Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rescue Me 3.06 Spoilers

This episode will air on July 11, 2006.

Lou, Tommy, Sean and everyone are at a party. It seems that Sean has gotten really wasted and the guys carry him into the bunk room.

Uncle Teddy is still in prison and he has figured out that if he is married to someone it entitles him a conjugal visit every 10 days. To make things even better, the visitor only gets to stay for up to an hour so Teddy thinks that is just enough time to get what he wants without having to listen to her talk. It seems like Teddy and a woman have an agreement and that she likes the arrangement too. A guard tells Teddy that he has a good chance of getting off of death row because a lot of people are protesting because Teddy shot a drunk driver. Teddy think this development might ruin his plans.

There is a fire at an abandoned warehouse. It seems like Lou made a mistake and Tommy had to come back to save Lou and Franco. Lou is pretty upset about it and goes to see Uncle Red, who is a retired firefighter. Red takes Lou downtown to a diner. The cook at the diner is a guy named Georgie. Red explains that many years ago he saved Georgie in a fire and tells Lou that he should not be so hard on himself, that Lou makes a difference in people's lives.

Meanwhile, it appears that Sean is on some sort of rampage. He is going all over town being a menace to society. Sean has a run in at a convenience store where he steals some candy and calls the people in the store fat and ugly. Outside of the store a cop is trying to give Sean a parking ticket and then Sean proceeds to unrinate in front of the cop and then gets in his car and speeds away. (This scene is hirlarious, I can't do it justice). Later on Sean goes to Maggie's apartment and punches a guy out. Meanwhile, the crew is called to the convenience store where Sean had his episode because the clerk recognized his Ladder 62 FDNY shirt. None of the guys can believe that Sean would do these things and plus they left his asleep in the bunk hours ago. Just then, Sean pulls up still on his thing with a white bunny and continues to harass the cop.

Tommy and Angie are at an Italian restaurant. Angie wants Tommy to make out with her so Shirley, who works at the restaurant, can see them. Then Angie sees her ex Fred in the window and Tommy goes outside to confront him. After Fred backs off Angie comes outside to join Tommy and they continue to kiss.

Chris and his boyfriend are still exploring their issues.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Save Our Show Poll

Its that time of year again, time when Kristin from E! Online conducts her Save Our Show poll. The winner will receive first rate treatment, all the promotion in the world and a handwritten letter from Kristin herself. This type of prize could mean the difference between renewal and cancellation so please make sure your opinion is heard.

All you have to do to vote is to email Kristin at and put the title of the show you would like to be saved in the subject line. Keep in mind that this is the only way she can count the votes so make sure you do it correctly!

I would also like to ask you all to consider voting for Veronica Mars. I know a lot of positive buzz has been going around lately but this show is still in need of our support. Nothing is set in stone in show business and another month of poor ratings may eventually take their toll on Veronica Mars. All I'm saying is don't assume anything and if you love Veronica Mars make sure your voice is heard. Also, it won't help to vote for a show that has already been picked up for next season (CSI) or will for sure be back (Lost, Grey's Anatomy, 24). No reality shows either. This vote is for scripted shows that have a real chance of being cancelled.

Now, go vote!

NHL Playoffs & Odds

Recently I posted the odds to win the Stanley Cup, so I know I'm repeating myself a little. Hockey is one of my favorite sports and the playoffs are set to begin tonight so I thought that the odds (courtesy of and matchups should be revisited! As always, my opinions will follow the odds at the bottom.

Eastern Conference:
#1 Ottawa Senators (3-1)
#2 Carolina Hurricanes (15-2)
#3 New Jersey Devils (8-1)
#4 Buffalo Sabres (9-1)
#5 Philadelphia Flyers (7-1)
#6 New York Rangers (20-1)
#7 Montreal Canadiens (35-1)
#8 Tampa Bay Lightning (25-1)

Western Conference
#1 Detroit Red Wings (5-2)
#2 Dallas Stars (7-1)
#3 Calgary Flames (7-1)
#4 Nashville Predators (33-1)
#5 San Jose Sharks (11-1)
#6 Anaheim Mighty Ducks (25-1)
#7 Colorado Avalanche (33-1)
#8 Edmonton Oilers (35-1)

My take on these odds: Hockey is so fun because a case could be made for any of these teams to win the Stanley Cup. I'm a little disappointed (trend?) in Colorado's low odds. While the odds are on par for the 7th seed team I feel like they should be given a little more respect. Ottawa and Detroit are looking strong but their odds are so high they can't be considered a good bet. Buffalo is too high at 9-1. Calgary and Philadelphia at 7-1 are good bets. I'm also liking New York at 20-1 as a team with potential to go all the way and make some big money those odds.

NBA Playoffs & Odds

Its that time of the year when the NBA kicks it into high gear and brings on the championship. Here are the current odds to win the NBA Championship (don't you think they need a better name for it?) courtesy of As always, my opinions are following the odds at the bottom.

Eastern Conference:
#1 Detroit Pistons (2-3)
#2 Miami Heat (8-1)
#3 New Jersey Nets (10-1)
#4 Cleveland Cavs (40-1)
#5 Washington Wizards (100-1)
#6 Indiana Pacers (60-1)
#7 Chicago Bulls (100-1)
#8 Milwaukee Bucs (150-1)

Western Conference:
#1 San Antonio Spurs (7-2)
#2 Phoenix Suns (10-1)
#3 Denver Nuggets (50-1)
#4 Dallas Mavericks (10-1)
#5 Memphis Grizzlies (60-1)
#6 LA Clippers (40-1)
#7 LA Lakers (30-1)
#8 Sacramento Kings (40-1)

My take on these odds: Starting in the east, the Miami is not a bad bet at 8-1 for a team that has a great chance to be in the finals. New Jersey is a smart bet at 10-1 also. A little riskier bet would be Cleveland at 40-1 but would pay off nicely in the end. At the 6th seed, Indiana's odds are a little high. In the west, I'm disappointed my Nuggets were not given a better odds to win. I don't think they will win the championship but they should be given a little more respect as a #3 seed. At 10-1 Phoenix and Dallas are smart bets. Anyone placing their money on either LA team or Sacramento is setting themselves up for a let down, these odds are way to high at 40-1 and 30-1.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gilmore Girls Creators Leaving

I guess this gets as official as news can get, Warner Brothers is reporting that Amy-Sherman Palladino and her husband Dan have decided not to accept Warner Brothers' offer of 5 million dollars to return for Gilmore Girls' 7th and possibly final season. The person to fill those large shoes has already been named and is none other than current Gilmore Girls writer and producer Dave Rosenthal.

I am not overly upset about this news. Sure it is hard to lose the show's orignal creator and executive producer but I'm sure the Dave Rosenthal will keep the theme and feel of the show the same. Some new and more interesting storylines would not hurt either. Put me on the side of people who are ready for a change.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The OC Season 4 News

While nothing is official yet, the producers of The OC are getting ready for season 4. Creator Josh Schwartz revealed that Marissa's sister Kaitlin will be back next year. In fact, Kaitlin will be moving back to Newport and will attend school there. Schwartz anticipates that there will be a whole new crop of characters and storylines revolving around Kaitlin. Meanwhile, Taylor will be made a series regular as well.

I find this to be good news and I'm glad that the OC has decided to keep some interesting characters around. Season 4 should be an improvement and something to look forward to.

Survivor Panama Episode 10 Spoilers

This week it is Thanksgiving time on the island and we finally get to see the medical emergency that was shown in the previews from recap week. Bruce is the one who will be leaving due to an intestinal medical condition and it appears that this happens very early on in the episode. By the time the castaways get to the reward challenge Bruce will be gone. The reward challenge is the traditional pecking order rope chop challenge but this season's twist is that in order to earn the right to chop someone's rope they must answer a personal question about their tribemates. Terry loses this challenge and gets sent to Exile Island. It appears that Danielle wins the reward and possibly takes Aras with her. The reward is a getaway with a chance to eat and clean up. It also looks like there will be no immunity challenge this week due to Bruce's departure as the we see a whole lot of filler footage of the Casaya members bickering. Lets hope that Bruce has made a full recovery!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For all the Lamb Fans...

I just heard that Michael Muhney, who plays Sheriff Don Lamb on Veronica Mars, is in talks with Warner Brothers to strike a deal that will have him as a regular next season and appear in the opening credits. This is great news on two fronts! First, we would love to see more of Sheriff Lamb. And second, does this really sound like something Warner Brothers would be doing for a show that isn't getting a season 3? I'm liking Veronica's chances more and more as each day goes by but I am still cautious in my optimism. Things can change fast in show business.

Veronica Mars Needs You!

Veronica Mars needs you to watch tonight! Don't forget that tonight is a new episode of Veronica Mars at 9pm eastern on UPN. This is the one where Veronica gives her deposition for Aaron's trial, suspects Weevil for the bus crash, and investigates a dead pooch case. Keith will be investigating Kendall and Jackie will be getting a job at Java the Hut. I'm sure we will be getting plenty of clues to boot. You don't want to miss it!

Last week's ratings were back at the 2.07 million viewers mark. I blame this on the time change and the mass preemptions, the one in LA especially hurt. More than anything, Veronica Mars needs your viewership and support if we are all going to get good news on May 18th and see a season 3 in the fall.

This has been your weekly reminder!

Monday, April 17, 2006

CSI Episode 24 (finale) Spoilers

I'm trying something new with CSI. I'm going to post the finale and work my way back from there because they take such a long time to compile and I find the new episode comes around too soon!

This episode will air May 18, 2006.

Due to unknown circumstances we discover that Captain Jim Brass has been shot twice in the chest and one bullet made it passed his vest. Warrick calls for the paramedics. Brass is in bad shape as we learn that Grissom and McKeen are at the hospital. Grissom tells the doctor that he holds Brass' medical power of attorney and will make all the decisions pertaining to Brass' condition.

While at the hospital, Grissom learns of a decapitated head that was discovered in a remote location on some train tracks. The train engineer gives his version of the story and says that he saw the man and tried to stop, it was an accident.

Meanwhile, Catherine is working on another case that has to do with a body that was found in a high end apartment complex. The body is of a Manny Rupert and he is found among a sea of party reminants that include food, drugs, booze, and bodily fluids.

Grissom talks to a doctor at the hospital about Brass' condition. Grissom needs to make a decision about weather or not to perform surgery to remove the bullet from Brass' chest. It is a risky surgery but the chances of survival are equal to the option of leaving the bullet where it lies. Grissom opts for surgery but has doubts.

The crew discovers that the decapitated head belongs to a body that used whalebone corsets. There is only one place in town that sells said product. Sara visits a Mr. Phillipe at an antique type store. They discuss why someone in this day in age would need a corset but Mr. Phillipe offers the head's identity, a Charles Carson.

Grissom relieves McKeen at the hospital as Brass heads into surgery. Grissom later does some research on the internet and finds out that those in Brass' condition have a 62% chance of paralysis after surgery. Grissom continues to doubt his decision. At the same time Sofia visits Grissom's office and announces that Brass' wife called the department and inquired about her husband's pension and death benefits. Sofia is not happy with daughter Ellie Brass as well but Grissom defends Ellie's feelings.

Catherine interrogates a hooker named Sindee who was last seen with Manny. Sindee's blood was also found at the crime scene. Sindee's story is that Manny paid for a full night of affection but was so doped up that he wouldn't get tired. Sindee tried to leave and Manny shot the bedroom mirror and that is when Sindee cut her foot on some glass. The crew tries to prove Sindee's story wrong but find that her story fits the evidence and that her fingerprints are not on any of the booze and drugs.

Back to to the Carson case and Sofia is interrogating a Gregory Kimble, Carson's driver. Kimble tells the crew that Carson was passionate about civil war reenactments and that is exactly where Kimble last saw Carson.

Grissom and Sofia interview a Union Soldier who got into a disagreement on the battle field. The two had a private "battle" and Carson came prepared with real bullets. Carson shot the Union Soldier in the arm and then the soldier ran away. The crew thinks the soldier is a good candidate for the revenge motive and confiscate his revolver. However, back at the lab the revolver is cleared from being the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Warrick talks to Manny's sister, Rachel. Warrick informs Rachel that her brother died from a diabetic shock due to the insane party he held at his apartment. Warrick concludes that Manny's death was self inflicted.

The crew discovers that the key to the decapitated Carson case is someone who is wearing a toupee. Sofia knows who that Kimble is the culprit. Sofia interrogates Kimble about this revelation and Kimble confesses that Carson's death was an accident. Kimble says that he confronted Carson at the private battle and told him not to continue to pursue the soldier. They wrestled with the gun and Carson got shot. Then Kimble placed Carson's body on the train tracks to honor an old civil war tradition just the way Carson would have wanted it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Network Upfront Dates

The day when we finally find out all of our show's fate is fast approaching. Recently I have seen a lot of people ask about the scheduled dates of the May upfronts so I decided to list the dates here. Mark your calendars and get prepared, there is sure to be a lot of joy and heartbreak that week. Times are listed as eastern as all the upfronts take place in New York.

Monday, May 15th (4pm): NBC
Tuesday, May 16th, (morning): MyNetworkTV
Tuesday, May 16th, (4pm): ABC
Wednesday, May 17th, (4pm): CBS
Thursday, May 18th, (mid to late morning): The CW
Thursday, May 18th, (4pm): FOX