from her.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Survivor Fiji: Episode 2 Spoilers

So far 1 for 1 on the Survivor spoilers this season. Here's to following it up with episode 2!

There will only be one challenge this episode as it is reward/immunity, this one consisting of a multi stage obstacle course in boats. The reward is use of a flint and rice, critical for the "have not" Ravu tribe. However it is the "haves" Moto tribe that wins immunity. Moto decides to send Earl from Ravu to exile island where he encounters a snake and chops it with his machette. Staying consistent with my first 7 boot spoiler from last week, all signs point to Erica getting the heave ho this weke.

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Nextel Cup Odds

As we get ready for Daytona 500 to kick off the 2007 season of the NASCAR Nextel Cup season on sunday, here are the current odds for winner of the Nextel Cup. My picks last year were not too bad as Jimmy Johnson took the crown. who will it be this year? I'd love to hear your thoughts. These odds are courtesy of

9-2 Tony Stewart
5-1 Jimmy Johnson
7-1 Matt Kenseth
8-1 Jeff Gordon
9-1 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
12-1 Kevin Harvick
12-1 Kasey Khane
15-1 Greg Biffle
15-1 Denny Hamlin
17-1 Carl Edwards
22-1 Jeff Burton
25-1 Kyle Busch
30-1 Kurt Busch
33-1 Casey Mears
35-1 Ryan Newman
40-1 The Field (any other driver)
50-1 Clint Bowyer
50-1 Juan Pablo Montoya
70-1 Jamie McMurray
70-1 Martin Truex Jr.
70-1 Scott Riggs
75-1 Dale Jarrett
75-1 Elliot Sadler
85-1 Brian Vickers
90-1 Bobby Labonte
100-1 Reed Sorensen

My take on these odds: clearly the field has separated this year with fewer drivers as favorties. Hard to argue against the old standard trio of Gordon, Johnson and Stewart. Its probably better tan 2-1 odds that one of these 3 are going to win it. I'd love to see Kahne, Dale Jr. and Harvick win but I'm afraid its more wishful thinking than anything. Echoing the same thing I said last year about Kurt Busch, who is a past champion, is definitely a great underdog bet at 30-1. His younger brother Kyle is a great bet as well at 25-1. My money might be on Ryan Newman at 35-1 to finally do something this year. Again, don't take the field on this one. We are talking about a championship, not just a single race. It is virtually impossible to beat out all these talented veterans to win the entire cup.

Get ready to start those engines....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rescue Me 4.03 Spoilers

This episode will air June, 2007.

Shelia is talking to a guy named Troy at a skating rink, apparently they are on a date. Troy is being very sweet to Shelia but asks her about her lawyer and if she thinks Tommy is going to be arrested. Shelia says she doesn't know yet but its all so complicated. Troy says that around the station that Tommy is known as a good guy. Troy then mentions that Shelia is still has feeling for Tommy, he can tell. Shelia doesn't disagree but says its not a healthy love. Troy then gives Shelia a smooch.

Tommy and the rest of the crew bust in on Colleen and some half dressed dude named Tony in a small apartment in the East Village. Tommy is very obviously pissed and orders Colleen, who is in the bed, to get her stuff and come with him. Colleen refuses to get up and Tommy says he doesn't care if he has to carry her outside naked. Tony tries to make peace as Sean helps give Colleen her clothes. Tommy isn't up to talking but Tony persists by puting his hand on Tommy. This of course does not go over well with Tommy, he tells Tony to back off and he doesn't. Tommy then punches Tony in the gut while Colleen screams.

Outside, a rival engine drives up and one of the guys named Jimmy asks a guy named Needles why their fire truck is there. Needles says that they are just there for a family matter and not to get to upset about it. Jimmy says that is their area and they shouldn't be going to a call outside their territory. Needles assures him they will be gone soon as Tommy emerges from the building with Colleen in tow.

Updated 2.12.07:

Jerry gets his heath test results from Stu at headquarters. Stu tells him that while Jerry is very heathy at the time his heart had been permenantly damaged and he can't go back on the job. Jerry gets very upset about this news and begs to come back, he'll do anything. Stu tells him its time to quit and life after working at the station isn't horrible. Stu even offers Jerry a desk job but one that he could skate by very easily on. Basically good money for doing nothing. Jerry balks at this offer at first but then stops to think about it.

Mike is at the hospital talking to his mother as she wakes up. His mother asks Mike a favor and he agrees. She wants Mike to kill her. (Not sure what tone this one is in, she could be mildly kidding or completely serious).