Friday, April 21, 2006

Save Our Show Poll

Its that time of year again, time when Kristin from E! Online conducts her Save Our Show poll. The winner will receive first rate treatment, all the promotion in the world and a handwritten letter from Kristin herself. This type of prize could mean the difference between renewal and cancellation so please make sure your opinion is heard.

All you have to do to vote is to email Kristin at and put the title of the show you would like to be saved in the subject line. Keep in mind that this is the only way she can count the votes so make sure you do it correctly!

I would also like to ask you all to consider voting for Veronica Mars. I know a lot of positive buzz has been going around lately but this show is still in need of our support. Nothing is set in stone in show business and another month of poor ratings may eventually take their toll on Veronica Mars. All I'm saying is don't assume anything and if you love Veronica Mars make sure your voice is heard. Also, it won't help to vote for a show that has already been picked up for next season (CSI) or will for sure be back (Lost, Grey's Anatomy, 24). No reality shows either. This vote is for scripted shows that have a real chance of being cancelled.

Now, go vote!