Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm in love with a Rockstar

Today I just felt compelled to write about one of my favorite shows this summer and one of my favorite contestants on that show. I'm talking about Rockstar:Supernova and my favorite is Ryan Star. He is the one who sang my personal favorite songs such as Losing My Religion, Enjoy the Silence and In the Air Tonight. Ryan performed these songs so well he made my old favorites even better! I decided that I want Ryan to stay on the show as long as possible so we can hear more from him. So please watch tonight's show on CBS at 10pm eastern (special time) and vote for your favorite (I hope you choose Ryan!): Visit this site for more information and tonight after the show you can vote here

I'll leave you with a little spoiler, Ryan is doing an Original song tonight as well as Patrice. Magni is singing Smells Like Teen Spirit while Dilana is tackling Every Breath You Take. The band will likely address Dilana's loose lips to the press where she made some negative comments about the other contestants.