Friday, April 21, 2006

NBA Playoffs & Odds

Its that time of the year when the NBA kicks it into high gear and brings on the championship. Here are the current odds to win the NBA Championship (don't you think they need a better name for it?) courtesy of As always, my opinions are following the odds at the bottom.

Eastern Conference:
#1 Detroit Pistons (2-3)
#2 Miami Heat (8-1)
#3 New Jersey Nets (10-1)
#4 Cleveland Cavs (40-1)
#5 Washington Wizards (100-1)
#6 Indiana Pacers (60-1)
#7 Chicago Bulls (100-1)
#8 Milwaukee Bucs (150-1)

Western Conference:
#1 San Antonio Spurs (7-2)
#2 Phoenix Suns (10-1)
#3 Denver Nuggets (50-1)
#4 Dallas Mavericks (10-1)
#5 Memphis Grizzlies (60-1)
#6 LA Clippers (40-1)
#7 LA Lakers (30-1)
#8 Sacramento Kings (40-1)

My take on these odds: Starting in the east, the Miami is not a bad bet at 8-1 for a team that has a great chance to be in the finals. New Jersey is a smart bet at 10-1 also. A little riskier bet would be Cleveland at 40-1 but would pay off nicely in the end. At the 6th seed, Indiana's odds are a little high. In the west, I'm disappointed my Nuggets were not given a better odds to win. I don't think they will win the championship but they should be given a little more respect as a #3 seed. At 10-1 Phoenix and Dallas are smart bets. Anyone placing their money on either LA team or Sacramento is setting themselves up for a let down, these odds are way to high at 40-1 and 30-1.