Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gilmore Girls 7.18 Spoilers

This epiosde will air in April, 2007.

Lorelai is talking to a couple with a young child about the festival that is going on outside the Dragonfly Inn. She excuses herself from the conversation to answer her phone and have Michel check them in. Rory is on the phone as she is coming back from Providence on the train from some sort of interview or meeting since she is dressed up and is excited about how things went.

The next day Rory, Logan, Lorelai and Michel arrive at a hay maze on some sort of Dragonfly Inn bus. The family that was checking into the Inn the day before is there and the kid is disspointed by the looks of the maze. Logan saves the day by telling the kid how much he likes mazes and the two take off to explore it.

Then Rory and Lorelai are left alone to talk. It seems like Logan and Lorelai have been spending time together lately and it has gone well. They also comment about how the maze looks like it has been a success and how that would be a credit to Taylor. Their conversation ends when they run into Babette and Morey.

Luke and April are spending some time together as she gives him some sort of bracelet that he doesn't like but loved it because its from her.