Sunday, August 20, 2006

Big Brother 7: Week 7 (Part Two)

Boogie won HOH just barely beating Janelle. There is some rumor that Boogie's coup d'etat power has been revoked because he discuassed it with another houseguest.

On Saturday Boogie nominated James and Janelle with the later being the target. Saturday evening the POV challenge was held and of course Janelle won it. James was really upset about it and called for a redo but Big Brother would not oblige. It looks like George will be put up in Janelle's place with James being the target to get voted out. Looks like the legion of doom is officially over.

Monday George was nominated to replace Janelle on the block after she used the veto on herself. The idea is to vote out James but we'll see if the house changes their mind this week or not.