Monday, April 17, 2006

CSI Episode 24 (finale) Spoilers

I'm trying something new with CSI. I'm going to post the finale and work my way back from there because they take such a long time to compile and I find the new episode comes around too soon!

This episode will air May 18, 2006.

Due to unknown circumstances we discover that Captain Jim Brass has been shot twice in the chest and one bullet made it passed his vest. Warrick calls for the paramedics. Brass is in bad shape as we learn that Grissom and McKeen are at the hospital. Grissom tells the doctor that he holds Brass' medical power of attorney and will make all the decisions pertaining to Brass' condition.

While at the hospital, Grissom learns of a decapitated head that was discovered in a remote location on some train tracks. The train engineer gives his version of the story and says that he saw the man and tried to stop, it was an accident.

Meanwhile, Catherine is working on another case that has to do with a body that was found in a high end apartment complex. The body is of a Manny Rupert and he is found among a sea of party reminants that include food, drugs, booze, and bodily fluids.

Grissom talks to a doctor at the hospital about Brass' condition. Grissom needs to make a decision about weather or not to perform surgery to remove the bullet from Brass' chest. It is a risky surgery but the chances of survival are equal to the option of leaving the bullet where it lies. Grissom opts for surgery but has doubts.

The crew discovers that the decapitated head belongs to a body that used whalebone corsets. There is only one place in town that sells said product. Sara visits a Mr. Phillipe at an antique type store. They discuss why someone in this day in age would need a corset but Mr. Phillipe offers the head's identity, a Charles Carson.

Grissom relieves McKeen at the hospital as Brass heads into surgery. Grissom later does some research on the internet and finds out that those in Brass' condition have a 62% chance of paralysis after surgery. Grissom continues to doubt his decision. At the same time Sofia visits Grissom's office and announces that Brass' wife called the department and inquired about her husband's pension and death benefits. Sofia is not happy with daughter Ellie Brass as well but Grissom defends Ellie's feelings.

Catherine interrogates a hooker named Sindee who was last seen with Manny. Sindee's blood was also found at the crime scene. Sindee's story is that Manny paid for a full night of affection but was so doped up that he wouldn't get tired. Sindee tried to leave and Manny shot the bedroom mirror and that is when Sindee cut her foot on some glass. The crew tries to prove Sindee's story wrong but find that her story fits the evidence and that her fingerprints are not on any of the booze and drugs.

Back to to the Carson case and Sofia is interrogating a Gregory Kimble, Carson's driver. Kimble tells the crew that Carson was passionate about civil war reenactments and that is exactly where Kimble last saw Carson.

Grissom and Sofia interview a Union Soldier who got into a disagreement on the battle field. The two had a private "battle" and Carson came prepared with real bullets. Carson shot the Union Soldier in the arm and then the soldier ran away. The crew thinks the soldier is a good candidate for the revenge motive and confiscate his revolver. However, back at the lab the revolver is cleared from being the murder weapon.

Meanwhile, Warrick talks to Manny's sister, Rachel. Warrick informs Rachel that her brother died from a diabetic shock due to the insane party he held at his apartment. Warrick concludes that Manny's death was self inflicted.

The crew discovers that the key to the decapitated Carson case is someone who is wearing a toupee. Sofia knows who that Kimble is the culprit. Sofia interrogates Kimble about this revelation and Kimble confesses that Carson's death was an accident. Kimble says that he confronted Carson at the private battle and told him not to continue to pursue the soldier. They wrestled with the gun and Carson got shot. Then Kimble placed Carson's body on the train tracks to honor an old civil war tradition just the way Carson would have wanted it.