Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 8

On Thursday James was evicted in a move the surprised none except Danielle. Erika won the HOH competition in a game that required the houseguests to determine what happened before or after. Erika nominated Janelle and George with the goal of evicting Janelle.

On Saturday the food competition was held and George won a slop pass so he ca neat real food with the rest of the house for the duration of the show. Janelle won the POV again! Causing Erika to decide who to replace Janelle with. Right now it is between Will and Danielle. However, if Will is on the block he has Janelle and Boogie's votes to stay for sure. So Erika needs to decide who she wants to go home; George or Danielle. If Danielle is put on the block she will go home.

Sunday was Christmas in the Big Brother house as they all got woken up by Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother and a bunch of gifts. Monday was the POV ceremony and Erika decided to replace the vetoed Janelle with Danielle. The idea is to have Danielle go home on thursday but seeing how Chill Town (plus Janelle) controls the entire vote this week, it will probably be up to the last minute in the air.

Don't forget that Thursday will be double elimination night as two people will be going home. I'm not sure how they are going to pull this one off but it should be interesting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

One Tree Hill 4.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Karen is working at Tric and still pregnant. A man named Nick who is a part time model and roofer begins to talk to Karen. Then Karen mentions that her father was a roofer and Karen reveals that she had a good relationship with her father until she got pregnant with Lucas. Nick mentions that anyone would be lucky to have Karen as a mom and Karen mentions that things are strained with her and Lucas. Nick begins to flirt a little with Karen and he asks her to go on a walk with him. Karen accepts.

Peyton is by the river and is talking to someone named Billy who is in the marines. Peyton is skipping school and is feeling pretty crappy about something. Billy tells Peyton to stop feeling so sorry for herself and that other people who have difficult times in their lives find a way to pick up and move on. But when Billy sees that he really upset Peyton then he changes his tune and just tells her to fight back and don't let things get her down. Peyton feels like she is not capable of doing that but Bills tells her that he will be there for her and he is sure she make it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm in love with a Rockstar

Today I just felt compelled to write about one of my favorite shows this summer and one of my favorite contestants on that show. I'm talking about Rockstar:Supernova and my favorite is Ryan Star. He is the one who sang my personal favorite songs such as Losing My Religion, Enjoy the Silence and In the Air Tonight. Ryan performed these songs so well he made my old favorites even better! I decided that I want Ryan to stay on the show as long as possible so we can hear more from him. So please watch tonight's show on CBS at 10pm eastern (special time) and vote for your favorite (I hope you choose Ryan!): Visit this site for more information and tonight after the show you can vote here

I'll leave you with a little spoiler, Ryan is doing an Original song tonight as well as Patrice. Magni is singing Smells Like Teen Spirit while Dilana is tackling Every Breath You Take. The band will likely address Dilana's loose lips to the press where she made some negative comments about the other contestants.

Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs

Today is finally here! Today is the day you can purchase your Veronica Mars season 2 DVDs! Many of you pre-ordered them from the internet and they should be arriving in a day or so. I unfortunately went with Amazon and I will not be getting mine for a couple more weeks. Last time I do that for sure. Anyway, if you have not ordered your DVD sets you can get them in stores and I hear that many of the retailers are having amazing sales. You can get a set of DVDs for $37.99 at stores such as Best Buy, Wal Mart, Target and Circuit City. This is a great time to catch up on favorite episodes and if you have not seen the show before this is a great price to check the show out. I promise it will be worth every penny!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Desperate Housewives 3.05 Spoilers

This episode should air in October.

Susan is talking to Mike's doctor about his memory loss. The doctor isn't too optimistic that it will be cleared up anytime soon by suggests Susan to help Mike remember some things with pictures or familiar things. Susan wishes there was more she could do.

Later on Susan brings a dish of macaroni and cheese that she made to the hospital in hopes of helping mike with his memory. Just then Susan notices that Edie is at the hospital too and the nurse mentions that Edie has been at the hospital a lot and was the person who was there when Mike woke up from his coma. The nurse comments that Edie is Mike's girlfriend. This infururates Susan as she threatens to douse Edie with the food she made. Since Susan is making such a scene she is asked to leave.

Bree is looking for Danielle at a motel. The man at the front desk isn't too helpful at first but Bree manages to sway him once she explains that a minor is in one of the rooms. The front desk man takes Bree to the room and unlocks the door. Bre goes inside and has words with the people inside. When she emerges, Bree is satisifed with her work and thanks the front desk man.

Bree, Orson and Andrew are in a hospital waiting room when the docto comes in and says that Danielle should make a full recovery. It appears that Danielle tried to kill herself by taking too many pills and slitting her wrists in the bathtub. Bree says she will take Danielle to counselling. Later on the whole family of four are seen at a counselling session.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part Two)

Boogie won HOH just barely beating Janelle. There is some rumor that Boogie's coup d'etat power has been revoked because he discuassed it with another houseguest.

On Saturday Boogie nominated James and Janelle with the later being the target. Saturday evening the POV challenge was held and of course Janelle won it. James was really upset about it and called for a redo but Big Brother would not oblige. It looks like George will be put up in Janelle's place with James being the target to get voted out. Looks like the legion of doom is officially over.

Monday George was nominated to replace Janelle on the block after she used the veto on herself. The idea is to vote out James but we'll see if the house changes their mind this week or not.